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  • 1. F&T MARKETING – E-RÉFÉRENCEMENT M. Tiziano TASSI Alexandra BETTON – Emmanuelle BONNET – Suzi FONSECA GOMES – Tatiana SAVINOVA – Doriane SUIRE
  • 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE BRAND Short history • Created in 1969 by Dominique Mandonnaud • Belong to LVMH since 1997 • In 1999 Sephora created its first website with online sales : in the USA • Currently there is over 1 700 stores through 30 countries • In 2013 there was 295 stores in France with a turnover of 1 226 324 000 € and a profit of 92 477 000 €
  • 3. INTRODUCTION TO THE BRAND Distribution channels • • • • • E-commerce is now essential and complementary to conventional merchant circuits. An average of more than 5 million people have viewed each month at least one site of Top 5 e-commerce sites : cosmetic Club creators of beauty, Yves Rocher, Sephora, Marionnaud and Nocibé Direct sales and travel retails Site since 1999 in USA and since 2005 in France Sephora stores in France, USA, China, United Arab emirates, Europe, Japan Competitors • • • • The most important world distributors are Marionnaud, Nocibé, Sephora et Douglas – 76% of national market Perfume and cosmetics stores in France: Les Galeries Lafayette, Le Printemps and le Bon Marché – 8% of national market Independent perfumers – 4% of nation market The franchises and groupments of small stores - 12% of the national market
  • 4. INTRODUCTION TO THE BRAND Markets • It is estimated at over 425 billion selling price distributor. The current main centers of consumption in 2011 are : - Europe, the world's largest market with € 72 billion - United States: € 37.8 billion - Japan: € 29.3 billion *Source: Euromonitor International 2009 and 2011
  • 5. INTRODUCTION TO THE BRAND’S FACEBOOK PAGE  SEPHORA France  517 962 fans  8662 persons are talking about it  Pictures / Articles / Events Link on Instagram  Link on the website to Facebook « Parce qu’il se passe toujours quelque chose chez Sephora, devenez fan de Sephora France puis découvrez, « likez » et partagez la beauté telle que nous la travaillons ! » « Because there is always something in Sephora, be a fan of Sephora France then discover, like and share beauty as we are working it ! »
  • 6. ANALYSIS Category of brand's posts Comments : 2% Branding 28% 8% Communication (Product) 62% Communication (Promotion) Sephora Facebook page mainly used to communicate about its products Infotainment Key points : - Information for customers about new products (62%) and campaigns (23%) - Attractive pictures to make people try products and give opinions - Opinions are available for all clients of Sephora
  • 7. ANALYSIS Category brand's comments Comments : 33% 50% Communication (Product) Communication (Promotion) 17% Customer Care Key points : - Sephora answers a few to customers’ requests - 50% answers for customer care The brand doesn’t really answer to customers (6/100 comments)
  • 8. ANALYSIS Category fans' posts Claim/complaint 10% 6% Conversation between users 16% 14% Fanship/support/endorse ment Gratitude 34% 14% 6% Information request Comments : Sephora Facebook page used mainly to ask information about products or about organization Reaction to infotainment Scorn/offense Key points : - Almost equal (3-8% for each category) - Friendly relationship with the brand + quick answers - Varied posts (discussion with the brand & about the firm) - Communication on users’ businesses, products, blogs…
  • 9. ANALYSIS Category of fans' comments 4% Comments : 5% 24% 34% Claim/complaint Conversation between users Mainly positive Fanship/support/endorsement Gratitude 22% 9% Information request Reaction to infotainment Scorn/offense 2% Key points : - Creation of a community (conversations between users about products and brand) - Despite complaints, Facebook still is a tool to discuss and share about cosmetics
  • 10. ANALYSIS Index of active conversation for brand Brand's status with comments Comments : Active plateform for conversations between users and the brand 100% Key points : - Posts, interest or questions about the product provided by Sephora have comments - Users totally involved about Sephora news
  • 11. ANALYSIS Index of active conversation for fans 52% 48% Fans' status with comments Fans' status without comments Key points : - Brand’s posts more interesting for users - Conversations started by fans more offensive - Sephora have mostly fans Comments : Conversations started by fans are less popular than brand’s posts.
  • 12. ANALYSIS Comments : More comments, likes and shares for the brand. Key points : - Support shown to the brand via a lot of « likes » (31790) - Comments on brand’s posts to bring attention - Users want to federate people around the brand and promote products by sharing - Attention brought to fans’ posts less important (0 sharing)
  • 13. ANALYSIS Response nature to brand's posts Comments : Claim/complaint 3% 2% Conversation between users 21% 35% Fanship/support/endorseme nt Main type of response for the brand’s posts is reaction to infotainment Gratitude 26% 10% Information request 3% Reaction to infotainment Scorn/offense Key points : - A few claim/complaint responses (2%) - Some scorn/offense responses, for example « Sephora product was shit » - The rest is neutral or positive responses
  • 14. ANALYSIS Customer care index Comments : 12% Customer care response No customer care response No response back to customers often even if there are complaints or requests. 88% Key points : - Percentage of response quite low (12%) for complaints or information requests - Answered twice for information request and once to a complaint - No deal with the complaints/claim posts - For information requests, Sephora doesn’t really take time to answer
  • 15. CONCLUSIONS Sephora is really present on Facebook. The brand communicates mainly about its products. Every post generates a lot of reactions from users. That shows the success of this important media and the users’ interest. We can see that users want an interactive contact with the brand.
  • 16. SUGGESTIONS - Sephora should answer to its customers all the time - The brand should be more interactive with its fans and not just communicate on its products - It should communicate more on the value of the brand
  • 17. SEPHORA Thank you for your listening