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Presentation on Drupal+iPhone given at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2009 by Eneko Alonso.

Presentation on Drupal+iPhone given at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2009 by Eneko Alonso.

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  • 1. Drupal + iPhone = AWESOME
    Silicon Valley Code Camp
    October 2009
    Eneko Alonso
  • 2. Eneko Alonso
    I am a Software Engineer and UI Developer, currently working at Level Studios
    Eneko Alonso
  • 3. DRUPAL
    Eneko Alonso
  • 4. Drupal: what is it?
    Content Management System
    Community (user management, roles, permissions)
    Base for great web applications
    Check out
    Eneko Alonso
  • 5. iPhone
    Eneko Alonso
  • 6. iPhone: whatis it?
    Eneko Alonso
  • 7. Drupal + iPhoneWhy?
    Eneko Alonso
  • 8. Drupal+iPhone: why?
    Let your users access your site on the go
    But also, great for administration
    Eneko Alonso
  • 9. Setup: what do we need?
    Eneko Alonso
  • 10. Drupal: what we need
    Drupal site:
    [X]AMP Server (PHP, Apache, MYSQL)
    Drupal distribution (6.14 in this demo)
    Services Module
    JSON Server Module
    Eneko Alonso
  • 11. iPhone: what we need
    XCode with iPhone SDK (3.0 on this demo)
    TouchJSON library
    Eneko Alonso
  • 12. iPhone: what we don’t need
    iPhone Developer License*
    * Needed only to put your app in your iPhone for testing.
    Eneko Alonso
  • 13. Setup
    Eneko Alonso
  • 14. Create a user account on the site:
    Write a new story:
    On XCode 3.1, create a new iPhone project
    Demo Setup
    Eneko Alonso
  • 15. Drupal Setup
    Create DB: CREATE DATABASE drupal_iphone_demo;
    Download drupal: wget…
    Install drupal(browse to your server url)
    Install and enable modules (Services)
    Configure user permissions
    Eneko Alonso
  • 16. iPhone Setup
    Create new Project
    Add JSON library to project (TouchJSON)
    Add a button to the view
    Add a method for system.connect
    Execute server request and show data on console
    Eneko Alonso
  • 17. API Calls
    Eneko Alonso
  • 18. system.connect
    Initiates user session
    Server returns valid sessionId for login
    Eneko Alonso
  • 19. user.login
    Logs user into Drupal
    Same user permissions as on the site
    Eneko Alonso
  • 20. node.get
    Retrieves a full node from the server
    Eneko Alonso
  • 21.
    Saves changes or creates a new node
    Eneko Alonso
  • 22. views.get
    Collection of nodes (great for table views)
    Eneko Alonso
  • 23. Creating custom services
    Eneko Alonso
  • 24. myservice.hello
    Let’s create a ‘Hello world’ service
    Eneko Alonso