Pp of qs. 3 and 4


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Pp of qs. 3 and 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Qs. 3 – What have you learnt from audience feedback?
  2. 2. Q3.Finding a target audience for our soap:Our soap should be Teenagers/youngsimilar to Hollyoaks, as adults should betheir target audience is interested in our soapteenagers/young adults. and will be entertained by the storylines. Our target audience The storylines should be Soap should be shown on relatable for our target popular channels such as ‘E4’, as audience. it represents the target audience well.
  3. 3. Q3.Finding a target audience for our soap:I put together a variety of things which summed up our target audience(teens/young adults) into a mood board, as shown below:
  4. 4. Q3.Finding a target audience for our soap:Audience demographic:Before receiving audience feedback, I had to decide what type of person/groupof people I would like to see watch our soap, therefore I created an audiencedemographic of someone who would likely to watch the soap.Our ideal audience would be;•Teenagers/young adults – who attend university or college and will be able torelate to the storylines presented in the soap – which E4 already represents thisparticular target market. The age ranges we would expect to watch oursoap, would be from the age of 16-25, as we felt this age group would be goodto target as being teenagers ourselves we knew what storylines wereentertaining and relatable.• Our soap should appeal to males and females as our soap involves both gendertherefore both genders will be able to relate to the storylines.• Our soap will appeal to all different races and ethnicity groups.
  5. 5. Q3.Who would watch our soap?Within my group we decided that we would want our soap to be shown onE4 as a ‘Hollyoaks’ type of soap, which would appeal to people of our agegroup (teens 16+). Therefore we used people who were aged 17-18 torepresent the characters and so that the audience of teenagers would beable to relate to the characters.From research, E4 appealed to many ages above 18 as well,“The channel is mainly aimed at the lucrative 15–35 age group.”Therefore we had to make sure that the older range of the age group couldalso relate to and enjoy the soap, which is why we chose to use an olderwomen who featured in the soap, to show a use of a different age group.
  6. 6. Q3.Everyone in the audience seemed to like my soap trailer and thought it fitted inwith the brand’s institution, therefore appealing to my peers. However therewere a few points with the editing which the audience members said could beimproved.I received feedback such as:“The walking part with the girl and the boy lasted too long”“The fight/slapping scene should start bang on the chorus”“The non-diegetic scream was a little out of sync”However I received some positive feedback such as:“The narrative was clear”“The slow-motion parts were effective – typical of the genre”I have since improved all of which was given to me as audience feedback andhave made sure that the syncing and editing is right to give the full effect.The audience did say that they would like to watch the soap and would see itbeing played on E4 as it represented the conventions which E4 represent.
  7. 7. Qs. 4 - How did you use mediatechnologies in the construction &research, planning and evaluation stages?
  8. 8. Q4.Before we started to plan our soap trailers, we had to create a blogwhich we could put all our planning and other work onto.Before starting to fill our blog with our work, we had to create a new blog using‘blogger.com’, which helped us to create our very own blog for our media coursework. 1 2 ) ) I then had to fill out my details First of all I had to create a and also what blogger name I ‘Gmail’ email account so that I would like to be shown on my was able to access the blog, therefore my blog is called BlogSpot to create a blog. ‘EmmaHardya2media.blogspot.c om’
  9. 9. Q4.3 4 5) ) ) After creating my blog, I I was also able to change I was then able to was able to start uploading the design, layout and have a look at a work documents and colour of my blog by variety designs to see planning sheets to my blog clicking on ‘design’ at the which one represented for everyone to see and top of the page, as shown me well. track my progress. above.6 7 8) ) ) Whenever I wanted to I can then embed a link The blog then allows you upload some planning of from slide share or to view a preview of what the soap or planning of the YouTube, add a picture, or your blog will look like ancillaries, i could click on just write something with the new post and ‘new post’ and then which will then be shown then publish it. upload. on my blog.
  10. 10. Q4.After I had completed the rough cuts of the trailer and also the final version ofmy trailer, I had to upload my trailer onto YouTube and I was then able to embedthe link onto my blog for audience feedback. I then was able to type in theAfter finishing my soap on title of the soap trailer andthe Apple Macs, I had to log was able to view it fromonto my YouTube account, I YouTube.was then able to upload mysoap trailer.
  11. 11. Q4. Planning of the poster: Rough version of how our billboard poster will look. NeutralBright clothes Arms crossed clothes –– representing to show he representingconfidence thinks he is innocence ‘the boss’ and vulnerability
  12. 12. Q4. Planning of the poster: For our poster ancillary, we created and edited it on the software ‘PhotoShop’ as it allows you to change the background, change the colour, add text (from an image) and also allowed us to place individual images of the characters together as if we took a photo of them together.1 2) ) To begin, I had to open After removing the backgrounds on all the the images separately individual images, I had to find a background into three different image which would be suitable to represent our ‘layers’. I then had to soap and audience well. As the name of our soap delete all the is ‘Hill Top Farm’ I thought it would be appropriate unnecessary green to represent a farm surrounding/countryside as background and also rub our soap setting, even though it will be shown on out any bits which had a E4, the setting and name represents a higher green tint around it. class, rather than the class ‘Skins’ shows for example.
  13. 13. Q4. Ancillary Planning:Creating our poster:3 4 5) ) )Creating the E4 logo After colouring the After creating my soap’sbanner at the side of banner in the E4 title on ‘Keynote’ for thethe poster: I had to find colours, I had to create poster, I had to export itan existing E4 poster, my soap’s title on the as a ‘JPEG’ and wastherefore I used a ‘Skins’ ‘Apple Mac’ software – then able to open it onposter, which had the E4 ‘Keynote’ which I was ‘PhotoShop’ whichbanner on. I then edited then able to recreate allowed me to resizethe banner so that it had E4’s font – ‘American and rotate to make theno background and that I Typewriter’ with the banner look realistic.was able to add it onto name of my soap.our poster. I then had tocolour the banner in thesame purple as the E4logo so that I could thenadd our soap’s title andmore information on.
  14. 14. Q4.Planning of the poster: Final images we chose to use for our poster, represented the character’s personalities well, also the way Archie’s body is slightly turned towards Sambuca, shows he is more involved in her life than his girlfriend Bella. 6 ) Following the input of the background, I then had to add the individual characters onto the background. I had to merge the characters to fit the background, I also had to alter the size and their positions to make it look realistic.
  15. 15. Q4.Using social medias to communicate with my group:I used the popular social media institution ‘Twitter’ which allowed me tocommunicate with my group whenever was necessary. We were able tocontact each other if we wanted to arrange costumes etc. This is a screenshot of a conversation I had with a girl in my group – Emma about what costumes the characters should wear and how their costumes represent their personalities.
  16. 16. Q4.Using social medias to communicate with my teacher: I was able to communicate I was also able to communicate with my teacher via Twitter with my teacher through the whenever I needed help Aquinas media department blog to with something in particular see if there were any new updates about filming for the soap. which would help us with creating our soap trailer and ancillaries.
  17. 17. Q4.Using ‘PowerPoint’ for my evaluation questions:1 For my evaluation questions, I mainly used ‘Microsoft) PowerPoint’ as I was able to add as many pages as I intended. To add a new slide, click on ‘insert’ and ‘new page’ or you can insert ‘duplicate page’ which creates the same slide as the one you made on the slide above.2 After adding a ‘new slide’ or ‘duplicate slide’ you can) then add text or pictures.3) Following the addition of a text, PowerPoint then allows you to change the font, by highlighting the font you want to change and you are then able to select your font style.
  18. 18. Q4.Using ‘PowerPoint’ for my evaluation questions:4 After changing the style of my font, I am then able to) change the colour if necessary. This is done by highlighting the font and then clicking on the ‘A’ with colour underneath, you can then change the colour to one of your choice.5) You then have created a different coloured font.6) As well as being able to change the font and colour, PowerPoint also allows you to add an image – which is how I was able to put my magazine and poster into my slideshow. You click on ‘insert’, ‘picture’, and ‘from file’ and then choose an image of your choice.