Endava Marketplace Innovation Q4 2013


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This new report on marketplace innovations illustrates what innovative companies can achieve to change the game

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Endava Marketplace Innovation Q4 2013

  1. 1. QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION. Marketplace Innovation Q4 2013 endava.com
  2. 2. About this report Welcome Welcome to the second quarterly report on Marketplace Innovation from Endava. We’ve received great feedback from the first quarterly report, and readers have sent us a number of innovation recommendations to include in this quarter. These marketplace innovations serve to illustrate what innovative companies can achieve to change the game. We hope you enjoy this report. If you have any feedback, please contact us @Endava on Twitter or our email addresses at the end of the report. 2 About Endava Endava is a well-established IT Services company, with over 1,350 full time employees working across our European development centres, London headquarters and further offices in the US. Endava focuses on the Banking & Payments, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications & Travel and Media, Tech & Publishing sectors where we design, implement and manage secure, high-volume, businesscritical systems and digital services for clients. endava.com QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  3. 3. Innovation categories We have categorised all the marketplace innovation into three categories: • Content This consists of innovative methods of curating or creating quality content. • Commercialisation Technology Content This includes innovative examples of monetising content and technologies. • Technology While new technologies are released daily, we have highlighted game changing digital examples which seek to solve real world problems. 3 Commercialisation QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  4. 4. QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION. Marketplace Innovation: Content endava.com
  5. 5. #lookup "Have you seen our new posters with children pointing every time one of our planes flies overhead?” In one of the best example of content marketing, British Airways interrupt billboards in Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick when a BA aeroplane flies overhead. #lookup 5 QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  6. 6. QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION. Marketplace Innovation: Commercialisation endava.com
  7. 7. Office 365 in the UK Parliament “The Board agreed that, from the 2015 election, Office 365 would be the only version of Office offered.” In a recognition of how far cloud services have come, the UK Parliament chose Office 365 in order to save £300,000 per year and “had the potential to deliver security benefits” – i.e. provide improved security. Parliament already offers a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Office 365 will be live for Parliament in May 2015. News source: The Register Photo Courtesy of Michael on Flickr 7 QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  8. 8. Support 2.0 “As part of promising a 15secs of less response time Amazon has confirmed that Mayday tech advisors will be based in the country you live in” Amazon launched Mayday support with the latest version of the Kindle. “Real help from real people in real time” Google launched a new product – Helpouts, a marketplace for trainers and support individuals to link up with customers and students with 100% money back guarantee. Helpouts provides the platform for a new level of instant, human support and education. 8
  9. 9. Reusing ticket offices “We are working with retailers to transform the services on offer for our customers.” In the same breath that Transport for London announced the closure of all ticket offices on the London Underground, they announced click and collect initiatives with Asda. The FT reported Amazon were also in discussions with TfL. Waitrose are currently trialling refrigerated and frozen lockers. Is this a short term solution until Prime Air? Photo courtesy of Cory on Flickr 9 QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  10. 10. QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION. Marketplace Innovation: Technology endava.com
  11. 11. Your DOB is worth more than your credit card’s CCV number “The Underground Hacking Economy is Alive and Well” According to a Dell SecureWorks reports, a Visa/ MasterCard PAN number together with a CVV number is worth $4 in the illegal data market. Date of Birth is worth $11. Non-US data is typically around double the price. Full Dell SecureWorks Report 11
  12. 12. CyanogenMod Funding "We believe that CM is poised to become one of the largest mobile operating systems in the world” CyanogenMod is a derivative of Android Operating System, already installed on over 7 million devices. In September 2013 CyanogenMod raised $7m of funding to turn unpaid developers into paid staff. CyanogenMod 12 QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  13. 13. RFID NFC implants “Prototypes have been implanted into Dangerous Things beta testers and are currently being used to unlock phones, open doors, and share contact details with friends.” It took less than a week to raise $8,000 to build the World’s first NFC compliant RFID implant. Four prototypes have already been embedded into eager beta-testers. Indiegogo Fundraising page 13
  14. 14. Coin “All your cards. One Coin” Coin replaces the magnetic cards in your wallet with a single card. Holders scan their cards on a smartphone and Coin downloads the cards. A single button cycles through all ‘cards’ for use in shops. Coin is likely to be more successful in the UK because of Chip and Pin. Onlycoin 14 QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  15. 15. 2014: Year of the Wallet “The days of having to re-enter card details are over” Visa’s entry into online wallets has been designed as a mobile ready user centric experience with tokenisation for enhanced security and support for multiple payment cards. To promote the service to retailers, the focus has been to reduce retailer cart abandonment. 15 V.me is on beta-trial in the UK and will be rolled out in 2014. V.me 15 QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.
  16. 16. Martin Smith Bradley Howard Head of Delivery, Digital Media Head of Digital Media martin.smith@endava.com 16 bradley.howard@endava.com QUALITY. PRODUCTIVITY. INNOVATION.