Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm November 12


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This is the second monthly presentation to our internal teams showing some of the latest digital marketing efforts by brands around the world.

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Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm November 12

  3. 3. COCA-COLA Position Coca-Cola as a place where thoughtful people STRATEGY: indulge their curiosity about the world around them, engage in a civil discussion, and hopefully learn a little more about one of the worlds best-known companies. Re-present the corporate website as an online magazine IDEA: called Coca-Cola Journey, after a magazine named Journey that was published for the company’s employees from 1987 to 1997. EXECUTION: Visual design kicked off in January, and development began in March.  Worked with The Wonderfactory and Perfect Sense Digital. Coca-Cola Journey consists of 674 article pages and 772 asset pages.  For launch, our team of original contributors created more than 80 original pieces.  We uploaded 715 images to pair with content, and there are an additional 523 downloadable hi-res images for media use.  Finally, we posted and categorized 5,354 YouTube videos. Source & Source & Source
  4. 4. COCA-COLA “Were doing this because were optimistic about our world, and we think we have something to contribute to the global dialogue. While well touch on many subjects over the years to come, well pay special focus to the areas where we believe Coca-Cola is leading: great brands and marketing, innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and trade. Weve chosen these themes not out of blind optimism, but because they are the cornerstones of trends and dynamics that are real and tangible and have long-term positive implications.” Source & Source
  5. 5. COCA-COLA
  6. 6. COCA-COLA
  8. 8. DUNKIN’ DONUTS Encourage interaction with a signature element of the STRATEGY: brand--the cup--and drive traffic to the store location to get the cup for participation in a seasonal promotion. How would you dress up your Dunkin’ Donuts cup for IDEA: Halloween? Users were encouraged to decorate the cup with a costume & then share a picture on Instagram using the EXECUTION: hashtag #DresseDD for the chance to win a $100 mobile gift card. Dunkin’ Donuts shared their first photo on March 5. RESULTS: (roughly 8 months ago) and accumulated 95 images of food/drinks during that time. During their Halloween contest, 45 photos, almost all relevant to their brand, were shared. In just a couple of weeks, fans generated half as much quality content as the brand did during the past 8 months. Source & Source
  10. 10. DUNKIN’ DONUTS
  11. 11. DUNKIN’ DONUTS
  12. 12. DUNKIN’ DONUTSWhat could they have done better? The photos are nowhere to be found on their website or Facebook page. They retweeted the 5 winning photos with a smart comment added, but the shelf life of a tweet is by definition very short, a couple of hours at best. What if they had added a Facebook tab with all the entries so that Fans could see for themselves, and even voice their opinions on who they thought should win? Doing this would have improved the engagement during and after the contest, which is one of the main targets of any campaign on social media. Source
  13. 13. HITCHCOCK MOVIE Build anticipation for the new movie Hitchcock and STRATEGY: engage a younger audience in the history of Hitchcock. IDEA: Get inspired by Hitchcock. Users are invited to shot, tag and submit their photos inspired to the master of mystery using the tag #Hitchshots. Fox Searchlight will then select 10 people EXECUTION: who will win autographed posters of the cast, which includes, wait-for-it, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Toni Collette and Danny Huston. RESULTS: 238 entries in the first week of the contest. Source & Source
  16. 16. ALDO Introduce the Aldo brand to Israel in a way that gets STRATEGY: women excited about the shoes available from the retailer. IDEA: The first ever Instagram street banner. A sign with a bell was placed on the routinely busy Rothschild Street with a prompt to: 1) Stand here on our EXECUTION: welcome mat, 2) Take a picture of your shoes on Instgram, 3) Tag your pic #Aldo, 4) Click on the space bar and write your shoe size, and 5) Ring my bell. After two minutes, a mobile shoebox came rolling down the street, delivering each Instagrammer a free pair of shoes in her size. The bell was rung 457 times. Over 500 pictures were RESULTS: uploaded to Instagram. Photos were interacted with almost 80,000 times. Source
  17. 17. ALDO Source
  18. 18. ALDOWhat could they have done better? Asked people to share their experience/photos of the new shoes in some way. The photos shared were of their old shoes. Only a small percentage of participants shared the after photos. Source
  19. 19. COMODO STRATEGY: Leverage the crowd and food photo sharing trends to create an enticing menu for restaurant guests. IDEA: Embrace all the Instagram users who snap pictures of their food after its delivered to the table. Diners are encouraged to add to the Instagram collection EXECUTION: using the hashtag #comodomenu and share comments about the food. Few restaurants put photos on their menus, so this is a clever way to share the visuals without cluttering up the menu itself. Currently, 55 user-submitted photos pop up showing the dishes in various lighting conditions. Seeing the photos may help sway dining decision one way or another. Comodo is expecting customers to make their menu RESULTS: decisions based on dish recommendations from their Instagram friends or from the visual power of the food. Source
  21. 21. COKE ZERO & 007 STRATEGY: Leverage the new Skyfall 007 movie partnership. Give people the opportunity to be James Bond, if only for IDEA: a few minutes. Unsuspecting travelers at Antwerp Central station in Belgium, thirsty for some Coke, step up to a vending EXECUTION: machine and are prompted with the following question: "Want the chance to win exclusive tickets to Skyfall?" If their answer is yes, theyre given a challenge -- they have 70 seconds to race to platform six. And it is all recorded. RESULTS: Posted 10.18.12 and already has over 8 million video views.
  22. 22. BODYFORM Show the Bodyform personality and make a splash in the STRATEGY: social media world. Respond to a social media complaint in an equally cheeky IDEA: way with video. The one-minute, 45 second-long film, "The Truth, Richard," features pretend Bodyform CEO Caroline EXECUTION: Williams sitting at a desk in her office beside a jug and glass containing blue liquid. As the film unfolds, Williams, in a tone that’s no-nonsense-verging-on-paid-assassin, thanks Richard for his input and apologizes for lying for its "flagrant use of visualization" and the illusion it perpetuated for the good of man. The YouTube video earned over 170,000 views in the first RESULTS: 24 hours. There were 35,027 tweets (generating, according to the brand, 130M impressions in that time). Source
  23. 23. BODYFORM This comment posted on the Bodyform Facebook page and the comment went viral--88,000 likes, 200,000 views.
  24. 24. BODYFORMHow did they execute it? The idea for the tongue in cheek film arose after Bodyform Brand Controller noticed the post. "I found it funny, and by lunchtime it was clear social interest in it was building so I suggested to our marketing director we should do something, as the tone of his posting felt in tune for our strategy for the brand," she explains. "The opportunity we had came from the fact that because of the song, Bodyform is seen as a less serious brand which is a powerful lever to tell it like it is in a different way without being patronizing," she says. "By lunchtime on the first day, we put a call out to our agencies for suggestions about what we could do and from this came the idea of making a YouTube film." The biggest challenge was striking the right tonal balance. "We wanted to be lighthearted and honest, but we did not want to make him look like an idiot for what he’d said," Kretova adds. Then, of course, there was whether they could respond fast enough to capitalize on the Facebook momentum already brewing. Production of the video was coordinated by Bodyform’s media agency, Carat, which also managed social amplification and lined up London-based boutique agency Rubber Republic to write and produce the script, which was greenlit on Wednesday morning. The film was then shot on Saturday in an executive suite in Carat’s offices close to Regents Park. Additional promotion for the film, which was posted online on Tuesday morning, was done by SCA’s U.K. PR agency Myriad and quickly secured national media coverage. Source
  26. 26. NARS Support the holiday make-up collection (Andy Warhol) STRATEGY: and engage the NARS online community. Energized the robust online community by taking their IDEA: tribute to the pop art icon a step further by creating a NARS profile makeover app where users can ‘Warholize’ their Facebook profile for a visual makeover. Users can pull images from their Facebook photos, EXECUTION: desktop images, or take a new picture from their webcam. They can then assemble images and templates that combine Warhol’s artistic touch and NARS’ branding. Source
  27. 27. NARS
  29. 29. KEY LEARNINGS • Digital content is important for driving engagement and brands are getting serious about becoming publishers. • Instagram has hit its tipping point. • Integrating across channels can drive the enagement further. • Timing is important; we need act quickly in digital channels.
  31. 31. THANK YOU.Emily