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Top 6 Office Password Recovery Tools to Recover MS Office Password

Top 6 Office Password Recovery Tools to Recover MS Office Password



What kind of Office password recovery tool would you like to recover MS Office password for Word, Excel, and Access etc.? This paper will detail the best 6 toolkit to solve lost Office password ...

What kind of Office password recovery tool would you like to recover MS Office password for Word, Excel, and Access etc.? This paper will detail the best 6 toolkit to solve lost Office password problem.



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    Top 6 Office Password Recovery Tools to Recover MS Office Password Top 6 Office Password Recovery Tools to Recover MS Office Password Document Transcript

    • <p>In daily life, we often experience the dilemma that our MS Office files disappear due to force majeure, like virus, wrong operation, PC reinstallation, electricity cutting, which makes us incapable.</P> <br /><P>But have you ever encountered the trauma of losing your data statistic worksheet or annual meeting report which is caused by losing Office password? Haven't any idea except anxiety and uneasiness? Take a deep breath and pay attention on 6 magic <strong>Office password recovery tools</strong> to <a href=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/products/recover-office-password.html" ><strong>recover MS Word password</strong></a>.</p> <br /><p>As usual, we always take the following elements as measures to make choice: effect, price, feature and popularity etc. Let's discuss and select a suitable one.</p> <br /> <br /><h3>1. Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard</h3> <br /><p><img src=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/images/knowledge/free.jpg" ></p> <br /><p><strong>Price: Free</strong> <br /><p><strong>Support: MS Word/Excel 97-2003</strong></p> <br /> <br /><p><a href=”http://www.freewordexcelpassword.com/ rel=" nofollow" ><strong>Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard</strong></a> is such a kind of freeware which offers the same functionality and performance on Office password recovery. Furthermore, this wizard provides 2 types of attacks: Dictionary recovery and Brute force recovery. However, it is worth to mention that, this free <strong>Office password recovery tool</strong> cannot support versions before MS Word/Excel, and not including Office 2007. So, before purchasing commercial software, it is better to take some free of charge toolkit into consideration when losing Office password.</p> <br /> <br /><h3>2. Accent Office Password Recovery</h3> <br /><p><img src=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/images/knowledge/accent.jpg" alt=" " > <br /><p><strong>Price: From $ 60 to $350</strong> <br /><p><strong>Support: MS Office 97-2010 and OpenOffice</strong></p> <br /><p><a href=" http://www.passwordrecoverytools.com/" rel=" nofollow" ><strong>Accent Office Password Recovery</strong></a> is an advanced <strong>Office password recovery tool</strong> which is faster at performing brute force attack with NVIDIA CUNA and ATI Stream technology to <strong>recover MS Office password</strong> for versions MS Office 2007-2010. OpenOffice password is also available. On one hand, with GPU-based, this trick can largely minimize the recovery time and get back lost Office password immediately. On the other hand, the accelerated technology will make users confused and hard to operate, especially with the complex graphic cards. Before selecting this, make sure whether you are a comp elite or technician. </p> <br /> <br /><h3>3. Advanced Office Password Recovery</h3> <br /><p><img src=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/images/knowledge/advanced.jpg" ></p> <br /><p><strong>Price: From $49 to $249</strong></p> <br /><p><strong>Support: MS Office 97-2010</strong></p> <br /><p><a href=" http://www.elcomsoft.com/aopr.html" rel=" nofollow" ><strong>Advanced Office Password Recovery</strong></a> is highly appreciated and thought one of the best <strong>Office password recovery tool</strong> with its instant and efficient decryption on lost Office password. As is known, this wizard can replace, remove and <strong>recover MS Office password </strong>of all versions MS Office 97-2010 for MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, password-protect VBA project and so on. Accordingly, if you want to unlock Office password with the utility, more money will be paid for at least $49. </p> <br /> <br /><h3>4. Office Password Recovery</h3> <br /><p><img src=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/images/knowledge/recovery.jpg" ></p> <br /><p><strong>Price: More than $79</strong> <br /><p><strong>Support: MS Office 97-2010</strong></p> <br /><p><ahref=" http://www.intelore.com/office-password-recovery.php" rel=" nofollow" ><strong>Office Password Recovery</strong></a> is a comprehensive and practical toolkit to <strong>recover MS Office password</strong> of all types, including database passwords, workbook passwords, sheet protection passwords, email accounts passwords and so on. It is the <strong>Office password recovery solution </strong>that can unlock Office password for all editions from MS Office 97-2007 in Multilanguage. Nevertheless, it does not prevail widely due to a high price and uncertain quality.</p> <br /> <br /><h3>5. Office Password Recovery Toolbox</h3> <br /><p><img src=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/images/knowledge/toolbox.jpg" alt=" " width=" 388" height=" 281" /></p> <br /><p><strong>Price: From $59.85 to $119.85</strong></p> <br /><p><strong>Support: MS Office 97-2007</strong></p> <br /><p><a href=" http://www.rixler.com/office_password_recovery_toolbox.htm" rel=" nofollow" ><strong>Office Password Recovery Toolbox</strong></a> is well known by its all-in-one performance to <strong>recover MS Office passwords</strong> that fall into any one of five categories – Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, VBA Password in a swift and professional way. By the way, this <strong>Office password recovery tool</strong> can recovers " open" , " write" and " protection" passwords for Microsoft Word/Excel documents. Worth mentioning, it is not compatible with Windows 7. </p> <br /> <br /><h3>6. Office Password Unlocker</h3> <br /> <p><img src=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/images/knowledge/unlocker.jpg" alt=“Office password recovery”></p> <br /><p><strong>Price: Only $29.95</strong></p> <br /><p><strong>Support: MS Office 97-2007</strong></p> <br /><p><strong><a href=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/office-password-recovery.html" >Office Password Unlocker</a></strong> is widespread and popular with MS Office users those who had encountered with forgotten or lost Office password for its affordable and worthwhile quality. A slogan has been taken as: faster, easier and better, which is the felicitous description of this trick. Unlike other <strong>Office password recovery tools</strong>, there are 3 featured types of attack: Brute-force attack, Brute-force with mask attack and Dictionary attack available offered to<a href=" http://www.passwordunlocker.com/products/recover-office-password.html" > <strong>recover MS Office password</strong></a> for MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint of all versions from MS Office 97-2007. What's more, an easy-to-use operation and intuitive interface cannot be ignored, especially for a novice.</p> <br /> <br /><p>With the comparison of 6 top <strong>Office password recovery tool</strong>, you will clearly and lightly find a suitable and professional toolkit to <strong>recover MS Office password</strong>. Next time, when meeting with password-encrypted problem, you can fix lost Office password by yourself!</p> <br /> <br />