Building mobile communities


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How to engage users in a world full of apps

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Building mobile communities

  1. 1. Building Mobile CommunitiesEngaging users in a world full of apps Emmanuel Bellity, Founder & CEO, HeyCrowd Internet & Mobile World 2012, Bucharest
  2. 2. The surge of mobileMacworld event 2007 : Steve Jobs announced theiPhone
  3. 3. The surge of mobileSeptember 2012 : 700K apps on the AppStore
  4. 4. The discovery issueIn such a competitive space, getting discoveredhas become increasingly challenging.- Paid downloads / ads (Tapjoy, Admob, Flurry...)
  5. 5. The discovery issueAlternative App Stores (Chomp, AppsFire...)
  6. 6. The discovery issuePromo apps (Freeappaday, AppGratis,FreeAppMagic...)
  7. 7. App store analyticsDistimo for app market analysis, AppAnnie for motoring your app rankings
  8. 8. App store analyticsFlurry : benchmarked retention stats (general)and analytics on your app76% of people stop using the app after 3 months
  9. 9. Retention is keyMany overnight hits havequickly disappeared fromthe app store rankings.Need to improveretention to build anactive and engagedcommunity of users.example : Path => halfof the total user baseis active
  10. 10. Build a community- Paid downloads acquisition. Few apps canafford it and have positive ROI- Best customer is the one we already have.- An audience is people who interact with aservice / A community is a network ofpeople who interact with each other. Youcan buy an audience but not a community.
  11. 11. Hits : patternsMany successful applicationsare replacements /improvements from corefunctions in native Appleapps.Instagram (Camera), Sparrow(Mail), Whatsapp, GroupMe(Message), Skype, Tango, Viber(FaceTime / Phone), Brewster(Contacts), Spotify (iTunes),Dropbox (iCloud), Batch(Photos) ...
  12. 12. Hits : patternsOther successes like Foursquarehave managed to get their fanbase addicted and become partof their everyday lives.Recipe : Built a community,game mechanics, leaderboard,check in with pushnotifications, fun, earlyIf not a core utility functionand doesn’t create a communityof users => it’s hard.Example : Banters
  13. 13. User Interface- Good UI, simplicity, fast- don’t add features, killfeatures- One main screen- Example : Instagram
  14. 14. User Interface- Avoid signups whenpossible- Get right into thecore experience.First impression iskey- Tutorial is notnecessary
  15. 15. User Interface- Use touch instead ofkeyboard. Clear.Onswipe. Sparrow. Grid.- Dont make user writetoo much. example :Quora works better onthe web- Short reviews (Yelp),short messages (Twitter)
  16. 16. User InterfaceFor more UI inspiration :
  17. 17. Interactions & Notifications«Without promotion,something terriblehappens ...
  18. 18. Interactions & NotificationsNothing !
  19. 19. InteractionsYour toolbox to notdisappear :- Push notifications- email, SMS, facebook- Do it from day one !(blog: Lies that losers tell :Ben Horowit)
  20. 20. Push NotificationsCrucial !With notificationcenter, it’s lessannoyingEven if the userdoesn’t open, he seesyour app exists.
  21. 21. InteractionsSMS & Address Book :
  22. 22. InteractionsFacebook integration : Songpop
  23. 23. InteractionsFacebookintegration :HeyCrowd(Timeline / OpenGraph)
  24. 24. EgoIt’s all aboutlooking good !# of followers, # of likes,Klout score, good pictures,winning, rewards..
  25. 25. Game MechanicsRanking, levels & Scores,game center. (Angry Birds,Temple Run)
  26. 26. Game MechanicsBadges & Stickers :Foursquare, GetGlue
  27. 27. Game MechanicsCompete with friends : DrawSomething, Songpop, Zynga withFriends...Almost impossible to play alone.Notifications + Retention + Chat +Ego + Game + Simple + Fast +Facebook => perfect combo
  28. 28. Focus on a nicheGet passionateusers who willinteract andspread the wordEx: Foodspottingfor foodies
  29. 29. Focus on a nicheOther ex : Runkeeperfor runners(Here is the founderrunning with his appcostume !)
  30. 30. Build the community outside mobile Lyft puts a pinkmoustache on everycar to be clearlyrecognized
  31. 31. Build the community outside mobileHipMunk logo isalso a realmascotte in theiroffice !
  32. 32. THANK YOUemmanuel@heycrowd.comtwitter : @ebellity
  33. 33. Some references