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Info for participating schools

  1. 1. Kidz Cannes Film Festival Information for Teachers
  2. 2. The Concept ~ 'Pass it on!' The Kidz Cannes Film Festival has in part been inspired by Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food (click and check out Jamie's Concept) Kidz Cannes Film Festival ~ 'Pass it on'! Lead e-Learning Teachers teach 7 classroom teachers 7 classroom teachers teach 45 students at the film festival ~ documented via a website & celebrated at a film festival evening 7 classroom teachers & the students from their school teach another teacher & more students when they get back to school & add to website Schools begin to enter National Film Competitions & Kidz Cannes Film Festival 2011!
  3. 3. Learning Intention Convey a message about the context of 'home' through film What is home? HOOKS: trash v treasure wanted v unwanted create v destroy people v machine
  4. 4. Success Criteria use film to connect, collaborate & create with other students think creatively & critically using media use images and music to deliver a message
  5. 5. Digital Stories Year 0-2 15 students/split into 3 groups
  6. 6. What will the students do? We will aim for the students to: discuss the concept story board take still photos or video edit publish a movie Teacher as: "guide on the side" rather than... "sage on stage" If run out of time - editing may fall to the teacher
  7. 7. PC Photo Story 3 Mac imovie Web 2.0 animoto
  8. 8. Animation Year 3-5 10 students/split into 2 groups
  9. 9. Windows Movie Maker/imovie
  10. 10. Windows Movie Maker/imovie
  11. 11. Moving Image Year 6-8 10 students/split into 2 groups
  12. 12. PC Windows Movie Maker Mac imovie
  13. 13. Windows Movie Maker/imovie
  14. 14. Windows Movie Maker/imovie
  15. 15. Outcomes Each group to have made a movie around the context of 'home' Students to peer assess each other's projects Show and celebrate projects at the Kidz Cannes Film Festival Create a website that promotes, documents our success & provides 'tips' for teachers/schools
  16. 16. Expectations After the film festival: Promote using film/initiate projects in own school using the skills acquired - with support from lead e-learning teachers Enter National Film Projects either as a school or cluster- with support from lead e-learning teachers Contribution to a Film Festival Website for teachers & students to use as reference after the film festival
  17. 17. Reporting Back Video snippets (2 minutes per student / teacher) reflecting on successes and where to go next Film team to record action for a documentary about the film festival - students 1 minute 'how to' movies created by teachers and students Pre survey, post survey at the end and then 6 months down the track
  18. 18. Time Line TEACHER TRAINING & PRACTICE AFTERNOON Monday 1st November 1:30 - 4:30pm THE FILM FESTIVAL Tuesday 9th/Wednesday 10th/Thursday 11th November 9:15 - 2:45pm FILM FESTIVAL EVENING Friday 12th November 5pm - 6:30pm
  19. 19. 'Pass it on!' Kidz Cannes Film Festival 2010