Internet marketing Newsletter March 2011


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You’ll find anything from a comprehensive overview of online marketing methods and how they fit together, why it is important to manage your
reputation and the new online lead generation, social media and video workshop we’re putting on with our colleagues from Hunting With Pixels.

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Internet marketing Newsletter March 2011

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Newsletter Edition 5, March 2011What are the options?In the last two months we have had a lot of interesting conversations withour clients and other medium-sized business owners. All of them want to Newsknow about the different options for online marketing, how the different We’re putting on a workshopaspects fit together and how they can get more bangs for their marketing for medium sized businessbuck. owners who are interested in generating leads online toOne thing is clear: marketing budgets are essential to grow your business grow their business.and to attract new prospects. Turning those prospects into customers iswhat you do best by telling people what you’re passionate about and the We’ll be discussinggreat products and services you can deliver. everything from search engine optimisation (SEO),We have turned all those conversations into content for this newsletter, how to turn your website intoso all of you may benefit from the discussions we have had and the a sales tool, onlinesolutions we have implemented. conversion secrets and getting a massive return onYou’ll find anything from a comprehensive overview of online marketing investment for yourmethods and how they fit together, why it is important to manage your marketing budget.reputation and the new online lead generation, social media and videoworkshop we’re putting on with our colleagues from Hunting With Pixels. Our colleagues from Hunting With Pixels will teach youIn the meantime, please join our new Facebook Page to get frequent how to emotionally connectupdates on new online marketing trends that help you grow your with your audience throughbusiness. video content and social media. Happy Reading! The workshop will be held in the Sydney CBD over two Yours, week nights on 23rd and 30th of March. To book your spot Janna Jungclaus www.eminentonlinemarketin ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  2. 2. Online Marketing – What AreYour Options?Recently many clients have asked what kind of We have created an overview of the main onlineonline marketing options are available to them – marketing strategies, their advantages and theirAnd of course which one they should invest their disadvantages, so you can find the most efficientmarketing and advertising budget in. and leveraged way to invest your advertising..budget.Strategy Advantages DisadvantagesSEO Highly leveraged Takes 3-6 months to see results Focused on Lead generation and providing an ROIPPC Immediate lead generation Not leveraged, there is always a minimum cost per click Ads can be highly targeted (timing of ad display, demographic of user, etc) Budget can be overrun quickly, depending on your industrySocial Media Customer and prospect engagement Difficult to determine ROI Feedback loops Time consuming User generated content Ongoing maintenance to be in-house where possible BrandingVideo Marketing Customer engagement Difficult to measure ROI Branding Time consuming and costly to set up if done professionally Emotional connection with customers SEO rankings for videos Re-purposing of content ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  3. 3. Combining Strategies best quality and well-produced videos on yourOf course many of these strategies work well website, but if nobody sees them they are nottogether, however, we consider search engine going to create an impact. Therefore creating anoptimisation (SEO) the king of internet SEO campaign that increases your rankings andmarketing – simply because it creates the exposes your great videos to more people willgreatest ROI and is the most efficient way of help you get a better return on investment fromusing your marketing budget to create more your marketing budget.leads to grow your business. SEO and Public RelationsSo here is an overview of how the other online Public Relations – Public relations, whethermarketing strategies can benefit from being focused online or offline is all about creatingcombined with SEO. your brand and adding credibility. Gaining coverage in mainstream news publications, andSEO and PPC creating an online buzz with bloggers and socialSEO and PPC Advertising – PPC advertising media is a great way to get your brand out there.generates leads and collects information from Combining this approach with SEO is a greatday 1. In the meantime the SEO strategy gets way to get your business and brand in front ofstarted and implements some of the information even more people and leveraging your credibilitycollected by the PPC campaign (keywords, ad from news coverage for other people who comecopy, etc). When the results of the SEO to your website.campaign start to kick in, the budget can slowlybe re-directed to SEO as it is more leveraged and If you’re excited by any of these strategies andcan therefore lower the cost per lead. are looking for introductions to great companies who can help you, simply send us an email andSEO and Social Media we can help you out.SEO and Social Media: As our last newsletterdiscussed, many businesses are now startingtheir own social media campaigns. However, itremains difficult to prove a good ROI with social Reputation Management –media, especially considering the amount oftime and money that is spent creating content Dealing With Negativeand engaging with customers and prospects.Combining this strategy with SEO, however, Feedbackhelps to increase the visibility of your business In the last newsletter you read an article aboutbeyond the enclosed social media networks and online reviews. This month we want to writeallows customers to find your business based on about something that is directly related and haskeywords rather than connections. That said, a huge impact on whether your business canSEO and social media work well together, grow profitably: reputation management.because Google now considers it an importantvote for your page if it is popular with social Whether you acknowledge it or not, yourmedia users and is being recommended to customers and prospects are talking about you –others. that is why reputation management is essential in today’s world.SEO and Video MarketingSEO and Video marketing – Video marketing is You can do all the advertising and marketing youa great tool to build an emotional connection want, if people are looking for info on yourwith your audience and top leverage your business and they find a bunch of negativepresence. You can be there without actually feedback, they’re unlikely to buy from you.having to be there. However, you can have the ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  4. 4. There are three steps to your basic reputation The timing of your response policy depends onmanagement: your monitoring mechanisms and capacity to respond using the same online channels as your Receive users. With established policies specifying response time somewhere between several hours Respond and several days, your company should really respond within a week. Re-build In many cases, negative online feedback can beReceive turned into a positive by making customers feelThe first step is for you to receive the feedback, heard and let them know that you are workingand a huge part of this is awareness. Yes, some hard to solve their problem. Often it’s not thefeedback my land in your email inbox, but most problem itself but how you deal with it thatof it is going to be posted on forums, social makes an impression on your customers andmedia channels and review platforms. prospects.Of course there are many complex ways and Rebuildsoftware to monitor your reputation, but you can If there is unwelcome material about you or youralso use some simple and free systems that you business online that is unsolicited, you may wantcan set up today to monitor what people are to approach a lawyer for legal advice on how tosaying about you online handle the situation. You’ve probably heard of Google Alerts In terms of rebuilding your image, a PR by now. It’s an automatic monitoring specialist, or an expert in internet marketing can service that sends you a daily or weekly help you add some of your own positive material email about your alert topics. This to the online feedback. Spreading some of your should include your business name, the glowing customer testimonials, and engaging business owner’s name, product and customers with your brand can help you re-build model names, and anything else that the relationships with your customers and the you think should me monitored closely. perception of your brand more quickly than you ever imagined. Another great alert software is Twilert – which specifically sends you alerts from Twitter. Monitoring conversations, topics and hashtags (# Tweeter’s way of having an ongoing conversation with Success Story of the Month others even though it is limited to 140 characters) Twilerts are especially In the last 6 months we have taken a lot of time important if your target audiences uses and effort to find strategic partners in the social media – it doesn’t matter whether marketing and communications industry to you have a Twitter account or not. work with Eminent Online Marketing.Respond From web developers, to graphic designers and PR consultants, developing strategicThe next step is to respond to any type of partnerships helps us to bring better service tofeedback or comment that involves your our existing clients. And of course it opens doorscompany – whether it is possible or negative. In for new clients to find us.many cases, online reviews and comments of aproduct or service are a way of expressingfeedback that was not heard or acknowledged inthe store. ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  5. 5. In this newsletter, we want to introduce you toCavalletti Communications, a communications How are you planning toagency specialising in personalised business grow?copywriting, branding and marketingcommunications. Cavalletti Communicationshelps businesses find their unique voice in an With such an exhaustive overview of theoften crowded market - by defining their niche, online marketing and communicationsconnecting them to their clients and simply strategies that are available to grow yourmaking words work to get the message across. business, it’s now up to you to decide what will be the most effective method to grow"I often work with Janna, and regularly your business.recommend Eminent Online Marketingsoutstanding SEO expertise to my clients. Janna When you make a decision, keep in mind:and her team simply are among the mosteffective, honest and knowledgeable SEO Your target audience and whatspecialists out there. And they create an internet marketing strategies areexceptional return on investment for my clients likely to appeal to them.every time. Jannas ability and interest to truly Your team’s strengths andunderstand each clients business, her technical weaknesses to determine whichskill and personable approach deliver strategies will be most effective,measurable, first-class results for any business." especially if your staff are involved in the planning, implementation and maintenance phases. Your desired results and proposed Daniela Cavalletti, Owner KPIs. Because online marketing is & Chief Copywriter at an investment, not a cost, we Cavalletti Communications make sure that your investment returns the business growth you desire. Twitter:@CavallettiComms LinkedIn:DanielaCavalletti Yours, Facebook:Cavalletti Communications Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing Ph: 02 8580 4836 ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing