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AIESEC Istanbul Anatolian Congress 2012
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AIESEC Istanbul Anatolian Congress 2012


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Endeavor Türkiye Genel Sekreteri Didem Altop 16 Temmuz 2012'de AIESEC Anadolu Kongresi'nde 'Liderlik' üzerine bir konuşma gerçekleştirdi. Konuşmasının sunumunu paylaşıyoruz. …

Endeavor Türkiye Genel Sekreteri Didem Altop 16 Temmuz 2012'de AIESEC Anadolu Kongresi'nde 'Liderlik' üzerine bir konuşma gerçekleştirdi. Konuşmasının sunumunu paylaşıyoruz.

Endeavor Turkey General Secretary Didem Altop's speech on leadership in the AIESEC Anatolian Congress held in Istanbul, on July 16, 2012

Published in: Business, Career
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  • Where innovation implies introduction of new products, services, processes andentrepreneurship implies the art and science of mobilizing resources.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Entrepreneurship & Leadership Anatolian Congress 16 July 2012 Didem Altop
    • 2. Endeavor’s ModelCommunity Economic Ecosystem Development Education Culture Search & Support Selection Services Network RoleEntrepreneur Model Effect
    • 3. Organizational StrengthStrategic Advisory Executive Full-TimePartners Network Board Staff Endeavor Global & Ali Koc Country Offices C-Level Alp Saul Executives Entrepreneur Bulent Celebi Search & Services Private Sector & Ebru OzdemirProfessional Volunteers Ersin Akarlilar Established Ferit Sahenk,Universities & Academia Entrepreneurs Hayri Culhaci Isik Kececi Asur Outreach & Communications NGOs & NPOs Mahmut Unlu Service Providers Murat Ozyegin Mustafa Say National & Local Government Ozcan Tahincoglu Selcuk Yorgancioglu Membership & Financial Finance Community Suzan Sabanci Dincer Media Vuslat Dogan Sabanci
    • 4. Search & SelectionInterviews 2nd Opinion Tours Country Juries International Selection Panels
    • 5. Entrepreneur Services Local & Networking Global & Advisory Education Boards Debt & Consulting Equity & Other HR Finance Resources
    • 6. Serving asBoard Member Establishing a Recruiting the for TEGV, CSR Consulting EndeavorTUSEV, OSGD, Company Board GBEV Engaging Recruiting the Recruiting the High-Impact Endeavor Endeavor TeamEntrepreneurs Network Designing Designing DesigningEntrepreneur Education & Ecosystem Support Awareness Development Programs Campaigns Initiatives
    • 7. On LeadershipIf innovation is the introduction of new products,services and processes, and;If entrepreneurship implies the creative andeffective mobilization of resources in pursuit of abusiness or social mission, then;Both innovation and entrepreneurship requireleadership described as, “a process of socialinfluence in which one person can enlist the aidand support of others in the accomplishment of acommon task.”
    • 8. Startup Lifecycle Diagram by Sarah Prevette
    • 9. Situational Leadership FORMING NORMING“Inspirational” “Mentoring” STORMING PERFORMING“Authoritarian” “Democratic”
    • 10. Personal Leadership