Smile and Confidence Restoration with Tooth implants in Encinitas


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This article describes what dental implants are, how they work and the various benefits and advantages they offer.

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Smile and Confidence Restoration with Tooth implants in Encinitas

  1. 1. Smile and Confidence Restoration with Tooth implants in EncinitasThis article describes what dental implants are, how they work and the various benefits andadvantages they offer.Tooth Implants in Encinitas: An OverviewDental or tooth implants in Encinitas provide a comprehensive teeth replacement solutionfor single and multiple missing teeth. Since the discovery of the biocompatibility ofexceptionally strong titanium – the ability of this metal to form a strong biological bondwith bone tissue – dental implants have gone on to become one of the most importantbreakthroughs to have been made in dental science in recent decades. Teeth can be lostand need replacing for a great number of reasons: accidental trauma, chronic illness,certain medications, a failed root canal, periodontal (gum) disease, dental caries and decay.While some of these factors can be avoided through sound lifelong oral hygiene, otherscannot. However, regardless of the cause, it is comforting to know that in the event thatyou lose one or more of your pearly whites, tooth implants in Encinitas are capable ofrestoring oral aesthetics and bite functionality.Tooth Implants in Encinitas: What Are They?Tooth implants in Encinitas are essentially free-standing artificial ‘tooth roots’constructed from the extremely strong, non-corrodible and lightweight metal titanium.What sets this element apart from its neighbors on the periodic table is its ability to fusewith bone tissue, thus enabling it to remain rooted in the jaw while offering full support fora tooth crown fabricated from ceramic material. The procedure involved is quite simple,depending on the presence and extent of bacterial infection and decay. Tooth implants inEncinitas are carefully inserted at the site/s of the missing tooth or teeth and an abutmentscrewed onto them. The ceramic crown is then affixed to this abutment with results thatnot even your own mother would be able to discern from your original tooth (before it gotdamaged or decayed)!Tooth Implants in Encinitas: Key BenefitsThe key benefits and advantages of tooth implants in Encinitas stem from the entirestructure being supported by your jaw bone. Not only do they function, look and feel likenatural healthy teeth, but they also promote the good health of the underlying jaw bone.You see, when you lose a tooth, the bone tissue in the bare socket becomes reabsorbedby the jaw causing the entire socket to collapse. This has a detrimental and destabilizingaffects upon neighboring teeth; so much so that, if left untreated, you could be lookingat the need for very expensive repeat procedures in order to restore the functionality andaesthetics of the oral cavity. Tooth implants in Encinitas function like tooth roots, thus
  2. 2. ensuring that the underlying bone tissue does not atrophy and cause severe complications.Other than this important issue, the support they in turn receive from the jaw bone enablesyou to use your tooth implants in Encinitas as you would any natural, healthy tooth. Yoursmile will once again be full and beautiful and your confidence, fully restored!Tooth Implants in Encinitas: A Final NoteWhatever the cause of a single tooth or multiple missing teeth, it is imperative that youreceive professional attention from your dentist immediately. Tooth implants in Encinitasoffer a highly successful solution that will benefit you in the short and long term.