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The 3rd Energy Storage Forum - Europe is here! Held at Paris from the 17th to 19th May 2011, the 2 days forum will feature the insights in Energy Storage by professionals representing commercial applications and manufacturing, as well as academics with the latest research findings. To enhance your learning experience, this year we have developed a new conference format. The presentations from the two days Forum (17-18 May) will help you in deciding the key points you want to examine during the "Building The Action Plan" Day (19 May). During this day, we will take the conference one step further and we will come up with an action plan for overcoming energy storage challenges.

This year, utilities speaking include representatives from AES, EDF, VERBUND, E.ON, VATTENFALL, GDF SUEZ, ELIA, IBERDROLA, DONG ENERGY and more.

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3rd Energy Storage Forum - Europe

  1. 1. Ov rom the na er 25 pa an ea n Ba f of elo 10 c st d B ch rc i 0 oun 2 F eij at tr o ing te ie rum nd s a s e tes Speakers from14 Utilities The 3rd !"#$%&()** Paris 17 - 19 May !"#$%#&()*+(,-.#/&(0$1& This year we are taking the Forum one step further. Delegates and speakers will formulate an action plan for overcoming energy storage challenges Silver Sponsors Supported by www.energystorageforum.com register@energystorageforum.com
  2. 2. !" # $ % & ( )** Paris 17 - 19 MayProgramme At A Glance Monday 16 May Tuesday 17 May 2 2 2(( Wednesday 18 May 2 2 2(( Thursday 19 May PRE FORUM FORUM DAY 1 FORUM DAY 2 FORUM DAY 3 WORKSHOP Networking Drinks Reception !"#$%#&()*+(,-.#/&(0$1&NEW THIS YEAR The presentations from the two days Forum (17-18 May) will help you in deciding the keypoints you want to examine during the “Building The Action Plan” Day (19 May). During this day we will take theconference one step further and we will come up with an action plan for overcoming energy storage challenges(please see page 7 for details). Silver Sponsor Saft is the world’s leading designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industrial and defence applications. The Group has put in place the key building blocks to deliver our strategy for high technology lithium-ion batteries for clean vehicles and renewable energy storage. With approximately 4,000 employees worldwide, Saft is present in 18 countries. Its 15 manufacturing sites and extensive sales network enable the group Michael Lippert to serve its customers worldwide. Marketing Manager SAFT The major new sectors targeted by Saft are the emerging on-grid power and energy markets. As electricity generation Speaker shifts from centralised power plants to increasingly decentralised systems, and to smart management of production and demand, new battery solutions will be necessary. To facilitate the increasing integration of renewable energy sources – mainly solar and wind power – electricity grids will require the capability to store energy and regulate power-quality. www.saftbatteries.com High-power solutions enable electric utilities to manage intermittent renewable energy production and to stabilise their networks. On the demand side, batteries will play a crucial role in developing residential storage solutions. Silver Sponsor ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group operates in around 100 countries and employs about 117,000 people. Power Products are the key components to transmit and distribute electricity. The division incorporates ABB’s manufacturing network for transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, cables and associated equipment. Power Systems offers turnkey systems and services for power transmission and distribution grids, and for power plants. Substations and substation automation systems are key areas. In power generation, Power Systems offers the www.abb.com instrumentation, control and electrification of power plants. The Discrete Automation and Motion division provides products, solutions and related services that increase industrial productivity and energy efficiency. Its motors, generators, drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), power electronics and robotics provide power, motion and control for a wide range of automation applications.The leading position in wind generators and a growing offering in solar complement the industrial focus, leveraging joint technology, channels and operations platforms. The Low Voltage Products division manufactures low-voltage circuit breakers, switches, control products, wiring accessories, enclosures and cable systems to protect people, installations and electronic equipment from electrical overload. The Process Automation division provide customers with products and solutions for instrumentation, automation and optimisation of industrial processes. Silver Sponsor NEC is a leading global provider of innovative and integrated IT and networking solutions that meet the complex and changing needs of our customers. By leveraging its assets in IT and devices like batteries or chipsets, NEC targets to bring to the market cutting-edge solutions that contribute to change the way we manage energy generation and Ugo Govigli consumption. By providing a combination of products and solutions that cross utilise the company’s experience Head of GPS Division and global resources, NEC’s advanced technologies meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. In Government & Public Solutions NEC EUROPE all, NEC aims to be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society Speaker friendly to humans and the earth. www.nec.comSupported by www.electricitystorage.org © copyright Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2011 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) www.energystorageforum.com email: emily@energystorageforum.com
  3. 3. Exhibition & !" # $ % & ( )** Paris 17 - 19 May Sponsorship What delegates had to say about our past 2 Forums I$().8(>.%?.9%$(-0$)$&.*+&)(8*<(.(6++3(3$-<( G<$(%.06$(.$&3.&#$(8.)(.(0$.%(-+)**>$(,.#+0 +,(3$.*%(<.()*%%(-0+>*3$(<$(+>$0.%%(-*#?0$ "8#$H*0$#+0(+,(5.%$)(1(B.0/$*&6 $3@#$J$;(K##+?&(B.&.6$0(L(!?0+-$ @;*"(5$!(A;$)7%*2 !(A;"(!$)*+,-./01/2 !"#$%%$&()$%$#*+&(+,()-$./$0)(1(+-*#) :$0;(*&$0$)*&6(.&3(<$(*&,+0=.*+&(>.%?.9%$ !"#$2$.3$04(5+0.6$(,+0(7$&$8.9%$("%&($)*+,-./01/2 $3!#$@0+A$#(B.&6$04(4*%$5*67*8$)%9/1:2 C0$.D(:$0;($"#**&6(+-*#) :$0;(3$&)$(.&3(*&,+0=.*>$4( #+&60.?%.*+&)(,+0(<$(+06.&*).*+& $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$%#$!#+&+=*#(7$6?%.+0;(E+=-%*.&#$(F,,*#$0( ";!*8"($)!<101991:=,$>$7-101-?2 ( ( ( 4B#$3"!CD$)E./:F=2Energy Storage Forum Europe 2010 Barcelona October 110 delegates from 25 countriesEnergy Storage Forum Asia 2010 Beijing March 125 delegates from 22 countriesWhy Sponsor Or Showcase? Sponsorship & Exhibition, please contact: josh@energystorageforum.com Selective Exposure Truly connect with a highly t: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) focused group of delegates at the event to achieve maximum exposure that overcrowded trade fairs cannot facilitate. Our These are some of the companies adjoining selective exhibition area provides the perfect platform that attended the Energy Storage for the display of your solutions and is limited to ensure that you Forum 2010 Beijing and Barcelona receive maximum exposure. E.ON U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY RWE EPRI Content and Community The topics you see in Exhibition ENDESA ENEL CSIRO BETTER PLACE this programme have been researched with your peers. We have EDF TORRESOL ENERGY showcase GAS NATURAL BEACON POWER asked you what to include and we are here to facilitate what you ELIA GROUP VERBUND want to discuss (see Day 3 of the Forum). We firmly believe it VATTENFALL HC ENERGIA is an objective content complimented by qualified speakers and Sponsors STATNETT EDP delegates that will make the community of decision makers come logos on stage IBERDROLA 4ENERGIA DONG ENERGY STATKRAFT together, share ideas and buy/sell the key solutions available in backdrop, BYD EUROPE ABB the market today. registration ALTAIRNANO SAFT backdrop A123 SYSTEMS SK ENERGY Tailored Packages We believe in tailoring your and banners MORGAN STANLEY KEMA PANASONIC CLP HOLDINGS product needs and therefore we would like to first listen to what ENERGY STORAGE & POWER ENERDEL your company objectives are. Our database, blog and media CHINA ENVIRONMENT FUND RIST partners will allow you to reach thousands of individuals for a FRAUNHOFER UMSICHT NGK Gold Sponsor CHINA HUADIAN NEW ENERGY period stretching over 6 - 12 months. video animation CHINA LONGYUAN ELECTRIC POWER shown on main STATE GRID CORPORATION CHINA Our packages are flexible with over 30 different elements to SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON enable you to achieve the type of exposure or message that you stage at start of MINDANAO ENERGY SYSTEMS want to communicate within this specific event. conference AES ENERGY STORAGE CAGAYAN ELECTRIC POWER & LIGHT EUROPEAN COMMISSION JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE CHINA ELECTRIC POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE KOREA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY © copyright Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2011 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) www.energystorageforum.com email: emily@energystorageforum.com
  4. 4. Monday !" # $ % & ( )** Paris 17 - 19 May 16 May 2011 Pre Forum Workshop Monday 16 May Quantifying The Economics And The Market Demand For Energy Storage Technologies ApplicationsThis workshop will examine the most likely methods that could be utilised to pay for an energy storage system or application in a worldincreasingly characterised by the presence of intermittent renewable energy sources. It has been specifically designed to allow you topractically apply the lessons and theories learnt by your peers from Europe and USA. Whether you are defining the best Energy Storagesolution or policy strategy for your project or are planning to design and produce a new Energy Storage technology, you will gain from havinga more interactive opportunity to learn with and question, both the workshop leader and fellow delegates facing the same challenges as you. 8.30 Registration & Coffee 9.00 Start of Workshop 17.30 End of Workshop Morning Break: 10.30 - 11.00 Lunch: 12.30 - 14.30 Afternoon Break: 16.00 - 16.30SESSION 1 SESSION 3The Basic Economics of Storage Understanding the Role of Short-term Storage as• The importance of energy price volatility and the ability to arbitrage Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources Expand• The economics of various types of energy storage and their likely • How does the volatility of the power system change over various time applicability for various types of energy market conditions horizons as intermittent renewable energy sources continue to increase?• Evaluating the costs and benefits associated with energy storage, • Electric consumer-based storage and its ability to help integrate including intermittent generation sources - transmission benefits • The cost of renewable integration - generation benefits - other direct and indirect benefits SESSION 4 The Potential Role for Storage to Support EnergySESSION 2 Systems Substantially Characterized by IntermittentExamining the Demand of Energy Storage in the next 5 to Renewable Energy10 Years Period • How much storage might be needed to support largely renewable• Evaluating technical and policy frameworks that will help facilitate the energy systems? growth of energy storage technologies • How much storage might be economical to support fluctuations in• What are the opportunities of competing technologies? output from wind/solar energy systems?• Examining the business opportunities in regions with: • How do the economics of various storage systems compare to - energy markets alternative approaches to dealing with intermittency? - without energy markets - vertically integrated utilities C0$.(/$;(0$-0$)$&.*>$)(,0+=(<$(*&3?)0; 6!C#$C$&$0.%(B.&.6$04$;5;B;8$)7%*2$ B=0=G/-=$/-$;:=.G?$%-H./G=$EH.+I$*,1/$JKLK Key Delegates at the Energy Storage Forum Workshop Experience WORKSHOP LEADERS: Judy Chang is an economist with a public policy background. She has expertise in the analysis of electricity power markets and advises clients on the financial and regulatory issues relating to renewable energy investment and procurement decisions. Her recent work includes evaluating the potential impact of integrating renewable energy onto power systems, including developing a model that estimates the operational effects and the associated Judy Chang costs of variable resources on a grid. She also has recently completed several resource planning projects that involve the development of scenarios and strategies for electric systems in the U.S. to meet long-range electric demand while considering the growth of renewable energy, energy Principal efficiency, other demand-side resources, and the potential retirement of existing generation facilities due to various environmental regulations.THE BRATTLE GROUP These projects involved close analyses of relevant regulatory and economic issues surrounding system planning, including considerations for (USA) financial, operational, and market design issues. Ms. Chang holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School. Jurgen Weiss is an energy economist with 15 years of consulting experience. He leads Brattle’s climate change practice and writes, consults and testifies about issues related to the economics of storage, renewable energy, energy efficiency and CO2 abatement. Dr. Weiss holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard University and an MBA from Columbia University. Jurgen Weiss The Brattle Group provides consulting and expert testimony in economics, finance, and regulation to corporations, law firms, and governments Principal around the world. Our energy experts are experienced in performing financial analyses, applying economics to complex business problems in THE BRATTLE GROUP the electric power, natural gas, and petroleum industries, and explaining results and solutions to investors, managers, and policy makers. We (USA) have appeared before national and international arbitration panels, courts and regulatory proceedings. Our clients include utilities, electricity and pipeline customers, power generators, transmission organizations, and regulatory agencies. © copyright Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2011call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) www.energystorageforum.com email: emily@energystorageforum.com
  5. 5. Tuesday !" # $ % & ( )** Paris 17 - 19 May 17 May 2011 Forum Day 1 03+413#&()*+(,-.#/&(0$1& 222 !8.30 Registration & Coffee 13.00 Lunch9.00 Welcome Address 14.30 Examining When To Feed EV Energy To The Grid Taking Into Introduction To The “Building The Action Plan” Format Account User Preferences And Grid Requirements Davide Bonomi, Content Strategy Director Phillip J. Paevere DUFRESNE - ENERGY STORAGE FORUM Principal Research Scientist9.20 Chairman Introduction CSIRO (AUSTRALIA) CSIRO’s supercapacitor team have led the world in developing a new device for Brad Roberts storing electrical energy Executive Director, ELECTRICITY STORAGE ASSOCIATION Power Quality Systems Director, S&C ELECTRIC CO (USA) 14.55 Integrating Central And Distributed Energy Storage Systems For Grid Efficiency9.30 How Can We Overcome Regulatory And Legal Issues Cristina Gomez Related To Energy Storage? Research & Development Manager Pierre Bernard RED ELECTRICA (SPAIN) Secretary General Pioneer in renewable energy resource control, its Control Centre of Renewable Energies ELIA GROUP (BELGIUM) (CECRE) represents the ideal model for maximising renewable energy production Elia is the controlling shareholder of the high voltage grid in Belgium and of 50 Hertz in Germany 15.20 Examining The CAPEX And OPEX Of Flywheel Based Energy Evaluating The Direct And Indirect Benefits, Strengths And Storage System9.55 Weaknesses Of Distributed Energy Storage In Europe Eric Cahuet Helder Ferreira Unit manager SCLE SFE Project Leader GDF SUEZ (FRANCE) With the takeover of Britain’s International Power, GDF Suez is now the world’s EUROPEAN COMMISSION second-largest electricity producer The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET- Plan) is the technology pillar of the EU Energy and Climate Policy 15.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit10.20 Examining The Benefits Of Contracting Storage-Based Services For Different Customer Bases: Johnson City 16.15 !" " " !Choosing The 3 Key Points To Examine During Case Study The “Building The Action Plan” Day Brian Perusse Director of Business Development 16.20 Examining The Challenges For Developing Energy Storage AES ENERGY STORAGE (USA) Systems In A Cloud-Powered Environment Commercially operating the first 8MW of a planned 20MW grid-scale battery-based Ugo Govigli energy storage system within the New York power market Head of GPS Division - Government & Public Solutions NEC EUROPE (ITALY)10.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit NEC’s energy storage system, include power electronics and NEC’s IT network technology, necessary for power control and energy management, tested by EPRI in support of the US’ electric11.15 !" " " !Choosing The 3 Key Points To Examine During industry’s transition towards smarter electric grids The “Building The Action Plan” Day11.20 Examining Current Wind Power Development In Europe And PANEL SESSION Identifying Future Energy Storage Requirements 16.45 Should Energy Storage Be Integrated In Grid Extension Oliver Weinmann Head of Innovation Management Planning Financing Or Within The Generation Infrastructure VATTENFALL (GERMANY) Organisation? Vattenfall acquired the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, which is the largest operational Panelists: offshore wind farm anywhere in the world Christian Folke Upstream Generation/New Build & Technology Director11.45 Case Study: Evaluating The Latest Results From Li-ion E.ON (GERMANY) Stationary Energy Storage1 Michael Lippert Brian Perusse Director of Business Development Electronic Marketing Manager AES ENERGY STORAGE (USA) Polling SAFT (FRANCE) Session The major new sectors targeted by Saft are the emerging on-grid power and energy markets Peter Matt Head of Engineering12.10 Renewable Energy Integration: Storage And Power Balance VORARLBERGER ILLWERKE (AUSTRIA) Through Traditional Technologies, Smart Grid And/Or Constructed Kops II, one of the world’s most advanced pumped storage hydropower Integration Of Infrastructures plants Aksel Hauge Pedersen Michael Taylor Senior Developing Manager R&D Energy Analyst Energy Technology Policy Division DONG ENERGY (DENMARK) INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY (FRANCE) Belfast Harbour and DONG Energy have signed a letter of intent for constructing The IEA is an intergovernmental organisation which acts as energy policy advisor to thousands of giant turbines for off-shore wind farms 28 member countries in their effort to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy12.35 Implementing CAES In Electrical Grids: Analysing Operating Schemes For Effective Business Models 17.35 Closing Remarks From The Chair Christian Folke Upstream Generation/New Build & Technology Director 17.45 Networking Drinks Reception E.ON (GERMANY) E.ON is one of Germany and Europe’s biggest hydro operators, with 212 facilities in four countries and total installed hydro capacity of nearly 6.2 gigawatts © copyright Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2011 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) www.energystorageforum.com email: emily@energystorageforum.com
  6. 6. Wednesday !" # $ % & ( )** Paris 17 - 19 May 18 May 2011 Forum Day 2 03+413#&()*+(,-.#/&(0$1& 222 ! !8.30 Coffee 12.50 The Numbers That Will Help You Make Your Business Case on Energy Storage To Regulators And Investors9.10 Summary For The “Building The Action Plan” Day Suba Arunkumar Davide Bonomi, Content Strategy Director Industry Manager - Energy & Power Supplies - Europe DUFRESNE - ENERGY STORAGE FORUM FROST & SULLIVAN (GERMANY) Leads projects that focus on analysing emerging energy trends, technologies and market dynamics9.30 Examining New Developments On Pump Storage Hydro Power Plants In Europe 13.00 Lunch Otto Pirker Special Advisor Hydropower VERBUND (AUSTRIA) Chairman Working Group Hydro EURELECTRIC 14.30 Examining The IEC Standard For Communicating Within The Verbund pumped storage power plant Reißeck II is scheduled to start operations Different Energy Storage Components In The Microgrid in 2014 Ignasi Cairó Project Leader9.55 Selecting The Optimal Operation Mode To Maximise The CATALONIA INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY RESEARCH (IREC) (SPAIN) Value Of The Energy Storage System IREC is involved in research projects related to energy efficiency energy savings and Senior renewable energies Representative ABB 14.55 Case Study: Using Energy Storage in Island Regions ABB recently commissioned the Bloomsberg Businesssweek Research Services survey Pascal Rioual of energy professionals which documents perspectives on key energy issues Director CAPENERGIES / EDF (FRANCE)10.20 The Role Of Electric Vehicles As Flexible Energy Storage Capenergies was created and is supported by three founding organizations: Within The European Smart Grid EDF, CEA (Atomic Energy Authority) and ADEC (Agency of Economic Senior Development of Corsica) Representative EDF (FRANCE) 15.20 Evaluating Hydro Pumped Storage To Meet The Energy EDF Energy has also agreed a deal with British Salt Ltd to acquire a site to build a new Stability And Security Of Supply Requirements In Estonia fast cycle underground gas storage facility Martin Kruus10.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit Chairman of the Board 4ENERGIA (ESTONIA) The Estonian power grid operator also has wind energy connection contracts for11.15 !" " " !Choosing The 3 Key Points To Examine During 844 MW The “Building The Action Plan” Day xxxxxxxxx3 15.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit11.20 Controlling Storage Delivered To The Distribution Network Together With Distributed Generation: CAES vs Li-ion 16.15 !" " " !Choosing The 3 Key Points To Examine During Eduardo Navarro Azcunaga The “Building The Action Plan” Day Services Management IBERDROLA (SPAIN)XX 16.20 Examining Congestion Management in the Distribution Grid The company has set up initiatives linked to electric mobility, renewable energies, clean generation technologies, smart grids and energy storage systems Michael Gulbæk Arentsen Chief Consultant11.45 Latest Results For Improving Variation Through Energy DANSK ENERGI (DENMARK) Electricity generated by wind turbines in Denmark now accounts for 20% of the total Storage Deployment With The Smart Grid electricity generation Go to www.energystorageforum.com for updates xxxxxxxxxx Exclusive Services ManagemenIBERDROLA (SPAIN)XXThe has set up initiativeto Feature PANEL SESSION TECH SOAP BOX TM 16.45 What Is The Economic Benefit In Europe For Energy12.10 4 speakers 10 minutes each focusing on one technology: Storage? Who Will Invest, Who Will Operate It And Who matching a specific application by evaluating: Will Earn From It? • Power quality • Discharge duration • Energy management Panelists: • Capital and operating costs • Life cycle Pierre Bernard Electronic In One Of The following Applications: Secretary General Polling • Generation • Transmission • Distribution ELIA GROUP (BELGIUM) Session The audience will evaluate each speaker for content and delivery. Each Oliver Weinmann speaker will have to highlight the potential benefits of one technology Head of Innovation Management across one specific grid application, infrastructure and time domain by VATTENFALL (GERMANY) addressing the estimated economic gains and service reliability. Philipp Eisenring Flywheels Founder AMPARD (SWITZERLAND) William A. Franks Director International Business Dev apply online Judy Chang BEACON POWER (USA) Principal THE BRATTLE GROUP (USA)xx Sodium Nickel Batteries Giorgio Crugnola 17.35 Closing Remarks From The Chair Business Development apply online FZ SONICK (SWITZERLAND) 17.45 End Of Forum Day Two 2 more speakers will be selected, apply at emily@energystorageforum.com © copyright Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) www.energystorageforum.com email: emily@energystorageforum.com
  7. 7. ! Thursday !" # $ % & ( )** Paris 17 - 19 May 19 May 2011 2 2 2( ( Forum Day 3 NEW EXCLUSIVE FORMAT !"#$%#&()*+(,-.#/&(0$1& )5 8.30 Registration & Coffee 9.00 Start of Forum Day 3 17.30 End of Forum Day Morning Break: 10.30 - 11.00 Lunch: 12.30 - 14.30 Afternoon Break: 16.00 - 16.30 This Forum day is an integral part of the whole conference and #$%&%!(%!)*&+!&,-%!,.!+$%!/*%&+0,1&!+$+!,*(! it’s been exclusively designed by Dufresne Research for the Energy Storage Forum series. 2,--*10+3!$&!&,!.(!&*44%&+%5!6%!&$,*75! After all the power point presentations from the previous two days %8-01%!15!2,-%!*9!60+$!1!2+0,1!971: have been completed, we will take the conference one step further and we will come up with an action plan for overcoming energy !" " " Defining a regulatory framework: should energy storage be integrated in grid storage challenges. extension planning and financing, in demand-side management measures, or During this full day Mr Daryle Abrahams from Dufresne will be in generation infrastructure organisation? which market incentives are needed? taking the role of facilitator and will create the learning experience that will suit the needs of the participants’ industry sector. We !" " " Favouring vs. non favouring capacity: how and when should regulators start will be running a series of tailored discussion in parallel groups rewarding for efficiency centred on active engagement, collaboration and innovative methods to tackling specific issues within stationary energy !" " " How can we ensure that energy storage users can provide an accurate storage. Each group discussion will then be followed by a step by configuration according to their needs? step approach on how to implement solutions. !" " " How can we create a business model framework which can be applied to different applications and scenarios? !" " " If we consider the various different technical frameworks, country needs, competing technologies and legal frameworks, what model or system can we come up with for evaluating the potential of energy storage in the world within the next 5 to 10 years? !" " " How can we store energy abroad? 6/78 ="+>.(?/"3()/4#-@( ( 9 Every 3 power point presentations taking place on the 17th and 18th May, the conference delegates will be given time to note down the three As delegates register we will continuously update the issues you want to tackle on this day. If you have an issue you want to examine, please feel main points that he / she would like to discuss further during today’s free to email Siti Adilah at siti@energystorageforum.com discussion (19th May). In addition to that each delegate can suggest a topic when he/she registers to the conference via the website. This newly designed conference format will add value to the Powerpoint ( presentations from the previous two days and bring about fruitful solutions : Delegates will then be presented on this day (19th May) with a list there and then facilitating you to deploy your energy storage project with a of potential topics for discussion and each one of the participants will be step by step approach which you can take back to your office. able to rate their most pressing issue or topic of interest. ( Key utilities and organisations already confirmed as part of the ; The topics with most votes will then be addressed and the Action Plan Day: conference delegates will then be split into groups to come up with an action plan thanks to our facilitator who is a veteran trainer whose specialty is making people talk, share and learn from each other. < ( A representative of every group will then explain to the whole Forum audience how a given group has tackled the problem with their action plan. Every delegate will get to know what other groups have discussed and multiple ideas will then be combined. EUROPEAN COMMISSION ABOUT THE “ACTION PLAN” FACILITATOR: Daryle Abrahams Daryle is on his 21st year of research into how people work effectively and collaboratively together. He has extensive experience in Associate corporate education, specialising in the fields of neuro-psychology and analytical psychology with problem solving. He has been a DUFRESNE facilitator at the most senior levels across various industries for 14 years. His style is centred around the participant and focuses on post-event action. You should expect a healthy debate, an inclusive agenda and a challenging experience. © copyright Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) www.energystorageforum.com email: emily@energystorageforum.com
  8. 8. Barcelona 12 - 14 April 4 EASY WAYS TO BOOK !" # $ % & ( )** Online: www.energystorageforum.com Sponsorship & Exhibition: josh@energystorageforum.com Email: emily@energystorageforum.com REGISTER NOW! Enquiry: emily@energystorageforum.com Call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) Speaking at Future Events: emily@energystorageforum.com Fax: +65 6245 7232 Monday 16 May 2011 Pre-Forum Workshop Book A 2 Day Forum Tuesday 17 May 2011 Forum Day 1 (Including Networking Drinks) And Build Your Action Wednesday 18 May 2011 Forum Day 2 Plan For Only 300 € Thursday 19 May 2011 Forum Day 3 - Building The Action Plan Booked BY Booked BY Booked BY Booked AFTER !Select Your Forum Days SAVE SAVE SAVE 25 Feb ’11 18 Mar ’11 15 Apr ’11 15 Apr ’11 4 Days Forum Day 1, 2 & 3 + Pre-Forum Workshop [16+17+18+19 May] 2090 € 300 2190 € 200 2290 € 100 2390 € 3 Days Forum Day 1, 2 & 3 ACTION PLAN PACKAGE [17+18+19 May] 1590 € 300 1690 € 200 1790 € 100 1890 € 2 Days Forum Day 1, 2 [17+18 May] 1290 € 300 1390 € 200 1490 € 100 1590 € 1 Day Forum Day 3 Only - Building the Action Plan [19 May] 890 € 300 990 € 200 1090 € 100 1190 € 1 Day Pre-Forum Workshop [16 May] 590 € 300 590 € 200 690 € 100 690 € 15% Discount for Government Representatives and Academics. (Subject to approval, identification required) Associations and Partners Discounts Special discounts have been arranged with associations and partners. If a discount code is given to you, please enter it online or contact us at +65 6243 0050. Discounts cannot be combined. All discounts are subject to approval. Identification stating company name will be required. REGISTER ONLINE: www.energystorageforum.com/register-now/ FORUM VENUE Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel 17, Boulevard Saint Jacques 75014 Paris tel: +33 1 40 78 79 80 The Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center is conveniently located by the Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain-des-Pres. The metro station nearby takes you directly to the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Montparnasse business district and Notre Dame. We hope you enjoy your stay and combine business with pleasure! Delegates are responsible for the arrangement and payment of their own travel and accommodation.The Energy Storage Forum has arranged a special room rate at the hotel where the conference will take place. If you wish to book a room, please obtain the room reservation form on our website or call the hotel stating that you are a delegate attending the Energy Storage Forum. Please note that May is a high season and we recommend to book well in advance. Dufresne specialises in creating high-quality market driven conferences and join our group training. The company focuses on energy storage related topics such as the Produced by EV Battery Forum and the Energy Storage Forum with annual international !+&#,- meetings in Europe and Asia. We believe in creating a platform which ./$#0,& on facilitates a genuine exchange within the energy storage community. We are 1$#"2 committed to provide you with new conference formats which can help you Go to www.linkedin.com and type in finding a solution. Energy Storage Forum in the Groups search TERMS & CONDITIONS CANCELLATION/SUBSTITUTION Should you be unable to attend, a substitute from the same company is always welcomed at no extra PAYMENT INFORMATION charge. Alternatively we can make a refund less a service charge of 10% of the fee for cancellation received The easiest way to pay is online at www.energystorageforum.com, should you in writing (email or fax) no later than 11 April 2011. Where notice is given between 11 and 25 April, refunds wish to pay with a different method please email or fax your details to us and will be of 30% of the fee. Regrettably no refunds can be made for cancellations received after 25 April 2011. then proceed to make payment. IMPORTANT NOTE Payment by telegraphic transfer must be made to: The Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) believes in content and conference quality. Due to unforeseen Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd circumstances the programme may change and the Energy Storage Forum reserves the right to cancel or alter the content and timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers for reasons beyond its control and will 65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513 not be held accountable for any costs incurred by the participants. Account Name: “Dufresne Private Ltd” payable in Singapore Account No: 581807948001 DATA PROTECTION Swift Code: OCBCSGSG The personal information shown on this form, and/or provided by you, will be held on a database. Occasionally your details may be obtained from, or made available to, external companies who wish to All transfer charges will be shared. Attendance will only be permitted upon receipt communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, of full payment. An invoice with the participant’s details will be issued. Please treat please email database@energystorageforum.com or call +65 6243 0050. the invoice as the ticket to entry. No VAT (IVA) will be charged to the prices listed. Produced by Dufresne Private Ltd. 190 Middle Road 10-08 Singapore 188979 Dufresne Private Ltd holds the right to entry, identification required. © copyright Energy Storage Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) www.energystorageforum.com email: emily@energystorageforum.com