Analysis of a promotional package harry potter


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Analysis of a promotional package harry potter

  1. 1. Analysis of a promotional package Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  2. 2. PosterThere are several different promotional posters for this film, including:
  3. 3. The fact that the vast majority of the Harry Potter and the Half-BloodPrince’s promotional posters feature screenshots from significant scenes of the film is a clever way or marketing – it creates intrigue and makes the viewer want to find out what happens in the scene. The poster I have chosen to analyse, however, is the one below, due to the fact that it is simple, yet striking.
  4. 4. Reflection of Dumbledore Image of in Harry’s glasses – protagonist – Rain creates pathetic suggests that he might he is very fallacy, and suggests play an important role in recognisable, that the film might this film. and the film is be quite dark and named after sad. him - creates continuity and The fact that the name synergy. of the film has been replaced instead by Looking directly “HP6” is quite at the viewer – significant – as it is a creates a kind series, people may of ‘relationship’, recognise the number acting as a of the film more than persuasive its actual name. It is device to watch also written in the the film. iconic lightning boltInstitutional font that is recognisable of all ofinformation the Harry Potteralong the films, which also Release date –bottom – Tagline – intriguing, and gives a suggestion conventional creates synergy withconventional of the plot. Reflection of Dumbledore in the lightning bolt of all filmof all film Harry’s glasses suggests that it is he who is shaped scar on Harry’s posters.posters. telling Harry this. forehead.
  5. 5. Dateline: Date and price (here in bothBritish sterling and US dollars – shows Magazine Masthead – inthat magazine is known and sold Looking directly at the viewer – creates a recognisable font andinternationally). Conventional to all kind of ‘relationship’ which acts as a bright colour whichmagazines. persuasive device to see the film. makes it stand outTagline – “The World’s from the darkBiggest Movie background.Magazine” suggeststhat it is the best of itskind, encouraging Magazine’s websitepeople to buy it. – gives access to more information.Coverlines Main image is of protagonisttelling the of Harry Potter films –viewer what is recognisable. His bloody facefeatured inside suggests that the film is quitethe magazine. action-packed and potentially violent. Main coverline –Dark background “Bloody hell” is ansuggests mood expression commonlyof the film – used by one of thedark? Action- film’s protagonists -packed? Sad? creates synergy with the film.Additional image – gives Barcode – conventional to all magazines.more info on the content of Extra info regarding On a white background so it can bethe magazine. content of magazine. spotted easily to scan.
  6. 6. How synergy is created between the poster and the magazine:•The protagonist and film’s namesake (Harry Potter) is featured on both•The background in both is extremely dark and moody – this suggests the moodand genre of the film to the viewer
  7. 7. Trailer trailer is interesting to analyse as it incorporates a flashback, similar to the one inour trailer. This will give me a insight into some of the editing techniques used when aflashback is involved.Camera angles: High-angle long-shot (establishing shot), bird’s-eye view, close-up,extreme close-up (shows detail) mid-shot, low-angle shot (creates vulnerability),two-shot, over-the-shoulder shot.Editing: Rhythmic (in time with soundtrack), fades at beginning to create suspense,match-on-action (creates continuity), cuts/fades to black (tension, suspense, alsocreates the sense of time passing - flashback).
  8. 8. Sound: Diagetic: Dumbledore speaking, woman speaking, boy speaking, sound effects (windblowing through grass, running through grass, growling, water splashing), silence(atmospheric, unnerving),Non-diagetic: Choral, atmospheric soundtrack which helps to create suspense, stings (echo-ey, heavy drumbeat, string instruments; creates tension and the sense that something is aboutto happen, or put emphasis on a particular shot, e.g shots of Voldemort), boy’s voice turnsinto voiceover, soundtrack changes (traditional, recognisable Harry Potter soundtrack –mysterious), atmospheric echoing, burning sound, voiceover (exchange between Harry andVoldemort), one single heavy drumbeat (atmospheric, emphatic).Mise-en-scène: Dark lighting which appears almost candle-lit(mysterious, atmospheric), Dumbledore’s attire and long beard give him a sense ofwisdom, glass vials appear mysterious, ornate and magical, boy looks pale and moody(austere), fire appearing out of nowhere (magical, unnerving), flickering to Voldemort createsa sense of fear.How synergy is created between the trailer and the poster:•Institutional information is featured in both•Same dark lighting•Same font used•Protagonist is featured in bothHow synergy is created between the trailer and the magazine:•Protagonist is featured in both•Same dark lighting