How to generate more leads attract more customers and make more profit with internet marketing whitepaper


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In This Whitepaper:

* A complete roadmap for SMEs who are considering internet marketing

* Why internet marketing is important for your business right now

* How to avoid competitors blowing you out of the water

* 5 ways internet marketing helps you generate more leads, attract more customers and make more profit

* Complete guide of what to look for when you’re planning to take your business online

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How to generate more leads attract more customers and make more profit with internet marketing whitepaper

  1. 1. How To Generate More Leads, Attract More Customers and Make More Profit With Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Whitepaper By Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing
  2. 2. Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing 1 ©2010 Eminent Online Marketing How To Generate More Leads, Attract More Customers and Make More Profit With Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Whitepaper This paper provides a complete roadmap for small to medium enterprises who are considering internet marketing for their business. It discusses why internet marketing is important for their business right now, how to avoid competitors blowing you out of the water and proposes 5 ways in which internet marketing can help your business generate more leads, attract more customers and make more profit with internet marketing. It concludes with complete overview of what to look for when you’re planning to take your business online. Is Your Business Growing As Fast As You Would Like? If your business is not growing at the rate you want it to, or struggling to get new customers, it is likely that you are being trumped by your competitors who are taking advantage of the many opportunities that are available online. Most business owners are finding that traditional methods of advertising are costing them money and are not providing enough leads to grow their business. Some of the problems small to medium sized business owners are encountering across the world include: • High advertising costs that prevent them from running advertisements long enough to proove whether they are working. • Difficulty in targetting their ideal customers through advertising in traditional media. • Lack of time to improve their advertising and marketing, therefore the costs continue to grow and the efficiency is reduced.
  3. 3. Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing 2 ©2010 Eminent Online Marketing • Lack of knowledge to explore other, more efficient areas of advertising and marketing that would allow them to get more customers at a lower cost and grow their business. Costly Lead Generation Despite the fact that nearly every business owner I have spoken to in the past few years would love to have more leads for their business, generating leads in the offline world can be very expensive. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t even monitor how much they pay for each lead, what their average customer value is and how much they can afford to pay to attract new customers. Many business owners I talk to advertise their services in newspaper or magazine ads, or the Yellow Pages because this is “what you do”. Once they implement a tracking system to monitor how many new customers come from each source of advertising, they quickly realise that they’re losing money hand over foot. For example, Chris who owns a cleaning business ran a 6 week ad in a local paper. Once converted, an average customer spend $60 with him initially and was worth $6000 over the course of the next few years.The ad cost him $1600 and he received one phone call. That’s a massive $1600 per lead! Connecting to the Right Customer Most business owners have an ideal customer. The problem that many business owners face with advertising in traditional media is that it’s difficult to get in touch with their ideal customer. The target audience for traditional media is so broad, that your advertisement is unlikely to be seen by your ideal customer. And even if they see or hear it, they are not going to be in a ‘buying frame of mind’. If a cosmetic dentist can target his advertisement to a person who, in that exact moment, is thinking about getting their teeth corrected their ad will have extra impact and a higher conversion rate. Lack of Time and Expertise Most business owners lack the time and expertise that is required to make any advertising or makreting campaign a success. This results in continuously high costs, often resulting in business owners cutting their marketing and advertising alltogether. However, without a good marketing strategy your business will not grow as quickly as you would like. In addition any business who doesn’t market itself is likely to struggle and be easily outperformed by their competitors – simply because their business is growing at a higer rate and gets more new customers at a lower cost. Scenario Before: Luke runs an Antenna business and his average customer value is $150. He currently spends $1400 per month on advertising and gets an average of 16 leads per month. His cost is therefore $87 per lead. His closing rate is 65%, so out of 16 calls about 10 people become paying customers. He is paying $140 for each new customer – with an average customer value of $150 he is hardly making a profit. After: Luke cuts his wasteful advertising cost for the Yellow Pages and the newspaper. He invests the freed up advertising budget of $12K into a high ranking direct response website that becomes his hard working lead generation machine. He now gets more than 30 clients a month and is only paying $750 in ongoing costs per month. Even with the set up cost of 8K he is making a tidy profit as the website is sending him leads month after month, for the life of his business.
  4. 4. Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing 3 ©2010 Eminent Online Marketing Online Marketing Saves SMEs With online marketing on the rise, small to medium business owners now have more options for effective advertising and marketing, allowing them to get fresh new customers at a much lower cost. Their business can now continue to grow, while the time and money invested in advertising and marketing can be cut in half. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2007-08 Australian businesses made online sales in excess of $81 billion, an increase of 20% from the previous year1. Online income for Australian businesses is expected to rise even further, as internet access spreads even wider and people become more comfortable making purchases online. The same research found that large businesses were more than three times as likely to have a web presence than small businesses –indicating that now is an excellent time for any offline business to get an advantage over their competitors and take a cut of the profits. Australians are continuing to become more comfortable with online purchases and it is well known that many people simply search the internet to find the products and services they need instead of using the Yellow Pages. The Truth About Getting More Customers Online Taking your business to the online world may seem intimidating to many business owners who are overwhelmed by the technology. But the truth is, when you examine your current advertising and marketing performance closely, you will quickly see that you can grow your business faster and easier through online marketing. There is a misconception that taking your business online is complex, time consuming and expensive when in fact, the opposite is true. A well thought out online strategy for your business and website contributes to more frequent purchases and higher retention rates of existing customers, generates more leads calling your office, and can even provide additional income streams online. 1 2009, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Australian Business, 2007-08 Online income for Australian businesses is expected to rise further as the internet becomes more accessible and people become more comfortable making purchases online.
  5. 5. Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing 4 ©2010 Eminent Online Marketing Finding the Best Internet Marketing Strategy For Your Business The Solution is simple – take the leap and expand your businesses’ online presence. There are many different internet marketing strategies out there, but you’ll quickly find that there is only one right strategy for your specific business and unique circumstances. At the centre of nearly every strategy is a website, and it’s important to point out the connection here. The website should be purpose-built for your particular strategy to deliver the best results. If you already have a website, that’s great. But the truth is, if it’s not part of a greater strategy, your website is likely to simply be costing you money. Think about the return on your investment –how much money have you spent on it and how many new customers does it generate every month? What’s In It For You? The benefits of implementing an internet marketing strategy for your business are enormous: • You will find it easier to stay in touch with current customers and encourage them to buy from you more frequently. • You can find easy and cost-effective ways to generate leads month in, month out for your business. • You can target your ideal customer, targeting the right age group, profession, hobbies and much more. Even better, you can target your ideal customers while they are in a buying frame of mind. • You can easily outperform your competition and increase your profits by dominating your marketplace. Stay in Touch With Existing Customers To keep in touch with your existing customers is crucial for any business. Statistics show it is much easier and cheaper to get an existing customer to buy from you again, than it is to attract a new customer. It’s simple, if you’re not keeping in touch with existing customers, you’re leaving money on the table. There is even a risk that they get pinched by your competitor. Whether you decide to keep in touch through email newsletters or social media marketing, the internet provides many low-cost and effective ways to stay in touch and make the most of your relationships with your existing customers. Cost Effective Lead Generation Whether you decide to advertise online, offline, or do both— measuring your cost per lead is essential and a proper online marketing strategy contains ongoing testing and tracking mechanisms that help you do just that.
  6. 6. Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing 5 ©2010 Eminent Online Marketing A simple calculation of what each new customer or email list subscriber is worth to you will tell you how many new customers you need to make a good return on your investment. Target your Ideal Customer Most likely your business has an ideal customer demographic, ranging from their age to their disposable income. Knowing who your ideal customer is, will make your online advertising and marketing efforts razor focused. When advertising online, you can use more effective ‘direct-response’ type advertising that allows you to respond to people’s needs when they are most likely to need a solution – your solution. The result is a massive increase in your conversion rate and a phone that just won’t stop ringing. Beat your Competitors The online world is a fast-moving medium. As Rupert Murdoch said “It won’t be the big who beat the small, it will be the fast beating the slow”. If you get online before your competitors do, you will have a clear edge over them in creating new leads, converting more prospects and keeping your existing customers tied to your business. The opposite is also true, if your competitors are already online and have a good internet marketing strategy in place, they can put you out of business—simply because they are getting more customers at a lower cost. What to Look For When Taking Your Business Online There are two options to consider when taking your business online. You can either do it yourself, which will cost you a lot of time, money and energy, or you can talk to an expert to do it for you. When you decide to work with an expert, you benefit from their existing knowledge and experience, and you even get access to their proven processes, proprietary tools and well trained team. When choosing the right expert to work with you, here are some key points to evaluate against when making your decision: Your Best Interest It sounds logical, but make sure you choose someone who has your best interest at heart. The internet marketing and advertising industry is full of people who are happy to take your money whether your service is in their best interest or not. If you find someone who really cares about you, your business and asks a lot of questions, you’re on to a winner. “It won’t be the big who beat the small, it will be the fast beating the slow” ~ Rupert Murdoch
  7. 7. Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing 6 ©2010 Eminent Online Marketing Long-term relationship Developing and implementing the right internet marketing strategy for your business can take time. While you can see great results in a few months, the real success of any online project happens after the initial release—in the phase where you evaluate, test, track, monitor and improve. Therefore you’re well advised to choose someone you can develop a long-term relationship with. After all, they’re becoming your trusted advisor to grow your business, so it’s best you get along. Professional Although the internet is famous for bringing us 15 year old millionaires, that’s no excuse for partnering with someone who is not professional. Look for someone who is committed to deadlines, delivers high quality work and keeps you involved as the project progresses. Proven Results Unfortunately the internet has become infamous for the amount of spam and deceit that is going on. You should therefore place high importance on partnering with someone with a lot of integrity who can deliver results. Reasons to partner with Eminent Online Marketing Our Philosophy at Eminent Online Marketing is that we truly care. We are looking to create a long-term partnership with our clients and create win-win situations so everybody is better off. For us, each project is different from the last because each and every business is unique and has individual requirements. We will work closely with you to find out what the best and most profitable strategy is for your business and your situation. By asking the right questions up front, we ensure that your internet marketing strategy will achieve your desired results. When assessing your business needs and desired outcomes we follow our unique, proven process. Each project includes a thorough review of your current situation, a needs assessment, our proposed changes, clear deliverables to assess the success of each project, and at least 90 days of ongoing testing, tracking and monitoring to ensure optimum results. Testimonials for Eminent Online Marketing: Beyond Internet Marketing Expertise “Janna has contributed beyond her internet marketing expertise to provide that often- needed outsider’s insider perspective on our varied projects and business strategy in general, which has proved insightful time and time again.” Veronique Vallieres, Strategic Marketing and Communciations Expert Always On Time and Delivers As Promised “There has been an improvement to my website’s ranking and Janna is always happy to answer my questions, and issues very detailed reports. She is always on time, keeps her word and delivers as promised.” Wendy Mak, Owner, Smitten With Style
  8. 8. Janna Jungclaus Eminent Online Marketing 7 ©2010 Eminent Online Marketing Developing long-term relationships with our clients is at the heart of our business. Many of our clients choose one of our monthly services so that they may benefit from our expertise in the long-term. Next Steps Many small to medium businesses across Australia have been struggling with traditional advertising and marketing for decades and are now benefiting from the new and cost effective ways of internet marketing. Businesses can benefit by staying in touch with current customers and encourage them to buy more frequently, finding easy and cost-effective ways to generate leads and they can quickly and easily outperform their competititors by increasing their profits and dominating their marketplace. Businesses are set to grow faster and without hiccups when they decide to work with an expert, such as Eminent Online Marketing. This way business owners benefit from the knowledge of experienced professionals and get access to their proven processes, proprietary tools and well trained team. For a limited time only, Eminent Online Marketing is extending a special offer to the readers of this whitepaper. If you’re ready to generate more leads, attract more customers and make more profit with internet marketing, take up this special offer today. Special Offer For the first 12 business owners, we will provide a free website video review based on our unique 4 step website review process. To claim your video review - showing exactly why you are not ranking on Google and exactly what you need to do to get to the #1 position and start generating leads from your website - go to