Smart Solutions for Green Buildings: Enerit ISO 50001 software


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Presentation by Mike Brogan COO of Enerit at the 'Smart Solutions for Green Buildings' forum in Paris July 3rd 2012.

The event was organised by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with CleanTuesday.

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Smart Solutions for Green Buildings: Enerit ISO 50001 software

  1. 1. Enerit ISO 50001 Software Smart Solutions for Green Buildings Paris, 3rd July 2012Mike BroganChief Operations Officer
  2. 2. What is ISO 50001? ISO 50001 is the internationally accepted standard for energy management systems Adopted by organizations focussed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Will be used by 500,000 to 2 million organizations worldwide Influence up to 60 % of the world’s energy use.
  3. 3. Enerit background Formed in 2004 Enerit = Energy + IT Energy Research Unit at National University of Ireland , Galway QSET • QSET founded 1991 –21st year. • QSET focus on management software for: Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), Health and safety (ISO 18001) ARJOWIGGINS Henkel Alcatel Lucent Alstom DHL PHILIPS Irish Aviation Authority The Enerit team has developed and delivered software with all of these global customers for over 10 years!
  4. 4. Innovating to meet the ISO standard in EnergyManagement from the beginning2011- ISO50001launchedglobally2009-EN16001 Resource & Enerit ISOlaunched Energy Efficiency 50001 Bureau for software Enerit software launched2005-IS 393 installed at sites Supermarketslaunched of a Regional (En 16001 Development software) Organization Enerit appointed energy consultants at large MNC’s (IS 393 software) Enerit Founded 2004 2006 2008 2010 2011
  5. 5. Innovation through R&D Projects:“Valuable EneRgY for a smart School”
  6. 6. Enerit & Our SoftwareOur focus is software for: How we deliver: Enerit software is for: Systematic energy Delivery over Internet - Sector: management Cloud (SaaS) Industry, Building Stocks. Automating all aspects Monthly subscription (no of ISO 50001 capital cost) Organisations: Medium and Large energy users, With ISO 50001 now or soon. Used by: Energy Managers, Energy Consultants. Where: Everywhere in the world
  7. 7. How we compareISO 50001 Functions Enerit Monitoring & Building Corporate software targeting (M&T) management carbon and software systems (BMS) energy reportingDirect energy meter/sensor Y YconnectionsReports – energy Y* Y Y YReports – actions YSignificant Energy Users (SEU) YEnergy Saving Opportunities (ESO) YPlanning YAction Management YControl of Machines YManagement of People YManagement Review YDocument Management YAudit Management YCorrective Action YIntegration with Other systems for YDocuments, Audit & CAPA*Via integration with: M&T system; integration with utility billing system; semi-automated bill entry; or semi-automated meter reading
  8. 8. Enerit’s is a unique style of softwareUnique features which support the organization andpeople: Energy Team-working Workflow: energy management audits > energy saving plans opportunities > assigned energy actions Automated Alarms emails Reports with live links to multi-media actions Audit-trail history Action tracking Escalations Management action reports
  9. 9. Customers Sage Pfizer NUQUL GROUPAsian Development Bank CAMPOFRIO Food GroupSuperValu Centra Thermo King Ingersoll Rand
  10. 10. Enerit World Firsts1st Comprehensive software for ISO 500011st Pfizer Plant certified to ISO 500011st University certified to ISO 50001
  11. 11. Customer e.g. Leading Pharmaceutical Company First site of pharmaceutical company worldwide to be certified to ISO 50001 Achieved certification to the standard in less than 4 months.Energy Team Lead “Software massively reduces time I spend on administrative task by up to 40-50%...” “Reduce energy bill up to 5% annually…” “time gained for pursuing new energy saving opportunities…” “Energy info in one place...easy to find..” “Prevents bills creeping back up..” “Workflow aspect gets energy team & “Once you create an action it goes active…” other staff involved…” “All info & actions managed dynamically” “Automated e-mails & action tracking....projects get done fast…” “Organisations at early stages of a systematic energy management program…Enerit software could help save 10 to 20% of energy cost…”
  12. 12. University College Cork First public sector body in Ireland to achieve ISO 50001 certification First University in world to achieve ISO 50001 certification Certified in less than 4 months. UCC’s estimate that annual savings of 5.5% in electricity consumption and 8% in gas consumption will be achieved in 2011/2012 following the implementation of ISO 50001 EnMS system. “We now have a very clear and systematic view of our energy management activities and the progress we are making…” “… The use of Enerit ISO 50001 “... Enerit software leads to the software significantly improves and automation and implementation of simplifies the everyday operation of the ISO 50001 standard, and goes the energy management system beyond completing the standard to across such a diverse range of allow users to save energy on an on- buildings and uses…” going basis.” Maurice Ahern, Energy Manager
  13. 13. Why Choose Enerit? “The software enables an organisation to become certified to ISO 50001 a lot faster than they would in the absence of the software…..I use Enerit ISO 50001 software with my clients because I am drawn to the unique features in the software such as the workflow and action planning aspects. .. …These features help to ensure excellent energy management practice throughout an organisation. The software brings transparency, for example, senior managers can view their company’s energy management system by securely logging into the software.” Liam McLaughlin; ISO TC 242 member, UNIDO Energy ExpertEnerit takes you beyond: Monitoring and targeting (M&T) Controls Corporate reports on energy/carbon
  14. 14. Thank you Mike +353 91 709818 Copyright 2012 Enerit Ltd.