Tahunani walkthrough leaflet


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Tahunani walkthrough leaflet

  1. 1. -2667003086100 <br />e-learning focus/classroom practiceYear Roome-learning focus TeacherJunior Syndicate02Kidpix as an e-tool to illustrate stories written or read, phonics programmes & using the digital camera to collect images to stimulate writingCarol Climo113Blogging and Voicethread as e-tools for writing, health and social studiesFiona Paurini114PhotoStory3 as an e-tool for writing, health and social studiesNick Stewart-Hodges115Websites as an e-tool to support readingKaren Toll25Internet research as an e-tool for inquiry, writing, health and social studiesJane Tambisari39Voicethread, animation, photography & IWB software as e-tools for writing, reading, inquiry, key competencies, health and social studiesEmma Watts311Windows Movie Maker as an e-tool for writing, inquiry, health and social studiesDave PearsonSenior Syndicate47Wikis & Blogs as e-tools for writing, inquiry health and social studiesAndrea Schwass48Smart Kiddies (website) to support learning in NumeracyBrian Wyman5/66Blogging as e-tools for writing, inquiry & science. Smart Kiddies website for mathematicsAidan Barnett5/610Internet research as an e-tool for inquiryVeronica Coffey“Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand.”Native American Saying<br />e-learning focus/classroom practiceRoome-learning focus TeacherE-SpaceMath Programmes & Internet Maths Programmes to improve Basic Facts Knowledge (SEN)Sam PearsonRainbow Reading – Support StudentsJacinda(Teacher Aide)Gifted & Talented - Renzuli ProgrammeStudent LedTahunanui School Map“By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.”Latin Proverb<br /><ul><li>Tahunanui SchoolWe welcome you to our journey so far on the Whakatu ICT Cluster and our first e-Learning walk though. In the first year of the cluster we began developing our pedagogy around the 21st Century Learner and exploring the ever increasing range of e-learning tools. During our second year we have extended the focus to androgogy and developing a model of personalized professional development. Throughout our journey we have focused upon student voice, listening to their ideas on 21st Century Learning through student engagement surveys, student councilors, student e-learning angels and experts. We are still on our journey, the destination is in sight and once we reach it we will search for new mountains to climb! We hope that you enjoy sharing our successes so far.The Staff & Students @ Tahununui SchoolOur Vision StatementTo be a caring, dynamic school community committed to life-long learning.Our Mission StatementThrough high quality teaching and learning, foster confident, active and responsible citizens.Our Annual Goal for e-LearningBy November 2011 90% of students will often use a computer in their learning.Our e-tools: The Vehicle for LearningAt Tahunanui School we aim:for children, staff, parents & BOT to understand why they using the technology to support their learning across the curriculumto embed e-tools into the learning in our classroom programmesto reflect and adapt within our pedagogy and androgogy to enable our school community to become “...confident, connected, actively involved and life long learners” (Page 8 NZC)Emma Watts - Lead e-learning Teacherewatts@cloud.tahunanui.school.nz Check out today’s presentation at this URL: http://tahunanuischool.wikispaces.com/ReflectionGetting I.T. right!Effective professional development in e-learning requires a school culture founded on life-long learning, collaboration, and the authentic application of I.C.T. tools to classroom practice. Walking through a colleague’s classroom is a powerful way to getting there. Paul Drummond - Principal