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Green MIW 2008 Keynote
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Green MIW 2008 Keynote


Published on

Keynote address at Mobile Internet World 2008

Keynote address at Mobile Internet World 2008

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • I lead Yankee Group, the founders of Mobile Internet World and your hosts for this event. The people of Yankee Group are the global connectivity experts. We are exclusively focused on the transformations associated with ubiquitous connectivity, and its impact on the network, the consumer, and the enterprise. We launched this event to give the industry something you told us you didn’t have – an opportunity to get together to debate something vital to that emergence – the mobile internet. As Eliot told you, this is our third event, the theme this year is Unleashing the Power of the Anywhere Network. To get us started on the path, I’m going to talk about this opportunity for the next 20 minutes or so.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Unleashing the Anywhere Network Emily Nagle Green President & CEO Yankee Group Research, Inc.
    • 2. Unleashing the Anywhere Network
      • What is the Anywhere Network?
      • How will it be unleashed?
      • What will happen?
    • 3. The Anywhere Network
      • Common platform
      • Bandwidth
      • Intelligence
      • Seamlessness
      • Ubiquity
      Yankee Group’s vision of a communications fabric with:
    • 4. What mobile issues have held this back?
      • Network limitations
      • Device limitations
      • Pricing problems
      • Spectrum
      • Mobile operator model
    • 5.
      • Handset advances
      • New spectrum options
      • Threats proven viable
      • Looming cracks in the profit picture
      Pressures building behind the mobile dam
    • 6. Priced right, users love mobile data Source: Hutchison 3 UK
    • 7. But mobile revenues in long-term decline Global ARPU outlook Source: Yankee Group
    • 8. Cracks lead to leaking dams Source: AOL
    • 9. When dams fail
    • 10. Another way to think about control
    • 11. The mobile browser is the field to nourish Global forecast: handsets with browsers Source: Yankee Group
    • 12. Unleashed: a new mobile landscape
      • New network business models
      • Dissolution of current distribution chain
      • Withering of device-specific software
      • Invasion of consumer electronics
    • 13. Unleashed consumer impact
      • One device won’t suffice
      • Every app is a mash-up
      • Even more trading of info for value
    • 14. Unleashed enterprise impact
      • Further consumer push on corporate IT
      • Pervasive dual-mode connectivity
      • From mobile extensions to component-based mobile apps
    • 15. Unleash the Anywhere Network
      • Acknowledge the cracks
      • Skip the sandbags
      • Move the cattle to higher ground
      • Begin controlled release
      • Power the landscape
      Thank you