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Local SEO impacts small business. In this presentation, Derek Hanson of Emprise Media shares tips that help small businesses to up date their local business online. He covered things including claiming your local listing, website optimization, and building trust with customers and search engines.

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Loco For Local SEO, Beaverton Presentation

  1. 1. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia Loco For Local SEO
  2. 2. About Emprise Media • Started in 2010 • Small Business Marketing Agency – Websites – Search Engine Optimization – Social Media MarketingEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  3. 3. Why Your Crazy Not To Use Local • 61% of searches on smartphones are conduct with local businesses online (comScore) • Local Searches By Mobile are Expected to Exceed Desktop By 2016 (comScore) • Over 70% of local searches purchased the product after search (comScore) • 20% of Desktop Searches have local intent. (Google)Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  4. 4. What is Local SEO
  5. 5. Goals • Customers To Find Your Business Online • Visit Your Site • Buy Your Product • They Like It • They Do It AgainEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  6. 6. Intent of Search What are my customers looking for? • Make a list based on knowledge • What is your competition using (Visit their website) • Use a keyword tool – Google keyword estimator (free) – Example (Realtor, Real Estate Agent)Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  7. 7. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  8. 8. Building Trust • Google Is looking for Trust – Domain Related Trust (Emails, address on website, phone, etc.) – Citations (Directories & Business Listings) – Reviews – Links (points to your domain as legitimate)Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  9. 9. Claiming Your Business • Finding Your Business Online • Accurate Information • Photos & Videos http://maps.google.com/help/maps/business photos/ • Listings & Citations • Reviews and Reputation • Social ElementsEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  10. 10. Find Your Business• Google for Your Business By Name• New Businesses Can Be Added – https://www.google.com/services/
  11. 11. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  12. 12. Claiming Your BusinessEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  13. 13. Building Trust - Accurate Information• Accurate Name, Address and Phone Number• Email With Domain Name (Establishing Authority or Trust) – service@your business.com, info@your biz.com• Business Description without keyword stuffing• Complete Listing of Categories
  14. 14. Building Trust - Links & Citations • Links & Citations are your two most important factors • Places to Get these from – Newspapers – Directories – Chambers & BBB – Educational Sites – AssociationsEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  15. 15. Building Trust With Directories • Business Directories • Places to Add Your Business – Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, YP.com, SuperPages, LocalEze Insider Pages, Hot Frog, City Search, etc... • Keep Your listing information in description the same. • Getlisted.org (resource to see if you are getting you information in the right places)Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  16. 16. Tools to Find Links to Build Trust • SEOMOZ.org Open Site Explorer (free or paid) • Whitespark.ca (paid) • Google Alerts (free) • Searches (Keywords + Related Term –Keyword – Vinyl –Records (free) • LinkDiagnosis.com ( Firefox Plugin) (free) • FollowerWonk (free) – Finding people you can contact to get a link to your site.Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  17. 17. Building Trust - Reviews • Ask For Reviews – How to Get Them: Link from your website, email, post cards, point of sale, receipts – Benefits your business because they sell for you • Velocity Of Reviews (How often reviews are made can make an impact on local search) • Negative Reviews – Reply to the reviewer – Make sure you reply when you aren’t mad – Ask someone else to review your comment before you send itEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  18. 18. Building Trust SellsEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  19. 19. Location Effects ListingEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  20. 20. SEO On Your Website • Create Content (Builds Authority) • Technical IssuesEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  21. 21. Ideas To Help Build Content • Create Fresh Relevant Content with Location Specific Information – Keeping a Blog – Add Services/Products – Locations – Social – Reviews – News – Share Images – VideosEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  22. 22. Technical Site Factors • URLs (your-website.com/keywords) • Title Tags & Meta Description • H1 Tags <h1> </h1> • Duplicate Content (resolve) • Micro Format Address (Schema) • Content with Keywords ( Goes Back to Research) • Site Map (XML site map search for xml generator) – Include in root domain /sitemap.xml • Webmaster Tools (free information to help know if there are technical issues)Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  23. 23. URL Builds Trust Local SEO Organic SEO Title TagEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  24. 24. Trust Issues? H1 TagEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  25. 25. Trust Issues?
  26. 26. Schema/ Micro Formatting • Schema.org • Micro Formatting of information • Provides Rich Information about information that may not otherwise be described to the search engines • Events, Products, People, Reviews, and othersEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  27. 27. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  28. 28. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  29. 29. How to Micro Format Address <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/LocalBusiness"> <h1><span itemprop="name">Emprise Media</span></h1> <span itemprop="description"> A Beaverton SEO COmpany</span> <div itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/PostalAddress"> <span itemprop="streetAddress">17990 NW Fieldstone Dr.</span> <span itemprop="addressLocality">Beaverton</span>, <span itemprop="addressRegion">OR</span> </div> Phone: <span itemprop="telephone">503-705-0273</span> </div>Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  30. 30. Social Media • 2011 63% of People said more likely to buy if they have a social presence (comScore) • Social Profile Optimization – Twitter • Include Location, engage community – Facebook • Claim Your Listing, regular updates – Linkedin • Optimize Links to Site & Create Company – Google+ • We claimed this now just engage people – Foursquare – GowallaEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  31. 31. Analyzing Data • Google Analytics (free) • Webmaster Tools (free) • Google Places (free) • Social Links (Bit.ly or some other service) – Review the datsEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  32. 32. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  33. 33. H1 Tag <h1></h1> (think of this as your Main point) Image File Naming Keyword.jpg Rich Snippets (schema) Address Include Anchor Text (links that have keywords)Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  34. 34. Improve Title Tags Include a Meta Description (Call to Action, think why someone should click) Keyword Urls (keywords related to service/products)Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  35. 35. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  36. 36. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  37. 37. Emprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  38. 38. Happy Customers! Happy Customers • Goal in Having a search engine website is to get customers to your website who – Bought – Liked It – Reviewed It – And Did It AgainEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
  39. 39. Thank You! Derek Hanson 503-705-0273 Emprise Media @dereklive derekhansonpdxEmprisemedia.com emprisemedia @emprisemedia
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