Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm April 13


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This is the seventh monthly installment of an internal presentation we give to our team to spark ideas and thoughts.

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Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm April 13

  3. 3. VWSTRATEGY:IDEA:EXECUTION:Capture the attention of television viewers, even thosethat fast forward through the commercial.sCreate a slowmercial.Viewers of live television will see this ad and explanation,but those who watch it later and fast-forward will still seethe top roll down, but at a faster pace, thus taking in themessage just the same. The ad will run during Belgium’smost popular and frequently recorded shows such asHomeland and Bones.The commercial claims that 50% more people will take inthe advertising with a slowmercial, and if it is the case, itcould be the way to proceed for advertisers in the worldof fast-forwarding.Source @stoneward
  4. 4. WHAT MAKES SOMETHING VIRAL?WHAT:HOW:EXECUTION:Source @stonewardViral really means making something that is shareable. Sothe question we should be asking ourselves is: what makescontent something that people want to share with theirnetworks?There’s no magic formula that can guarantee a piece ofcontent will go viral.There are no guarantees when itcomes to virality, but there are common elements mostviral sensations share.Pull on the heart strings: humor, nostalgia, guilt -the more human your content, them more it will resonatewith the audience.Find your influencers: Had Justin Bieber, SelenaGomez, and Ashley Tisdale not created their ownimpromptu music video for “Call Me Maybe,” it’s unlikelyshe’d be on the radar of every teen in America.Encourage imitation: The Harlem Shake. 12,000user-generated videos created in the first two weeks.Need we say more?
  5. 5. VINEWHAT:HOW:Source @stonewardVine is tapping into a lot of trends. It’s almost an instantcreation of a gif, or looped video, and a richer experiencethan a photo.Videos and gifs share well, and integrationacross devices and Twitter clients will help on this front.However, there are several elements that may impact onconsumer uptake, ultimately, the major deciding factor forbrand involvement.The first is the increased initial effortrequired to create aVine.It’s as simple as it can be – but it’s still more complex thansimply snapping a photo.Vines will never replace photosfor that instant hit; for capturing a moment.And whilecameras are instantly accessible from the home screen ofmost phones for that fleeting moment, theVine app isn’t.With brands just having got their collective heads aroundvideo and images in social, it might be some time beforethere’s a critical mass of brands masteringVines.However, brands have started experimenting
  6. 6. VINEEXECUTIONS:Source @stonewardVideo or images tend to be what brands are findingworks best. However, the creation of an integratedplatform for these ‘halfway house’ items of media mayprovide an incentive to experiment in this space.There’s certainly potential for very cool content, though itwill take strong case studies ofVines working for brandsbefore we see wide uptakeBut as with most channels, businesses will need to sitback and work out if there’s anything inVine that couldwork for them. Rather than racing in and throwingresources at a new app – any app, not justVine – brandsneed to work out how it would fit in with their widerstrategy; overall business and social media aims.Short moving images are the logical step between sharingpictures and sharing movies, with a low barrier to entry.There needs to be a compelling reason to share aVinerather than just a photograph.
  7. 7. VINESource @stonewardUrban Outfitters: is great as it shows two cute dogs, andthe only two absolute truths in marketing are that sexsells and people love to share content about animals.Secondly it just has just two different clips in it, so it’s notpainful on the eyes.
  8. 8. VINESource @stonewardDoritos:The clip contains a single idea, but it’s incrediblycreative and fun to watch. Doritos is also one of the fewbrands that have made use of the fact thatVine recordssound as well as video. Finally, this clip ties into acompetition so it serves a purpose beyond simply testingoutVine to see what it can do.
  9. 9. VINESource @stonewardGE: General Electric has a brilliant social strategy, whichyou perhaps wouldnt expect from a utilities company, andis a prolific user ofVine.This clip is a bit of fun to celebrate Pi Day – it’s an endlesspie.
  10. 10. VINESource @stonewardBacardi: Simple but effective, thisVine uses stop motion toshow a lime rolling up to a bottle of Bacardi.It’s a simple idea but it’s executed extremely well, which isexactly whatVine should be for.
  11. 11. TUMBLRWHAT:HOW:Source @stonewardTumblr may seem just like another blogging platform likeWordPress or Blogger.While it can indeed play the role oftraditional blog, its dashboard feed and searchablehashtags are akin to Twitter or Instagram where the latestcontent from those you follow appear at the top of yourpage upon log in.What’s most unique about Tumblr from a digital marketingstandpoint is that there are by default no user comments.Blog owners can turn on a feature called Replies, but itonly enables replies to happen in the dashboard view, andonly from those who follow you for more than twoweeks (thereby discouraging trolls and spammers).Youcan show your approval of someone’s post by “liking” it,but in order to write any kind of comment, you have toactually re-blog it on your own Tumblr page, writing yourresponse there. In other words, to engage with a brand’scontent, you have to first share it with your own socialnetwork, and this behavior is highly encouraged.
  12. 12. TUMBLREXECUTIONS:Source @stonewardTumblr is not just a platform, it’s a community.Acommunity of content creators and consumers.Anaverage Tumblr user spends 1 hour and 38 minutes on thesite per month doing nothing but consuming content.Asbrand marketers, if we can add quality content to thecommunity, we earn the right to play there.A central component of Tumblr is visual content, whichalso plays well with aspirational brands. It also has alonger tail than your average tweet or Facebook post.Tumblr content is both extremely viral and has a longshelf life meaning that content shared on Tumblr can beshared for longer periods of time and jump to morediverse sub-groups within the network than other socialnetworksWith no comments to moderate and the brand initiatingall the content on their page, brands are free to create ahighly customized and idealized brand experience withinTumblr.That doesn’t just mean publishing cat gifs andgenerating Ryan Gosling memes about new products. No,the most savvy brands are doing something more elegant,using Tumblr to craft an emotive, sharable, and very visualnarrative around their brand.
  13. 13. TUMBLRSource @stoneward
  14. 14. TUMBLRSource @stonewardAce Hotel has done a great job of bringing the design aesthetic of their hotels tothe content of their blog.While Ace uses their Tumblog to promote the hotels’music and fashion events, the brand also understands that not every post has toadvertise. Some updates can serve to perpetuate the brand personality, andnothing more.Their site seems to say,“stepping into the Ace Hotel is not unlikestepping back in time to an America where people still make things with theirhands, wild horses roamed free on the great plains, we advertised with movabletype, captured our life moments with Polaroids and held up our pants withsuspenders. But this isn’t some antique-y B&B, and you can expect only the latestin music and fashion within these sepia toned walls.”
  15. 15. TUMBLRSource @stonewardMaking the most of the creative community aspect of Tumblr, Disney Parksinvited a group of influential Tumblr photographers to the amusement parks andlet them have creative control – the ask was for them to shoot photos they’dwant to see and share.The Disney Parks Photo Project “The Looking Glass” hasindeed been sharable with new photos going up nearly every day and gettinghundreds of reblogs each. Best of all, the photo content comes with the addedauthenticity of coming from people outside of the brand who have their ownunique fan bases.
  16. 16. TUMBLRSource @stonewardSimilar to Disney,Whole Foods uses creative partnerships to create high-calibercontent for their Tumblr blog “Dark Rye.” – bloggers, photographers, illustratorsand food experts. It’s an extension of their online magazine, served up in bite-sized slices. Not only does their Tumblr reinforce the Whole Foods brand imagethrough visual content, it provides utilitarian value to its followers in the way ofhow-to videos, articles and daily inspiration.
  17. 17. TUMBLRSource has the ability to boil down a massive swirl of information into a superdigestible, and downright entertaining,Tumblr blog. servesas the central hub for all of the city’s digital content from departments includingSchools & Education,“Getting Around” (the MTA, the Port Authority, the DOT,etc),Arts & Culture,Volunteer, Jobs and “311” (FAQs and breaking info).You’d beamazed at how information, like a report from the NYC Department ofTransportation on pothole repair, becomes fun to read about. GorgeousInstagram pics from locals and quotes from famous NewYorkers pepper thefeed, breaking up the latest updates on city legislation and pics of MikeBloomberg at ribbon cutting ceremonies.
  18. 18. EVIANSTRATEGY:IDEA:EXECUTION:Source @stonewardLiveYoungAgency and client both pointed out that the babies arentjust an advertising gimmick.Theyre rooted in the brandshistory. "The babies are true to our story and heritage,"Laurent Houel, global brand director for Evian, tellsAdweek. "The love affair of the brand with babies startedin France in 1935, when Evian was first recommended as aperfect water for babies. It is still today the No. 1 waterused by mothers for their babies [thanks to its pH-neutralmineral composition]. So fundamentally, there is a truelink, it is not a marketing trick."Houel adds: "BETC had the idea to go beyond this, andleverage the babies into a powerful symbol of purity andyouth.This baby is a symbol of you and how you feelwhen you experience Evian, and a symbol of the purity ofour water.""Baby & Me" campaign. Once again, they represent yourgleeful inner child, but this time they want to dance withyou.
  19. 19. EVIANTACTICS:Source @stonewardLet’s Baby Dance micrositeMake your own baby dance videoVideoApp that allows you to “babify” yourselfBuy a tshirtDigital posters
  20. 20. EVIAN@stonewardSource
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  26. 26. KEY LEARNINGS/TAKEAWAYS@stoneward
  27. 27. KEY LEARNINGS•Video, video, video•Cute babies and cute animals still work inadvertising•Different channels require different ways of thinkingabout content@stoneward
  28. 28. DISCUSSION/QUESTIONS@stoneward
  29. 29. THANK YOU.Emily