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Energenex: Anti Aging Clinic


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Energenex is a anti aging clinic in La Jolla, San Diego. Providing bioidentical hormone therapy and low testosterone (Low T) treatment for anti aging, weight loss, and general fitness.

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Energenex: Anti Aging Clinic

  1. 1. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: A nti-aging medicine has advanced dramatically, but why live longer if you cant live better? A personalized treatment plan can protect your body from the effects of aging and can lower your biological age, helping you function at a more youthful level. Our innovative programs are designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, increase libido, and turn back the aging process. S ervices We Offer • Treating Low T • Natural Hormone Therapy • Weightless Programs • Fitness Programs • Nutrition ProgramsThe field of Anti-aging Medicine is advancing dramatically. S cientific research is revealing exciting information at an accelerated rate, suggesting that you may have the potential to live 150 years or more! © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. 2. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Energenex TeamJohn T. Alexander II, M.D., J.D., F.A.C.SDr. A lexander received his Medical Degree from the University ofMaryland and then completed residencies in General Surgery andPlastic Surgery, becoming Board Certified in both disciplines.Dr. A lexander combines his expertise in cosmetic plasticsurgery and anti-aging medicine to keep his patients looking andfeeling young and natural. Heidi Dunstheimer, R.N.Heidi became naturally health conscious at an early age. Shepursued a career in nursing to expand on her knowledge of nutritionand the human body. In 2003, Heidi earned her RNBSN degree fromMcGill University.Heidi’s success has attracted athletes and executives to seek heradvice. Her concepts, knowledge, and experience combined with thelatest breakthroughs allow her to help clients restore youth andincrease longevity. © ENERGENEX. A RIGHTS RESERV LL ED
  3. 3. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Low T Defined – OverviewLow T is short for low testosterone, a condition facing many adult males. Everyone is familiar with one stage in awoman’ s life known as menopause. But few realize that men are also faced with serious hormonal changes. Thedifference? The process in men, known as A ndropause, begins in their 20s and continues gradually as they age.Testosterone levels decrease as a man ages. This can be the result of a signaling problem between the brain andthe testes that causes a drop in the production of testosterone. Other men are affected by Low T because theirbody is unable to produce the same amount of testosterone that it could when they were younger.We can tell if you have Low T through a simple medical exam and blood test. This will help us to know if youare a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), which would bring your testosterone back to itsnatural level. In addition to aging, studies have found that men with the following conditions had a greaterlikelihood of having Low T:• Obesity• Diabetes• High blood pressure• High cholesterol• Asthma/ Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  4. 4. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Bioidentical Hormone TherapyThis is called “natural hormone therapy” because bio-identical hormones act exactly like those we produce in ourown bodies, this therapy has many benefits:• Restores mental function and memory• Reduces fat and builds muscle• Improves sleep patterns• Reduces wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastic in the skin• Reduces thinning, sparse hair and dry skin• Boosts immune function• Decreases cholesterol and increases good cholesterol (HDL)• Increases bone density decreasing the risk of osteoporosis• Increases exercise desire and endurance• Increases libido © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. 5. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Weightloss ProgramsMany people have difficulty losing weight because most diets only work for short term, causing one to regain lostweight, and more. Effective, permanent weight loss require changes that can be permanently incorporated into yourlifestyle.In order to lose weight and maintain weight loss, we have developed a program based on sensible dietarychanges that is suited to your individual needs, plus the addition of an effective exercise program developed foryour personal body type. Building a faster metabolism is also the main priority of this fat burning program. This can be accomplished through• Education• Dietary plans designed to eat your own food• Reasonable exercise plans• Weekly V itamin B1 2 and B6 inj ections• Biodentical Hormone Therapy• HCG Diet © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. 6. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Fitness ProgramsEXERCISE: Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overallhealth. We believe regular exercise and physical activity is extremely important and beneficial for long-term healthand well-being. There are four aspects of exercise that we address to maximize your desired results: resistancetraining, flexibility, agility and cardiovascular activity.RES IS TANCE TRAINING• Improved Performance, Decreased Inj Risk ury• Improved Posture• Reduced Muscle Soreness• Reduced Risk of Low Back Pain• Increased Blood and Nutrients to Tissues• Improved Muscle Coordination• Enhanced Enj oyment of Physical Activities © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  7. 7. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Nutrition ProgramsOur philosophy on nutrition is basic and simple, it is all about EATING CLEA the practice of eating whole, natural N:foods. It is eating the way nature intended.LEAN PROTEINS : When it comes to improving performance-physical and mental, lean protein is vital. Theamino acids that make up protein are the building blocks of your lean mass: your muscles, bones, and tissues;and your feel-good brain chemicals. Y need high quality protein to build a high quality, high performance body ouand mind.• Skinless poultry• Fish- tuna, wild talapia, orange roughy, salmon• Egg whites• Shell fish• Protein powder• Lean red meat- top sirloin, ground beef• Low fat tofu (firm) © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. 8. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: FIND THE PLAN THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUThere are several ways to reach your goals and get the health benefits you are looking for. Start by learningmore about the plan treatments and details and see how Energenex™ can help you get on your way to feelingand looking younger. CUS TOMIZED PLANS 3 EAS Y S TEPS : Pick a plan Complete Online Form Schedule A A n ppointment © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  9. 9. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Plan For Men© ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  10. 10. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Plan For Women© ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  11. 11. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Contact Us• Address: 9339 Genesee Ave # P39• City: San Diego• State: California• Phone Number: (858) 550-0900• Email ID:• Website: © ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  12. 12. Ph: (858) 550-0900 Email: Thanks!© ENERGENEX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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