Endava Career Days Jan 2012 - Customer profile - large investment bank


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Endava Career Days Jan 2012 - Customer profile - large investment bank

  1. 1. Customer Profile Large Global Bank Cullen Tillotson 26-27 January 2012
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Customer Profile • Work we are doing for them • Roadmap of work for the bank 2
  3. 3. Introduction• Who am I?• My role at Endava• My CustomersIN YOUR ZONE 3
  4. 4. Who is the customer?The bank group: Customer Technical Group• 200 million customer accounts Offers integrated treasury and trade solutions and securities and• fund services to multinational corporations, financial institutions 160 countries and jurisdictions. and the public sector around the world. This group exists to help• Offerings: its customers to: •• Increase efficiency and reduce costs Consumer banking and credit • Effectively manage business locally and globally• Corporate and investment banking • Gain greater control over financial positions• Securities brokerage, <Client Group> in Figures: •• Transaction services, and • $355 billion in average liability balances Over $13 trillion in assets under custody• Wealth management. • Over $3+ trillion in worldwide transactions daily• 300,000+ employees • Serving 96% of the worlds Fortune 500 companies •• $11.1bn profit in 2011 10 regional processing centers worldwide, using global processing • 100+ geographic ‘branches’ providing local client support and interfacing with central <Client Group> systemsIN YOUR ZONE 4
  5. 5. Liquidities and Investments Platforms• <Global Bank>bank Corporate Customers have accounts across branches and across borders• Customers don’t want idle capital, they want to eliminate excess capital in separate accounts• Customers want specific Balances on Specific Accounts for desired purposes• Customers want cost effective way to concentrate deposits and disburse funds Concentrate liquidity Fund Daily Cash to earn highest yield Requirements Even Out Balance Deficit and Surplus Minimize Idle BalancesIN YOUR ZONE 5
  6. 6. Global Concentration Engine (GCE)• Global Application• Standard Platform• Supporting Global Liquidity Needs• Extensive Local and regional Structures• Automated Pooling and Sweeping Platforms• Rules Driven Architecture• Linkages to InvestmentsIN YOUR ZONE 6
  7. 7. Platform-level service offerings White = in scope, grey = out of scope 7
  8. 8. GCE Architecture Reporting Services <Global Bank>Direct Treasury VisionReference Int. Reallocation (GBNP)Data Stores Interest Sweep Structures Reallocation Rules EngineRate Server Concentration Global Conc. Engine Rules, Int. DownstreamGIW Balance Repository Reallocation Intra Day Concentration Rules, Validatio Payment(Intra day & n Rules etc. EOD) Gateway End of Day (CD BSI) Concentration <Global Bank>Checking, Back Value Processing Flexcube Account Posting ServiceCustomer & Inter Company Lending Connectivity & Security Account HTTPS Web services Interface Credit Check Repository Translation Engine FTP Recovery Manager Billing/MIS/Reporting MQ Data Stores Scheduler Posting/ Payment Entrust GIW Liquidity Tracking PKI Reporting Data Store MIS Posting MIS (OASIS) UI Presentation Layer GBS
  9. 9. GCE Interaction - APS GCE <Global Bank>- Flexcube Checking APS Interest Canada Services GL CTSIGCE: Global Concentration EngineAPS: Account Posting ServicesCTSI: <Global Bank>bank Treasury System Interface
  10. 10. On-going strategy• <Global Bank> to own strategy, design, and IP moving forward • Vendor to provide technical know-how, development, and testing to deliver to the strategy as well as contribute to it’s shaping to leverage best tech • <Global Bank> will then provide SIT and UAT testing• Build GCE into a full-featured service using best-of-breed development practices (Object Oriented Design, modern platforms, improved performance, improved early unit testing to optimize SIT / UAT phases) • Currently UAT and SIT are combined, take 12 weeks, and is the first time true integration between GCE and branch is tested. This is too long and should not be the first time integration is fully tested • Currently waterfall, want to move towards / into Agile development• Combine external services into single platform offering one-stop-shop for all Liquidities and Investment Platform services • Intraday Trading (ITBA) • Global Notional Pooling (GBNP) • GTBA (previous GCE-like service)IN YOUR ZONE 10
  11. 11. Roadmap for future engagements• L1 / L2 support• EBAM• Captive development for all of L&I• <Global Bank> RomaniaIN YOUR ZONE 11
  12. 12. Cullen Tillotson Client Engagement Manager cullen.tillotson@endava.com Tel +44 (0) 207 367 1000 ext 1047 Mob +44 (0)7896 666 483 thank youIN YOUR ZONE 12