How "Un-Social" is SharePoint?


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The word on the street is that SharePoint is going social. Microsoft spent $1.2 billion dollars on Yammer. Do they know something you don’t? Maybe…maybe not.
In this light hearted, thought-provoking discussion, we’ll take a look at what social means in the context of SharePoint and the everyday work environment. Can SharePoint become the social water cooler as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Yammer have tried to be? The real question we’ll tackle is SHOULD SharePoint be social? What is the business rationale behind internal social?
As Jerry Seinfeld would say, “SharePoint and social? Really?” 

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  • SharePoint and Social: A View from the TrenchesMark Miller, @EUSPNothingButSharePoint | EndUserSharePointPhoto by Michael Noel
  • Is SharePoint social? We first have to define what “social” is before we can decide.
  • About the Presenter“I help companies create strategic plans to gain global visibility for their products and services through the use of social media tools , online community building and relationship development.” – Mark Miller, @EUSPMark Miller, Senior Storyteller, is recognized internationally for weaving engaging tales to simplify the explanation of complex, technological solutions. He is a serial community builder, participating in the creation of global online communities such as NothingButSharePoint, EndUserSharePoint and NothingButBranding. Mark travels internationally from his home in New York City, speaking on the building of community, methods for using social media to engage an online audience, the uses of SharePoint for enterprise level collaboration, and the future of productivity. His most recent excursion with the “Sharing the Point” team found him in Africa, stopping in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi , Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • NothingButSharePoint:
  • NothingButSharePoint:
  • I have spoken throughout the world at major SharePoint conferences as well as to small, local enthusiast groups.
  • One those talks was in Nigeria, where we created a user group and a community during the lunch session!
  • From research by Dr. Michael Wu
  • From research by Dr. Michael Wu
  • 2010: My Sites, social taggingprofile and a personal site
  • 2010: My Sites, social taggingprofile and a personal siteStatus updates
  • Images from Information Week:
  • Want to be able to post things from executive leader team. Is that really social?
  • Start your journey into social by decided if there is business value in participating.Here’s something that might help you get started in your journey:
  • SharePoint and Social: A View from the TrenchesMark Miller, @EUSPNothingButSharePoint | EndUserSharePointPhoto by Michael Noel
  • How "Un-Social" is SharePoint?

    1. 1. SharePoint and SocialMark Miller, Senior Storyteller
    2. 2. Or…
    3. 3. How „Un-Social‟ is SharePoint?A View from the Trenches
    4. 4. Mark Miller, @euspSenior Storyteller
    5. 5. NothingButSharePoint
    6. 6. International Montreal Ottawa Toronto Birmingham, UK London Nottingham, UK Dubai Sydney Canberra, AU Wellington, NZ Philippines Beijing Shanghai Switzerland France Uruguay Argentian Chile Antarctica United States VirginiaMy SharePoint Destinations Michigan Florida Denver New York City San Francisco Los Angeles Washington DC Baltimore Philidelphia Boston
    7. 7. Building Community
    8. 8. What does “Social” mean?
    9. 9. Define Socialof, relating to, or characteristic of theexperience, behavior, and interaction ofpersons forming groups --
    10. 10. Define Relationships emotional or other connection between people --
    11. 11. Define Community a network of interconnected relationships -- Mark Miller
    12. 12. What is “Social” online?Groups, Relationships, Community
    13. 13. Facebook
    14. 14. Facebook Analysis
    15. 15. Linked In
    16. 16. LinkedIn Analysis
    17. 17. Twitter
    18. 18. Twitter Analysis
    19. 19. Yammer
    20. 20. Yammer Analysis
    21. 21. Google+
    22. 22. Google+ Analysis
    23. 23. Is SharePoint “Social”?Groups, Relationships, Community
    24. 24. SharePoint 2010 my sites discussion boards tagging (folksonomies) status updates activity stream
    25. 25. SharePoint 2013social by design
    26. 26. SharePoint 2013 social by design: community sites
    27. 27. SharePoint 2013 social by design: newsfeeds and social search
    28. 28. Should SharePoint be social?Make or break the business case
    29. 29. Is there a business case?
    30. 30. SharePoint and SocialMark Miller, Senior Storyteller