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  1. 1. Q5 – How did youattract/address your audience?
  2. 2. I attracted the audience to my pop music magazine mainly because of the brightcolour scheme that I have used. As it’s a pop magazine, I have used a variation ofbright colours such as Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple and green. My researchquestionnaire gave me results back that pink and purple were the most popularcolours that would address my target audience however, when I actually came toproducing my front cover the pink or purple didn’t stand out for the masthead onthe background I had chosen so I picked a bright yellow that stood out and still usedthe pink and purple on the front cover. For the cover lines, I used different coloursfor the text and then framed the text with boxes of different bright colours. I alsowanted to use catchy sub lines that would attract the audience so I thought I’d usesome of the artists songs to link in with the sub lines.The main image would strongly attract the audience because it’s got a lot of blingand would really attract the target audience as the image is very girly.The price also would address to the audience because on the questionnaire mostpeople said they would pay between £1-50 and £3.50 so I therefore went inbetween and chose £2.50 for the price of my magazine so I’ve kept it a simple cheapprice.
  3. 3. The contents page would attract the audience because I have again used a goodvariation in the colour scheme as I have used a bright purple for the background.I chose to use a black colour for the contents title on a bright pink block colourstrip. My images also stand out on the contents page which would stronglyaddress the audience because they would want to look through the magazineand more into what the images are about. The yellow page numbers on eachimage also stand out a lot and lifts the images on the contents page.One of the images on the contents page is similar to the main image on the frontcover to show a new artist article. I have changed her outfit for the contentsimage of ‘Halle’ to show the audience another bling image of the artist and toattract them into wanting to read the rest of the article and magazine. I haveused 2 images from the same concert however put them into different articles inthe magazine to link all the images together and make it look more interesting.Both my regular and feature content would address to the reader because theyboth include pop artists that will appear to the audience. I have also used asimple font throughout the contents page and all cover lines of the magazine.
  4. 4. The double page spread article attracts the audience because of the key storyline that I have used. From the questionnaire I had given out at the beginning,Katy Perry and Rihanna were 2 of the most popular artists that attracted to thetarget audience so I thought I’d somehow use them in the article and I createdan idea of a gig review of both artists’ latest tours and battle them out for whowins the battle of having the better tour. I found fans that went to both toursand interviewed them and then added their answers and opinions in the article.The images also stand out on the double page spread because I have used 1large image of Rihanna and 1 of Katy. I placed them at each end of the doublepage spread and picked similar images of them that I had taken at both of theirtours.For the colour scheme, I thought the pink colour that I used on the contentspage would stand out as the background colour with the title being white andoverlapping both images to link them together. I have used 2 different colourswithin the actual interview on the article to show where I have asked thequestions and then another colour to show the answers as I thought it would besimple and effective this way. I also used a drop capital but kept it the samecolour as the other font in the article.