Reflection september 2009


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Reflection september 2009

  1. 1. E-Learning Reflection Junior Syndicate September 2009
  2. 2. Cluster Meeting 3rd September 2009 Reflection is distinct from other forms of thought because it involves a state of self-doubt, hesitation, perplexity, and mental difficulty. It is an act of hunting, inquiring... (and learning) John Dewey 1933 After the cluster meeting and my lead teacher meeting the following day, the Junior Syndicate at Tahunanui School met to use Isaac's reflection techniques. We decided to reflect upon where we are at with our own e- learning. As lead teacher reflecting back on our discussion and the teachers reflections I have found this process useful particularly in planning up and coming PD at our school. The following slides contains our reflections and first attempt at reflection as an active process.
  3. 3. Teacher 1 Issue: E-Learning Questions: I am still struggling with a "mind Is there someone (& some time) shift" to e-learning if I am honest :( available to sit with me to develop some new strategies I can use with I would like PD to help with practical my students? ideas to use with my children and time and guidance to practise these How do I begin to upskill? ideas :) How can I ensure that I get time to I feel enthusiastiastic but then practice so that I really do learn? overwhelmed at times :) & :( My brain is so full with day-to-day Answers: stuff it's hard to find 'space' to learn I don't think there is enough of new skills :) Emma to go round! Where else could I go to help myself? Access to the network is still not working in my office - can we use wirelss? :)
  4. 4. Teacher 2 Issue: very basic knowledge of Questions: computers - willing to learn! Can we have a series of lessons as PD, Have just received a laptop today - instead of one offs? need to play :) Where can I go to gain support and ICT Angels are a fantastic help to me help? and my class :) PD - Need to have one-to-one with an 'expert' :) Answers: ... Have no idea about blogs and wikis :( I can't download photos from the camera to the computer :(
  5. 5. Teacher 3 Issue: I know about blogging, Questions: voicethread and wiki BUT I How will I get around only having 1 don't have knowledge or time to laptop? practice using them. How can I embed blogging into my I am excited about having a class daily programme? camera :) How can I investigate Voicethread? Who do I use (other than I'd love to be more ICT literate and Emma/Karen) to help when I need a use more ICTs :) bit of new learning? How can I engage parents? I need a reason or purpose to blog :( Where can I go for support? I love my E-Learning Angels :) Answers: Be patient. Time to learn :( Learn how to blog and use it. Find someone who has knowledge and time to help me with Voicethread. Have a buddy for me!
  6. 6. Teacher 4 Issue: improving/increasing Questions: knowledege and confidence. To How can I solve issues? be interactive with children. An interactive whiteboard would make it easier to share and be nore Answers: interactive with groups and whole Ask questions. class :( Ask for help. Our ICT Cluster needs more hands on workshops :( Practice - keep 'playing' and experimenting. A wireless connection would be good and more computers in the Help someone else to improve own classroom :( understanding. I need more practice and time :( I am now doing an online course to improve my skills.
  7. 7. Teacher 5 Issue: the classroom computer Questions: up & running. Interactive Whiteboards? ICT in Year 1: what is the purpose, relevance, overall scope/pan vision? What programmes should I use? What programmes are avaialble to use and are age group relevant? What equipment is there? PD for me - When? What? How much? Answers: ...
  8. 8. Teacher 6 Issue: using my computer Questions: ICT angels :( Can Emma have 1 day a week to wotk with us? Time :( How can the e-space be more Release time to blog :( comfortable? Privacy issues for blogging :( Who are my ICT Angels? Infrastructure :( Practice :( Answers: Emails :) Be patient. Camera in classroom :( Ask Emma to budget for a camera for my class. Smelly/hot e-space :(
  9. 9. Teacher 7 Issue: "I don't know what I don't Questions: know'. Where can I go for support? Don't have expertise :( How can I get time an help to learn or use Need digital camera in all classrooms. I as a tool for... can't even download photos :( planning - long term & weekly assessments No easy access for my laptop to the making templates for student network in my classroom :( learning collating information within the Know about blogging, voicethread and junior school wiki but not using - need a purpose for using digital camera etc. to support using :) & :( learning Lack typing skills :( Lack of PD :( Answers: Need to know how to use ICT for ... management jobs i.e. 6 year nets :(
  10. 10. Teacher 8 Issue: Computer illiterate Questions: How do I access information that will :( help me to learn everything? Answers: ...
  11. 11. Teacher 9 Issue: infrastructure Questions: How can I ensure maximum use of the I am confident in using e-learning and ICTs in the classroom but current networking/ server/ one computer in my classroom? infrastrcuture issues is affecting this :) & :( How can I create home school links? How can I use e-learning purposefully in My class are blogging, regularly using Voicthread the classroom within real life contexts? and have started to use a wiki :) How can I make sure my classroom computer is used in every lesson - I am making links and beginning to embed thinking skills into my use of e-learning :) purposefully? Answers: I am experimenting with inquiry learning and We have a rotation board - now would embeding into classroom programmes :) like to keep some sort of log so children Thinking about and trialling in the classroom can monitor their own use of ICTs/DLOs how current pedagogy fits in with e-learning an Want to use e-portfolios for home school the 21st century learner :) links rather paper based portfolios - plus open up e-lab after school for parents I love using ICTs/DlOs in my classroom who don't have internet access at home. programmes :) More research/reading visiting other schools into using ICTs/DLOs for all curriculum areas - keep blogging, twittering, using my wiki to keep in touch with other teachers around NZ (& the world!)