Audience research results and conclusions

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  • 1. Audience Research results and conclusions
  • 2. What pop artists are you most interested in? I received quite a lot of results of many different favourite pop artists Lady GaGa that I can include in my pop 1 Cheeky Girls magazine. It will help me decide on a 3 3 1 Pixie Lott main image and what artists to Beyonce 1 1 include through the regular content One Direction 1 which will attract the target1 JLS 4 audience.1 Rihanna1 Jedward1 Justin Bieber 3 Josh Franceschi 4 Chris Brown 2 McFly 1 3 N-Dubz The Script
  • 3. 18 Would you be interested in buying a16 This question was to see how many new pop magazine? people out of the 20 I gave a1412 questionnaire to would actually be10 interested in a new pop magazine. 8 Yes 6 No 4 2 0 Yes No
  • 4. How much would you pay for a This question will help me decide magazine? on a price and how much the target audience will actually pay £1 for a pop magazine. £3 £2 £2.50
  • 5. What is your favourite colour? This question has gave me an idea7 on what colours to have for the6 Purple masthead and colour scheme as it5 Yellow will attract the target audience.4 Blue3 Green2 Pink1 Magenta0 Purple Yellow Blue Green Pink Magenta
  • 6. 2 2 4 2 3 These are the words that were 3 4 Cheesy most popular out of the list of Girls results. This question can help me4 2 Colourful decide on the name of the 2 Lively 3 2 magazine or key words to have Exciting 6 throughout the magazine. HappyWrite down 3 words that you Fun Catchy associate with pop
  • 7. How often do you buy a pop This question is going to help magazine? me decide on a final decision for the frequency of the pop8 magazine.76 Weekly5 Fortnightly43 Monthly2 Never10 Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Never