What Beauty Means To Me


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We asked women from around the country, "What Beauty Means to You," and this slide show is a combination of those responses. Beauty means different things to different women - see if you can identify with them or give us your own!

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What Beauty Means To Me

  1. 1. “ What Beauty Means to Me”
  2. 2. "For me, real beauty goes deeper than just the surface. It radiates from my heart, my soul, and my mind. That's true beauty to me!" - Tara
  3. 3. "I think that beauty comes from the inside. If you carry a smile on your face, and keep your posture great, people will think you are beautiful." - Katherine
  4. 4. "My wonderful husband, family and friends makes turning 39 beautiful!" - Suzy
  5. 5. "Beauty is being confident enough to embrace your unique qualities." - Sam, who sent this all the way from Germany!
  6. 6. "I am beautiful because I'm perfectly IMPERFECT!" - Alanna
  7. 8. “ Beauty is being yourself.” - Wikki
  8. 9. "I'm beautiful because I've had years of practice." - Deborah
  9. 10. "Beauty is a reflection of the joy within." - Ariana
  10. 11. "External beauty comes from internal happiness." - Lyssa
  11. 12. "Beauty is a state of being from the inside to the outside." - Dave
  12. 14. "Endless beauty is in your attitude and outlook. Own it and you transform what others see when they look at you!" - Amanda
  13. 15. "Beauty means always being yourself and being confident in everything I do. This lets my inner beauty shine through." - Ashton
  14. 16. "I believe that beauty is when the mind, body and spirit get to know each other well enough to go trough life with a smile. When we know that the skin we live in is our weapon to conquer the world, then we love our inner and outer beauty. Beauty is confidence, passion and acceptance of who we are." Pilar
  15. 17. "Beauty means embracing your inner passion, and letting yourself express it." - Bri
  16. 18. "Beauty means embracing your flaws, laughing at yourself and having fun." - Jenna
  17. 20. "Beauty is a feeling, not a reflection." - Monica
  18. 21. "To me, beauty means being comfortable in your own skin and not being afraid to be different. Embrace who you are and be original!" - Stephanie
  19. 22. "Beauty is from the inside, and it radiates on the outside. It's also definitely family!" - Shelia
  20. 23. "To me, beauty means not only the outer appearance of someone, but also who they are on the inside and how they portray themselves on a day-to-day basis!" - Megan
  21. 24. "Beauty is finding a way to be a happy person no matter what the circumstances of life are at that point in time. Beauty is striving each day to be a better person for yourself and those around you. And finally, beauty is accepting yourself, the good and the bad." - Megan
  22. 26. "I believe I'm beautiful because I believe in myself. I feel my eyes are one of my best features, they speak to my audience through my images!" - Amy
  23. 27. "Beauty means being who you are and being that well." - Ashley
  24. 28. "What makes me beautiful is, knowing who I am, knowing what I want, and knowing that Beauty is subjective....much more than skin deep." - Shanan
  25. 29. "What makes me beautiful is my willingness not to give up, even when thing's in life become so hard that I think about quitting but do not." - Sara
  26. 30. "The thing that I think that makes me beautiful is that I am genuine... I truly want to help people for the rest of my life. I am a strong and independent woman that loves having my man, but knows that I can exist and support myself without him!" - Kelly
  27. 32. "Love is what makes me beautiful!" - Kate
  28. 33. Beauty is my grandmother." - Shelia
  29. 34. "Beauty means letting your personality shine through! A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Allison
  30. 35. "Living life to it's fullest every day, taking chances on life and love, and seeing the beauty in every moment and every living creature." - Linda
  31. 36. "Beauty means being a strong role model to my four beautiful children." - Judy
  32. 38. "I'm beautiful because of my spiritual nature and loving heart." - Heather
  33. 39. "Beauty means having fun." - Susie
  34. 40. "I'm beautiful because I am 49 years old and still writing music and playing in a band and I don't care if I make a lot of money doing it or not :)" - Barbara
  35. 41. "Beauty can be applied to a whole range of things from sunsets to people; beauty is something that is meant to be shared. We are all beautiful, inside and out. Don't loose sight of who you are, embrace your beauty."-Taylor
  36. 42. "Beauty to me means loving yourself for who you are."
  37. 44. Beauty is our unaltered natural perfection :) - Brittany
  38. 45. "I am beautiful because I am confident, have determination and wit. I have goals and I plan to reach them. I am beautiful because I am always there to lend a helping hand. I am beautiful because I am a daughter, mother and wife. I am beautiful because I want to be. 'Don’t hate me because I AM beautiful'!" - Amanda
  39. 46. Beauty is being truly happy on the inside and showing it with a big smile :)! – Colleen
  40. 47. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty," (John Keats). While that may be so, it's the hunger for truth that will takes your breath away." - Miriam
  41. 48. "Beauty is kindness. It's doing that one small gesture to make someone else's day better. It's caring for others and seeing the good in what every situation may bring." - Katie
  42. 50. "Beauty means being confident in who you are, and letting your inner beauty shine through." - Ashley
  43. 51. "My son makes me beautiful. He thinks I'm the prettiest girl in the whole world, and he's made me more beautiful on the inside than I could ever have hoped to be on the outside. He's my beautiful." - Shannon
  44. 52. "Beauty is having integrity and confidence in all that you do. Beauty is being brave but not reacting out of fear. Beauty is a helping hand, a warm smile or a kind word. It surpasses the physical and touches the spiritual." - Caitlin
  45. 53. "I feel most beautiful when I am laughing. Laughter is a cure-all for me and life would not be the same without a good, hearty laugh on a daily basis." - Chris
  46. 54. "Beauty to me is the expression of light and peace that comes from within me. Age, weight, and the outside don't matter much when your joy shines through and makes your loved ones smile." - Allison
  47. 56. "To me beauty means being confident in your skin and exuding that confidence to the world. It is important to embrace your unique beauty and not constantly measure it by media standards. No matter what your style is.... you better work it grrrl!" - Veronica
  48. 57. "Beauty is being as healthy as possible so I can do things with my baby and set an example." - Cynthia
  49. 58. "No matter how difficult life gets, I will smile on." - Vicky
  50. 59. "Beauty is... unconditional love from your best friend!" - Jennifer
  51. 60. “ I'm beautiful because I'm a dancer.” - Katherine