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Energy & Carbon Management Corporate Folder

  1. 1. Energy & Carbon m a n a g e m e n t The increasing cost and price volatility ofOUR GOALTo optimise our clients’ short,medium and long-term energy energy means that efficient procurementand carbon costs through thedesign and implementation and use of energy is now a high priority in allof cost-effective purchasingstrategies, volume reductionprogrammes and full organisations.legislative compliance. Our long established expertise allows our clients to manage the risks involved in energy procurement and achieve meaningful reductions in energy consumption. Our Core Values In all our client relationships we are committed to being: • Independent of all suppliers so that we can give genuine balanced advice • Expert in the things that we do, so that our clients can rely upon the solutions that we propose • Highly ethical and transparent in our dealings and transactions with suppliers and clients • To underpin these values Energy & Carbon Management subscribes to the Association of Cost Management’s Code of Practice.
  2. 2. Who we are Energy & Carbon Management is a leading independent UK consultancy specialising in the procurement and management of energy and carbon services. Our success is built on a 20-year track record of consistently delivering strong financial and environmental results for our clients.  Recognising the increased value that results from having specialist advice close at hand, we have organised our service delivery through a national network of locally-based client managers backed by a central team of technical and market experts. The effectiveness of this system is shown by the outstanding loyalty of our clients, allowing us to boast a 95% client retention rate. Our goals are clear: to secure the best purchasing terms for our clients, to reduce the volume of energy which is consumed, and to ensure they are compliant with all carbon legislation. Energy and water are economic necessities for all organisations. We aim to: • Secure the best energy purchase terms for our clients so they buy their supplies at the lowest possible price, respecting the client-specific energy strategies we have determined together • Reduce energy and water volumes through optimized management processes and where appropriate, advanced technical solutions • Ensure that invoicing received from suppliers is consistent with the contract negotiations and free of errors • Ensure clients comply now and in the future with government regulations, particularly those relating to carbon emissions • Remove the burden of complex compliance reporting, where required.
  3. 3. Procurement ENERGY OUR SERVICES Management Management Services Services DATA HUB Carbon Water Management Management Services ServicesEnergy & Carbon Management offers clients a turn-key solution shop for all oftheir energy, water and carbon management needs.  Our core services are:Data Management Services (Data Hub)At the heart of our state-of-the-art utility management services is a high-quality Data Hub.Energy & Carbon Management invests heavily in information technology, recruitment andtraining to ensure that our Data Hub is able to provide Data Management Services that areat the cutting edge of our industry. The result is that all of our reporting and analysis isbased on high quality reliable information.Procurement Management ServicesWe provide Procurement Management Services to all types of clients from SMEbusinesses through to blue chip organisations. Our solutions include fixed-pricecontracting, market tracker funds, flexible risk-managed contracts and green energyprocurement. Your energy strategy, which we will define together, will determinewhich of these solutions is the right one for your organisation.All our clients, large or small, receive the same service level in relation to the timingof their transactions, making it possible to manage the risks inherent in volatileenergy markets. So, when the market is moving against our clients, we make sure thatthey are not subject to sharp and disproportionate price increases. Equally, when themarket moves in the right direction, they are in a position to take maximum advantageof lower prices.Energy Management ServicesOur Energy Management Services portfolio uses a two-level service approach whichfocuses on:• The elimination of wastage which we are able to identify from in-depth analysis of the data relating to your energy usage• The introduction of new behaviours, management processes and new technologies in order to reduce energy consumption.With the information technology tools at our disposal, we are able to identify, manage andmonitor energy management projects, ranging from the change of control settings to theintroduction of smart metering, or the installation of alternative generation plant.Water Management ServicesOur Water Management Services concentrate on both the price and volume of waterand sewerage services. We examine all aspects of the tariffs that are available fromwater supply companies and sewerage providers. This allows us to ensure that pricingof services is optimised. As with our energy management services, we then analyse thevolume using a two-level approach. This involves the elimination of wastage and then theintroduction of new technologies and behaviours to reduce consumption.Carbon Management ServicesCarbon is rapidly becoming one of the most dominant areas of the energy marketdue to the importance and the cost impact of carbon on businesses. Energy & CarbonManagement is fully expert in all aspects of compliance reporting required to satisfyschemes such as Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), Climate Change Levy Agreements(CCL) and, linked to our procurement strategy, the negotiation of Green Energy contractswhich can be surprisingly price competitive.
  4. 4. WHY CHOOSE ENERGY & CARBON MANAGEMENT? • Track record: we know the energy and carbon market and have a 20-year proven track record for delivering exceptional results for our clients. • Knowledge and experience: we are an established independent service provider with the technical expertise, experience and market intelligence required to provide high-quality energy management and secure the best purchasing terms for your organisation. • We understand the market: as the energy markets become more complex with the introduction of new regulations, products, services and legislative compliance needs, you can count on us to develop the right purchasing and management strategies to meet your specific energy requirements. This allows you to focus your time and effort on your core business. • Timing: in terms of managing energy prices, businesses are now aware of the highly volatile nature of the markets so buying at the right time is critical. Energy & Carbon Management aims to protect you against price risk and to capitalise on price opportunity.   OUR FEES Market commissions • Fees for our procurement activities are generally based on commissions included in the energy supply contracts we negotiate on your behalf. We also provide tailored price packages to suit specific client requirements. Share savings scheme • Energy and Water Management Services are generally provided on the basis of a share of savings contract in which there is no up- front fee and we share the benefit of the recommendations that are implemented. We can also provide alternative fee structures on request. Consultancy fees • Carbon compliance work and general consulting activities are charged on either a fixed fee or an agreed daily rate basis. • Given the increasing complexity of managing their energy, water and carbon compliance requirements, most organisations now find it far more cost-effective to call on the assistance of experts rather than trying to manage these in-house.Energy & Carbon Management Limited,Longley House, International Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6AQTel: +44 01293 651218 Email:
  5. 5. Energy & Carbon m a n a g e m e n t DATA MANAGEMENT SERVICES  OUR GOAL At the heart of any energy and water management systemTo optimise our clients’ short,medium and long-term energy there must be high-quality reliable data. Our Data Hub andand carbon costs through the resulting Data Management Services are key to our abilitydesign and implementationof cost-effective purchasing to provide our clients with a range of high-value services.strategies, volume reduction The high complexity of energy billing procedures means that most organisationsprogrammes and fulllegislative compliance. find it difficult and time consuming to check whether their energy bills are correct and very few are able to use billing data for effective management and monitoring of their energy consumption. This is where the power of of our Data Hub proves so valuable, allowing our clients not only to be sure that billing errors are quickly identified, but also providing exception reporting and both internal and external benchmarks. As a result, anomalies are rapidly identified and corrected, leading frequently to both future cost savings and refunds on prior over-payments. Energy & Carbon Management has invested significantly in specialist state- of-the-art IT systems and in the creation of a dedicated Data Hub within our Data Management department. The Data Hub sits at the heart of the business and generates meaningful reports directly to clients. It also provides the base data upon which all of our other services are performed. Our Core Values In all our client relationships we are committed to being: • Independent of all suppliers so that we can give genuine balanced advice • Expert in the things that we do, so that our clients can rely upon the solutions that we propose • Highly ethical and transparent in our dealings and transactions with suppliers and clients • To underpin these values Energy & Carbon Management subscribes to the Association of Cost Management’s Code of Practice.
  6. 6. Metering Services Energy & Carbon Management will manage all aspects of your metering in relation to meter operating contracts and the AMR DATA SOURCES agreement. We also project manage the installation of these to ensure that they are done on time and with minimum disruption. Billing Information We further ensure that the data that has been produced by the AMR is being used in Mechanical Meter Information DATA relation to the utility invoices which have HUB been raised and which are subject to the invoice validation procedures. AMR and HH Information Tenant Re-billing Services Client Site Reads For those clients that have tenants, with or without sub meters, Energy & Carbon Management can provide a fully serviced tenant re-billing programme to ensure that all tenants are re-billed the appropriate proportion of the main incoming invoices on a frequency agreed with the client. This is done right through to the point where theInvoice Validation Budget Services invoice is prepared for release to the tenant.Our Invoice Validation Service carries out a One of the principal reports generated from Property management clients, particularly,35-point check of every invoice which goes the data management system are budgets and find this type of service to be invaluable.into the database to ensure that it satisfies the accrual calculations for all client utility activity.highest standards of accuracy required. Forensic Audit Working in tandem with your finance For all existing clients and new clients,Invoices are generally checked electronically department and your budgeting timetable, Energy & Carbon Management’s Datathrough our automated bill-checking we can prepare accurate monthly energy Management Department undertakes asystem and a growing number of suppliers flow forecasts and financial budgets for forensic analysis of all historic invoicesare now providing their data directly to all utilities. Once into the budget year, we they have reviewed. This ensures that theyus electronically. We provide reports to also provide an actual-to-budget analysis have been billed and charged correctly,clients showing all invoices which have together with an accrual calculation. particularly the hidden componentsbeen processed in a particular period or by The budget reports are produced both in within distribution and transmissionexception, highlighting those where problems terms of analysis and volumes so that charges. We have been very successfulhave been identified. Our query resolution we can compare target consumptions to in identifying a significant number ofservice then deals with any error rectification. actual consumption, together with target refunds in this area and others. expenditure to actual expenditure.As a further enhancement of this service, we Tariff Optimisationalso provide an invoice settlement service, in Estate Management Services One of the most frequently overlookedwhich we manage the payment of the invoices Client businesses do not remain static. aspects of managing utilities, particularlydirectly with the suppliers on your behalf. Invariably we see the need for additional in electricity, is the correct application supplies for utilities being demanded by client of tariff to any cost. We undertake a veryQuery Resolution Services sites, or indeed to supplies being rendered detailed review of every aspect of utilityThe purpose of the query resolution service redundant. Clients acquire sites and also invoices when they are being processedis to take often difficult, complex and time- dispose of them. Our estate management into the database. This ensures thatconsuming tasks away from our clients. service ensures that all meters which require the tariff structures in use are beingQueries arise from three principal areas: either energisation or de-energisation are applied correctly. Tariff Optimisation isthe invoice, the client or the supplier. Our done so according to preset timetables with an additional service to our procurementhighly experienced Data Management clients. We also provide a full change of management services. Just through theTeam provides a full cradle-to-grave tenancy service for clients who are either correct application of tariff structuresresolution service for all raised queries acquiring or disposing of sites to ensure that we have been able to find savings of up toso they can be effectively resolved. all liabilities are properly evaluated. 50% of the annual cost on client sites.Energy & Carbon Management Limited,Longley House, International Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6AQTel: +44 01293 651218 Email:
  7. 7. Energy & Carbon m a n a g e m e n t PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICESOUR GOAL Over the last five years we have seen prices rise by as muchTo optimise our clients’ short,medium and long-term energy as 100% and fall by as much as 50% in a 12-month period.and carbon costs through thedesign and implementationof cost-effective purchasing Electricity Annual Pricing Curve £64.00strategies, volume reductionprogrammes and full £61.00legislative compliance. £58.00 £55.00 £52.00 £ MW £49.00 £46.00 £43.00 £40.00 £37.00 £34.00 02/01/2009 02/02/2009 02/03/2009 02/10/2011 02/04/2009 02/11/2011 02/05/2009 02/12/2011 02/06/2009 02/07/2009 02/08/2009 02/09/2009 02/10/2009 02/11/2009 02/12/2009 02/01/2010 02/02/2010 02/03/2010 02/04/2010 02/05/2010 02/06/2010 02/07/2010 02/08/2010 02/09/2010 02/10/2010 02/11/2010 02/12/2010 02/01/2011 02/02/2011 02/03/2011 02/04/2011 02/05/2011 02/06/2011 02/07/2011 02/08/2011 02/09/2011 Our Core Values In all our client relationships we are committed to being: • Independent of all suppliers so that we can give genuine balanced advice • Expert in the things that we do, so that our clients can rely upon the solutions that we propose • Highly ethical and transparent in our dealings and transactions with suppliers and clients • To underpin these values Energy & Carbon Management subscribes to the Association of Cost Management’s Code of Practice.
  8. 8. The Challenge The challenge for all businesses buying utilities in today’s deregulated market is how to manage their long-term energy costs in an environment of rapid and significant price volatility The markets, too, have become much more sophisticated resulting in a myriad of complex new products which organisations can use with different suppliers and which are geared to eliminating some of the risks involved in procurement. For certain supplies, access to price is becoming more difficult or is time restricted. Credit insurance has also become vital with many users being denied offers or having to pay significant security deposits. The procurement service which Energy & Carbon Management has developed addresses all of these key issues. We offer a complete procurement solution from the smallest SME business through to the largest blue chip corporate client. When the market moves against our clients, we ensure that they are not subject to sharp price increases. Equally, when market conditions are favourable, our clients can take maximum advantage.
  9. 9. Our methodology is simple and straightforward. All clients are different intheir structure, mix of supplies and volumes used. More importantly, clients have different Procurementcredit risk profiles and appetites for their involvement in the procurement process and forthe risks that they are prepared to take in attempting to obtain the best possible prices Solutionsavailable. We have therefore designed a system to create bespoke procurement strategiesfor each of our clients which meets their specific needs based on their particular risk,credit appetites and profiles.At the heart of the procurement policy is the concept of Continual Market PriceAssessment. As soon as we have entered into a contract on behalf of our clientwe immediately start monitoring the market in relation to the prices available forthe subsequent contract. We also report to each client on how the market has moved,translating those reports into the clients’ own budgets and budgetary totals.Energy & Carbon Management Limited forecast budget reports can be issued on adaily, weekly or monthly basis. Our clients never have surprises in terms of suddenand unexpected movements in budget. Our philosophy is to keep you fully informedat all times.We have a three-step process as follows:1 Risk Profile: the client’s own appetite for risk in terms of the products that may be The available to them and their credit risk in the market, is assessed.2 Product Evaluation: once the Risk Profile is established, we undertake a Product Procurement Evaluation in order to establish which products are available from which suppliers for the volumes that a particular client may have. Process3 Procurement strategy: a further meeting with the client reviews all of the products which are available in the context of the risk profile which has been established. A procurement strategy then evolves which is unique to that client and which will then be implemented by our Procurement Team. Procurement strategy Product Risk Evaluation PROFILEEach client-specific Procurement Strategy is unique. Common to all strategieshowever, is the concept of constant and Continual Market Assessment. We have developed Procurementa wide range of Procurement Strategies. Some of the most popular include:1 Fixed Priced Contracting: 100% of the energy load is procured in a single contract for Strategies an agreed period of time. The fixed price strategy is always offered with a dynamic cap linked to Constant Market Price Assessment.2 Flexible Contracts: the alternative to Fixed Price Contracts are Flexible Contracts and here there are a huge number of options. The principal idea behind all of them is to reduce the risk of contracting all the electricity at a high price by spreading that risk across a number of transactions, the number of which will be dictated by the size and type of client volume being contracted and the various supplier products available.The simplest form of Flexible Contract is a Market Tracker with which on a monthly orquarterly basis, the client takes whatever price the market gives for that period of time. Inthe medium term the client should achieve a market average price.A variant of the Market Tracker is to have a part fixed and part tracker contract, in whichthe client agrees to fix a proportion of the volume at a set market rate and allows theremainder to float. A proactive, dynamic cap is placed to monitor the market and contractthe fixed element while the floating element moves with the market average.Flexible purchasing can be further extended by breaking down the client’s supplyrequirements into a number of separate transactions and contracting each of thoseaccording to a specific strategy, thereby spreading the risk. Each transaction within thepurchasing strategy is subject to our Constant Market Price Assessment.
  10. 10. Fixed or Flexible Contracts There is no right or wrong answer as to whether fixed or flexible contracts should be used for any particular client. Fixed contracts do have the attraction of requiring minimal input from the client and transacting the entire energy load at the same time, thus ‘putting to bed’ the issue for a period of time. However, it does run the risk of the contract being secured at a price higher than could be achieved under a flexible contract structure. Flexible contracts require clients to have more of an input into the procurement strategy and its execution, but provide a number of additional benefits such as the ability to transact contracts very quickly and access to a range of products that are not available under a fixed contract regime. Working with us The Procurement Strategy is agreed between the client and their Client Manager and thereafter the Procurement Analyst takes over to implement the strategy. An agreed reporting frequency is put into place, providing forecasting and reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to each client. As the predetermined trigger points are hit within each strategy, the transactions are undertaken on the client’s behalf. Results Energy & Carbon Management has an envious reputation in terms of results and with the proven methodology which we have developed over recent years, we are confident in the value that unique procurement strategies bring to each of our clients. These strategies have been shown to satisfy our clients’ needs and provide the best possible opportunities to secure effective competitive pricing in these increasingly volatile markets.Energy & Carbon Management Limited,Longley House, International Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6AQTel: +44 01293 651218 Email:
  11. 11. Energy & Carbon m a n a g e m e n t ENERGY MANAGEMENT SERVICESOUR GOALTo optimise our clients’ short,medium and long-term energy Our Energy Management Services programme focuses onand carbon costs through the reducing energy consumption volumes on a site by site and implementation When combined with our Procurement Services programme,of cost-effective purchasing this makes for a very powerful approach for the management,strategies, volume reductionprogrammes and full control and reduction of utility costs generally.legislative compliance.   In addition, the proactive energy management service which we offer assists those clients who are exposed to Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) reporting in reducing their carbon payments and also assists those clients who are involved in utility management programmes such as CCL to achieve their objectives. Energy Management Services can be run in conjunction with various potential funding sources and enhanced capital allowances. They can also relate directly to programmes being undertaken under Climate Change Levy Agreements and in relation to the Carbon Trust. Our Core Values In all our client relationships we are committed to being: • Independent of all suppliers so that we can give genuine balanced advice • Expert in the things that we do, so that our clients can rely upon the solutions that we propose • Highly ethical and transparent in our dealings and transactions with suppliers and clients • To underpin these values Energy & Carbon Management subscribes to the Association of Cost Management’s Code of Practice.
  12. 12. Our service approaches energy management at three levels  REDUCING ENERGY VOLUMES Wastage TECHNOLOGY Alternative elimination CHANGE GENERATIONOur energy management clients which identify those sites which are Technology Change objectives: inefficient and which raise questions over the The second level of the service is aimed at  efficiency of energy usage on the sites. introducing new technologies where capital• To eliminate wastage of energy on   investment is generally needed in order to all client sites through identifying The recommendations which we produce create a saving. Energy & Carbon Management behavioural change and control change for our clients within Wastage Analysis are undertakes a full project appraisal to identify which can bring about rapid cost-free no-cost and low-cost solutions: the cost-benefit analysis of any particular savings.   technological change. Where the recommended Where we have identified from consumption energy saving solutions are approved by the• To identify technological change which profiles that usage of power and gas is client, we are fully equipped to provide all the can then bring about a wholesale plainly inefficient, solutions can generally be necessary project management to ensure rapid reduction in the energy consumed in made through behavioural change. installation and implementation. various aspects of a client’s building.     We undertake specific analysis of all Some of the technologies which we will look• To look at alternative forms of generation, information provided and, for example, at on behalf of our clients can include: voltage which may in the long run, provide look at the load factor, power factor and optimisation, power factor correction, lighting greener and lower cost generation night usage proportions for electricity. We and lighting controls, boiler controls, air- sources. then normalise the data for comparison on conditioning analysis and motor speed controls. a like-for-like basis, such as energy perWastage Elimination square metre or per cubic metre, per capita Alternative GenerationThe elimination of wastage is primarily or per unit of output, or according to any The third and final level of our Energya desktop service provided through the other metric which may be relevant for a Management Services relates to sourcinganalysis of good-quality data taken from particular client. alternative generation and in this area weour Data Hub. We benchmark this data   examine feed-in tariffs available and theagainst other similar sites or similar Generally, we identify the simple, low-cost, economics of investing in micro generation, onsites from within a client database. or no cost changes that can be made to the site generation or, alternative local generation  way in which energy is consumed. This can sources which may be available to a particularAlongside benchmarking, we carry out an generate significant and realistic savings for client in a particular area. in-depth interrogation of all available half- a client very quickly.  hourly electricity data and AMR-generated   All our Energy Management Services canelectricity and gas data. The accurate As part of the wastage elimination services be run in conjunction with various potentialdata allows us to precisely profile supply we also identify areas in metering, or funding sources and enhanced capitalconsumption patterns. other technical aspects to do with the allowances. They can also relate directly to measurement of energy, which can programmes being undertaken under ClimateFrom the benchmarking and interrogation provide significant reductions in measured Change Levy Agreements and in relation to theanalysis, we produce reports for our consumption and therefore cost. Carbon Trust.Energy & Carbon Management Limited,Longley House, International Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6AQTel: +44 01293 651218 Email:
  13. 13. Energy & Carbon m a n a g e m e n t CARBON MANAGEMENT SERVICESOUR GOAL The carbon market is one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the world.To optimise our clients’ short,medium and long-term energy Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their obligations to reduceand carbon costs through the their environmental impact, and for larger companies, the managementdesign and implementation of carbon is becoming a feature in corporate responsibility statements.of cost-effective purchasingstrategies, volume reductionprogrammes and full Our Carbon Management Service uses the information collected fromlegislative compliance. our Data Hub and combines it with our Energy Management Service to effectively measure, monitor and manage each client’s carbon footprint. Access to green energy contracts through our Procurement Service coupled with a sophisticated method of buying Carbon Credits, enhances our clients’ Carbon Management Strategy giving them the ability to deal confidently with future challenges and demonstrate their achievements through strong and meaningful corporate responsibility statements. As the carbon market continues to unfold in the UK, the need to purchase carbon credits within a volatile market has emerged. Combined with our reporting services, we offer a Carbon Credit Procurement Service. Our Core Values In all our client relationships we are committed to being: • Independent of all suppliers so that we can give genuine balanced advice • Expert in the things that we do, so that our clients can rely upon the solutions that we propose • Highly ethical and transparent in our dealings and transactions with suppliers and clients • To underpin these values Energy & Carbon Management subscribes to the Association of Cost Management’s Code of Practice.
  14. 14. Carbon Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme (CRC)Management CRC Calculation Calculation PurchaseStrategy Registration of Carbon Footprint of Annual CRC Return of Carbon CreditsThe volume of carbon for which anyorganisation is responsible is directlyrelated to the quantity of energy it Registration that clients’ audit reports are produced on timeconsumes. Our Data Hub provides The registration limits for the Carbon and to the required levels of precision.the backbone of the information that Reduction Commitment are 6 million kWh ofis used within all carbon reports. electricity taken through half-hourly settled The resultant calculations of the volume electricity meters by one single organisation. of carbon which is being generated by aUsing our Procurement Management The definition of an organisation is complex particular organisation has a direct financialServices, we can specifically tailor but essentially relates to the highest parent implication and can be supply contracts to be based business for any group of businesses.on standard energy, part green If half- hourly electricity consumption Through our Energy Management Servicesenergy, or full green energy. Having exceeds the 6 million kWh level, then there programmes, we assist our clients inthe right procurement strategy in is a mandatory obligation on behalf of eliminating wastage and therefore, theplace can influence certain aspects clients to register with the Carbon Reduction amount of carbon which they report. Byof carbon reporting and help to Commitment Scheme and engage with it. actively reducing their energy consumption,strengthen any organisation’s our clients can reduce the amount of carboncorporate responsibility statement. The consequences of non-compliance credits they will need to purchase. are important, as failure to register andOur Energy Management Service, participate or to provide information which Carbon Credit Purchaseswhich is geared to eliminating shows that participation is not necessary, can For qualifying organisations, carbon creditswastage and then reducing energy result in penalties. will need to be purchased by 2012. Initially,volume, is a complementary there will be a regulated price framework butservice to our Carbon Management Footprints and when this is deregulated in the medium term,Service. The policies which are Annual Reporting it is estimated that the price of Carbon Creditsenacted by Energy Management Carbon Footprint calculation and could triple, from an initial price estimated toServices will have the direct impact subsequent annual reports are detailed be a 10% surcharge on energy bills to a 30%of reducing carbon volumes. audit requirements which need to be surcharge based on late 2011 price levels. For carried out for every phase of the Carbon larger consumers it is essential that a robustDependant upon the carbon reduction Reduction Commitment. We have all the Carbon Commitment programme is conceivedprogrammes our clients are involved necessary expertise to successfully complete and implemented so as to generate savings,with, the Carbon Management Service annual footprint reports for our clients. both through reduced energy purchases andthen produces all the reporting to the reduced amount of Carbon Credits thatensure compliance with the various The audit work is complex and time-consuming will need to be purchased in the future.schemes they are involved with. These and accuracy is absolutely essential. Reportsschemes may be purely for in-house must be submitted for the correct periods and As with all Energy & Carbon Managementinformation, related to a Climate by specified deadlines. Failure to do so can programmes, the provision of clean, accurateChange Levy Agreement, a Carbon result in significant penalties being levied. and complete data is absolutely essential toTrust initiative, or for the Carbon Through exploiting the analytical and reporting an effective Carbon Commitment programme,Reduction Commitment Scheme which capacities of Energy & Carbon Management’s linking back once more to the Data Hub whichis explained in detail below. technologically advanced Data Hub, we ensure sits at the centre of our business. DATA HUB CARBON REPORTING CARBON ENERGY CARBON CREDIT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES PROCUREMENT SERVICES PROCUREMENT CORPORATE MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY SERVICES STATEMENTEnergy & Carbon Management Limited,Longley House, International Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6AQTel: +44 01293 651218 Email:
  15. 15. Energy & Carbon m a n a g e m e n t WATER MANAGEMENT SERVICESOUR GOALTo optimise our clients’ short, The cost of water and sewerage has risen consistently year-on-yearmedium and long-term energy since the deregulation of the water industry over 20 years ago.and carbon costs through thedesign and implementation Despite significant attempts to introduce competition into theof cost-effective purchasingstrategies, volume reduction water and sewerage industry, there is limited capacity forprogrammes and full any client to engage with a provider of water or seweragelegislative compliance. services other than their local monopoly supplier. Within that context Energy & Carbon Management has developed a Water Management Service which concentrates on the two fundamental aspects of water and sewerage costs: price and volume. Our Water Management Service has been developed to undertake a constant year-on-year review of the tariff structures which suppliers offer thus ensuring that client prices are minimised. This approach is coupled to an ongoing and continuous review of water volumes geared to eliminating waste and reducing volume. Our analysts review every supply regularly to ensure that savings are sustained and consumption does not increase in the future. Our Core Values In all our client relationships we are committed to being: • Independent of all suppliers so that we can give genuine balanced advice • Expert in the things that we do, so that our clients can rely upon the solutions that we propose • Highly ethical and transparent in our dealings and transactions with suppliers and clients • To underpin these values Energy & Carbon Management subscribes to the Association of Cost Management’s Code of Practice.
  16. 16. Tariff AnalysisThe water industry is fundamentallydeveloped on the basis of available public REDUCING WATER VOLUMEStariffs, as opposed to any kind of privatearrangement that can be reached between auser and the water or sewerage provider. Wastage Volume AlternativeUK water companies generally publish theirtariffs on 1 April each year which apply for elimination Reduction sources/a 12–month period. Tariffs are becoming Technology disposalincreasingly sophisticated and complex andgenerally cover the following components of methodsall charges: Water supply Water meter standing charges Volume ANALYSIS 2 New Technology Foul sewerage removal costs Once our tariff analysis work is complete, Defining opportunities for the introduction of Foul sewerage standing charge we then seek to reduce the volume of water new technologies in order to reduce water Rateable value or area based surface consumed and sewerage disposed. consumption, is a service which we propose water drainage charges to all our clients as there are certain solutions Highway drainage charges Our analysis falls, as it does with our Energy which can be applied to almost all water- Trade effluent charges Management Service, into three categories: using sites. There are also differences in 1 The elimination of wastage requirements and some clients may needBased on the data that we have processed 2 The introduction of new technology in specific technologies applied to gain thethrough our Data Hub, we carry out order to reduce water volumes maximum reduction in water analysis of each client’s situation. 3 Investigation into alternative water Generally, the capital return on water-savingThe volumes of water and sewerage which sources or disposal methods. equipment is attractive and clients can expectare currently being purchased are bench- good returns on their investment.marked against all available tariffs. This 1 Wastage Eliminationensures that correct pricing has been Wastage elimination is generally carried 3 Alternative Water Sourcesapplied and shows whether opportunities out through the analysis of volume For those clients who have a demand forexist to generate a financial saving for utilisation and the benchmarking of those non-potable water, there can be significanta client. Energy & Carbon Management measurements against similar properties of scope to look at alternative water sources.then takes over the administration and other clients or of the same client. Here we Energy & Carbon Management is experiencedimplementation of those savings to ensure are looking to benchmark water against the in carrying out the full survey and projectan effective and rapid conclusion. factors driving the consumption level, which management work required to take ideas from can be either the number of people who are the drawing board through to final completionWater tariffs that are available are extensive working in a building, students in a college and commissioning.and complex in nature. An expert and rigorous or the output of a factory where water is anapproach is necessary to ensure that costs intrinsic part of the product, for example, As new technologies or new water sourcesare not only minimised but maintained at the bread or concrete. become available, we bring those to ourlowest level from one year to another. clients’ attention on a regular basis. Through Waste can generally be identified quite quickly the use of our Data Hub, we ensure that thoseAs part of the tariff analysis service which from the desktop analysis and we then follow savings which have been realised, throughwe provide for water and sewerage, we make through with an on-site survey in order to either the elimination of wastage, applicationsure that all tariffs are reviewed on an annual identify precisely where the wastage has of new technology or the utilisation ofbasis to ensure that our client is paying the arisen and what needs to be done for savings alternative supply sources are maintained oncorrect price each year. to be secured. an ongoing basis to the client’s benefit.We also build a profile of how our clientsoperate and can often identify additional Foul Sewerage &savings, which can be generated from either Trade effluenttrade effluent charges, particularly seweragecharges, and meter sizing. We further analyse Incoming Clientsurface area measurement charges which Water premisesare particularly expensive throughout the Surface Water &Midlands and the North of England. Highway drainageEnergy & Carbon Management Limited,Longley House, International Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6AQTel: +44 01293 651218 Email: