Ireland Leading the way in Energy Management: ISO 50001- Irish Experience


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Presentation by Mike Brogan, COO of Enerit at the BSI ISO 50001 Workshop on July 5th 2012.

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Ireland Leading the way in Energy Management: ISO 50001- Irish Experience

  1. 1. Ireland Leading the way in Energy Management ISO 50001 – Irish Experience BSI ISO 50001 Workshop London, 5th July 2012Mike BroganChief Operations Officer
  2. 2. Enerit & Our SoftwareOur focus is software for: How we deliver: Enerit software is for: Systematic energy Delivery over Internet - Sector: management Cloud (SaaS) Industry, Building Stocks. Automating all aspects Monthly subscription (no of ISO 50001 capital cost) Organisations: Medium and Large energy users, With ISO 50001 now or soon. Used by: Energy Managers, Partners & Consultants. Where: Everywhere in the world
  3. 3. Ireland Plays a Leading RoleIreland has one of the highest take-up of EnMS in the world (50% of large Irish basedcompanies participating)Strong commitment from the Irish Government, and Industry has been key in thedevelopment of a national standard for energy management. Experience has shownthat uptake of EnMS standards is connected with Government – led programmes thatencourage and help companies implement the standards.Large Industry Energy Network has established itself as one of the world’s leading energyefficiency networks.€150m in avoided energy costs achieved since the introduction of the IS 393 standard in2005SEAI/industry partnership has turned Ireland into an international leader in energymanagement.The country has accumulated highly skilled personnel with expertise, experience andknow-how on the efficient implementation of EnMS and are now leading the way inenergy management for their international counterparts Ref: Energy – Ireland Leading the way in Energy Management
  4. 4. Energy Management & Standards in Ireland • Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN)1995 • Irish Energy Management Standard IS 3932005 • Energy Map2006 • The European Standard EN 160012009 • The international Standard ISO 500012011 • Development of guidance standards supporting ISO 500012012 • Energy Management Maturity Model (EM3)2013
  5. 5. SEAI Supports Programmes
  6. 6. SEAI SME programmes
  7. 7. How Ireland Built Up Energy Management Expertise Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) Voluntary network of companies in Ireland since 1995. It is facilitated by SEAI. 160 companies, representing 60% of Ireland’s industrial energy use, Energy performance improvements by 2% per year. Long-term members have improved energy performance by 33% between 1995 and 2010. By 2010, around 45 companies across 65 sites were formally certified to EN 16001and had achieved substantial improvements in energy efficiency, as well as savings. Currently implementing ISO 50001 standard. The SEAI Energy Agreements Programme, part of LIEN methodology, is centred on commitment to ISO 50001 implementation. Ref: Energy – Ireland Leading the way in Energy Management
  8. 8. Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) Reference: 2010 LIEN Report
  9. 9. IS 393 EN 16001 Developed in 2005 by NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland), SEAI Published August 2009 and other key players Adopted across 27 EU countries, as IS 393 was one of the first EnMS of its well as Iceland, Switzerland and type in the world. Norway It led the way in providing the IS 393 used as a template blueprint for EN 16001 2010 – 45 companies in Ireland certified to EN 16001• Special Working Group Reports (Spin I, II, III) • HVAC, EED, Alternative Methodologies (Lea, Six Sigma etc.)• Guides, Case Studies
  10. 10. What is ISO 50001?ISO 50001 is the internationally acceptedstandard for energy management systems (June2011)Adopted by organizations focussed onCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Will be used by 500,000 to 2 million organizationsworldwide • 200 companies certified (April 2012)Influence up to 60 % of the world’s energy use. Plan – Do - Check - Act
  11. 11. Irish ISO 50001 Certified Companies • 2010 – 45 LIEN companies with EN 16001 and many of these have already or in process of transitioning to ISO 50001 • Many others (non-LIEN) also implementing ISO 50001 (e.g. UCC, Thermo King). Examples: • Intel Ireland – “The systematic approach to energy management provided by our Energy management Systems has provided a valuable structure for engagement within the organisation and is helping us to identify the priorities for improved energy efficiency. It enables us to continue to do our best for the planet” Brendan Cannon, Affairs Director, Intel Ireland • Google – “Having an energy management system in Google gives us far greater visibility and control over our energy use and expenditure. Having implemented the energy management system in Dublin, Google is now expanding the framework across other offices in Europe” James Bowen, Facilities Manager, Google Dublin • Diageo – “Developing a sustainable energy efficiency approach across our European Beer Business continues to be critical to achieving financial targets and our environmental commitments. EnMS are helping us to shape the thinking and approach to energy across the Diageo business globally.” Conor Browne, European Beer Leader on Energy Management Ref: Energy – Ireland Leading the way in Energy Management
  12. 12. Irish ISO 50001 Certified Companies• Pfizer Ireland – “The leadership demonstrated by the Pfizer Ireland sites in pursuing energy management certification is just another example of their commitment to environmental sustainability. Their projects are being replicated across Pfizer operations globally.” Marty Brown, Director, Pfizer Global Engineering• Dairygold - Dairygolds initial certification to EN16001 in 2010 proved invaluable for us. Our relationship with SEAI strengthened the EnMS we implemented and paved the way for energy savings in year 1 that exceeded our expectations. In year 2, we increased the scope of target saving areas. Energy awareness and management are now embedded in our everyday performance. Our impending transition to ISO 50001 will give our system greater recognition and hone even further the focus on energy usage and efficiency on-site.’’ Ruth Clancy, Group Energy Manager, Dairygold Food Ingredients• Abbott- AIPO implemented an EnMS to IS 393 and has since migrated to EN 16001 and then to ISO 50001. Recently the benefits of a certified EnMS were shared with other global Abbott companies when the Irish experiences at AIPO were presented through an Abbott webinar conference. There was significant interest and many are seriously considering implementation. Richard Harrington, Energy Team Leader AIPO• University College Cork – “Improved operational control of existing equipment and systems has received a strong focus as a result of implementing ISO 50001. We have been impressed by the new savings opportunities we have identified, many at low cost”. Maurice Ahern, Energy Manager Ref: Energy- LIEN Annual Report 2010
  13. 13. Pfizer Ireland415 projects successfully implemented at Pfizer’s Irish sites over the past 5 years leading tosignificant savings in electricity, natural gas and mains water consumption.Pfizer Loughbeg certified in less than 4 monthsAchieved their targets to reduce site energy consumption by 5% annually.Pfizer Newbridge and Little Island are certified to EN 16001 and Pfizer Loughbeg achievedISO 50001 certification in November 2011 after just four months.Pfizer has found that ISO 50001 is a key enabler that embeds a structure which ensuresenergy is managed in an efficient and responsible way.It enables the efficient management of energy use, raises awareness of energy usage,engages senior leadership in energy planning, and focuses the site on real energyopportunities.It also enables future energy-saving opportunities to be easily identified.“At Pfizer Loughbeg, we have reduced our electricity and gas use since 2009 by 30%. Thisis largely due to joining SEAI’s Energy Agreements Programme and implementing aneffective Energy Management System for the site. The adoption of EN 16001 followed byour successful certification to ISO 50001 forced us to focus on our significant energy uses.Our work to date in energy management has led us to seek out the most efficientoperational profile that satisfies our regulatory and corporate quality standards.” Paul Farrell, Site Energy Lead, Pfizer Loughbeg Drug Product Plant Ref: Energy – Ireland Leading the way in Energy Management
  14. 14. University College Cork First university worldwide and the first public sector body in Ireland to achieve ISO 50001 certification. Certified in less than 4 months Increased the visibility of the energy management team activities among all staff and students Independent external verification of their good work, resulting in them getting increased support from senior management CSR benefits, reputation as being a world class Green University Identified many more opportunities to improve operational control of their existing equipment and systems. Consumption of natural gas for building heating, UCC’s largest energy use fell by 5.2 % in the 6 months, coinciding with the period of preparing for certification. UCC have been impressed by the new energy savings opportunities they have identified, many at low cost. Featured in ISO magazine. (ISO Focus+ March 2012)
  15. 15. The Future of EnMS in IrelandISO 50001 - TC 242 – Evolution of new energy standards Last meeting in Dublin May 2012 Working groups on energy management guidance, baselines & EnPIs, energy auditing, EnMS Auditing & M&V International 1-day conference organised by SEAI “Creating the right environment for ISO 50001 to thrive”(US DoE developing Superior Energy Performance – ISO 50001 key requirementof this programme)SEAI developing the Energy Management Maturity Model (EM3).
  16. 16. SEAI Energy Management Maturity Model (EM3)Common questions are: What’s next now that we are certified? Can we do this work without the cost of certification? How can it be developed further? The Energy Management Maturity Model: Promotes the development of energy management as a strategic goal Complements and integrates with other activities such as corporate social responsibility and the carbon-reduction agenda Is applicable at all levels of energy-management engagement, from organisations starting out to those that have maintained certification to an energy-management standard for some years Examines the organisation as a whole and looks at how its practices not only affect its own energy performance but also that of the value stream and supply chain Complements EN16001 and ISO 50001 Provides insights into how to improve further once good practices have been embedded. This model is based on the principle that a mature EnMS will result in further energy and non energy savings benefits into the future The system will be deeply integrated within an organisation and its operational management enabling optimisation.
  17. 17. EM3 - Levels of the Maturity Model (SEAI) Level 5 Level 4 Innovating Optimising Level 3 Integrating Level 2 Defining Level 1 Emerging
  18. 18. ConclusionsFuture looks bright for ISO 50001 in IrelandWidely recognised as an excellent systematic management framework for allenergy and CSR activitiesKey element of National energy reductions targetsRecognised as growth opportunity as part of knowledge economy strategywith internationally recognised expertise and services.
  19. 19. Thank You! Mike Tel: +353 91 709818 Copyright 2012 Enerit Ltd.