AdAge Digital Conference 2012 Recap


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Emily Reeves recaps key presentations from the AdAge Digital Conference 2012.

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AdAge Digital Conference 2012 Recap

  1. 1. { } AdAge Digital 2012
  2. 2. conference fordigital marketers { } what is it?April 17-18, 2012 NYC
  3. 3. Fab FacebookTumblr Verizon Anheuser-Busch Gap { } who was there? Spotify AT&T Sony HuluMastercard Gatorade
  4. 4. { } Gapwho: Seth Farbman, Global CMOtheme: stop thinking about the technology and instead think about the purposehighlights: • digital is dead; if it doesn’t meet the filters the founders would have used, then it is technology for technology’s sake; it should be about the idea • creating and allowing for community with partners that make sense with the brand positioning • go back to a start-up mentality • don’t think of digital as a way to stay relevant, instead think of the best way to communicate your message to your audience
  5. 5. { Gatorade }who: Randall Brown, Global Director of Digital Strategytheme: social is not a what, it is a wherehighlights: • go back to the brand essence and brand behavior before thinking about the social channels; when you have this defined, it becomes really easy to show, demonstrate and define those behaviors • consumers have the power of media and consciousness of marketing
  6. 6. { Facebook }who: David Fisher, VP Business and Marketing Partnershipstheme: content should be fluid and ubiquitoushighlights: • the content challenge is curation: how do we find what is meaningful to us? It is increasingly happening on Facebook and other places like it; we turn to friends for what to read, listen to, watch, eat, buy, etc. 92% of people trust recs from friends, including those from social media. • social is about many lightweight interactions: your brand needs an always-on strategy, encouraging conversations • we are 50% more likely to remember an ad when you see a friends name associated with it
  7. 7. { Anheuser-Busch }who: Lucas Herscovici, Global Dir. of Strategic Innovation-Mktg Winston Wang, Global Dir of Strategic Innovation-Technologytheme: dont have a digital strategy, have a connection strategyhighlights: • leverage indirect channels to drive to our direct channels, like using Shazam in TV commercials • building integrated social by partnerships between marketers and technologists • figure out how to connect the physical and the digital: augmented reality, scan bottles to learn batch, if you are the first you can name the batch, use Shazam to get free download, RFID kiosks in NOLA,Video Genie contest for Super Bowl tickets
  8. 8. { Google Project Re: Brief }who: Coca-Cola, Avis, Alka-Seltzer, Volvotheme: if you focus on the technology, you are screwed; it has to be about the ideahighlights: • nothing Earth-shattering was said in the film, but everyone needed to be reminded to go back to the basics: use the old rules and apply them to the tools we have today • the problem is that people are afraid to take risks on the web; they are being way too conservative. That is why Google did this experiment: to show it can be done • digital is the layer that connects everything together; it is not a channel
  9. 9. { thank you } @reeves501