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As media studies

  1. 1. AS Media StudiesCoursework Evaluation Emily Pilkington
  2. 2. My magazine is conventional as it uses a very familiar layoutand theme to many existing magazines. My two-page spreadis structured like a typical article in a music magazine, with thelarge photo in the background, tidy columns that make myarticle easy to read. The pictures I used are unique toeveryone elses as they used obvious props such as guitars ormusical instruments but as I studied further into magazines Ifound that this is rarely shown often on a celeb photo shoot,so I followed that outlook and I am happy with the results.
  3. 3. Some groups that I think are represented through mymagazine are: Youths, women and culture.The artist that I created ‘Sophie Wood’ will definitely be morelikely to attract women, but I’d like to think she could attractboth genders as she’s a female DJ and there isn’t many ofthem around therefore I would she’d attract attention frommany people, that was my aim.The magazine looks very fashion orientated which issomething else that women would be attracted to, myphoto’s are very unique and in trend, therefore it may give offa ‘I’d like to look like that’ vibe which would be useful as thismeans my audience are being inspired by not only music butthe style that comes with it
  4. 4. I think IPC media would best represent mymagazine as It’s the holder of NME which Irelate my magazine to the most due a widevariety of musicAlternatively it could be distributed virally, asthe main audience is young people and thefavoured way is to read online
  5. 5. The audience I would be aiming for would mainly beyouths as the magazine does contain modern andnew idea. The article and picture in my magazinewouldnt be of interest to young children or elderlypeople. The article I made is about a DJ so I highlydoubt this would catch a rock fans attention but myfront cover does offer a wide range of music, so it’snot limited at all.
  6. 6. The audience would firstly beattracted to the title which isalso a sound “BOOM” itjumps out at you instantly witha bright red colour. Then youreyes are drawn to the imageof the Artist, with her name asa sub heading, her eyes clashwith the red colours of the textwhich makes it that muchmore obscure and interesting.Also a small selection of otherbands stated telling you toturn to the contents page tosee more bands, this isalmost dragging the readerinside of the magazine. Thefooter is making sure allaudience are thought of ‘allyour favourite music in onemagazine!’ this may attractpeople who wouldn’t ofbought it on first glance of thecover.
  7. 7. Quite experienced inPhotoshop, so I was ableto use my knowledge tomake my magazinedifferent to everyoneelses, I found it easy andfun to create it. I even created my ownlogo for my contentspage title.Although, I have never used slide share or BlogSpotbefore, I found them interesting and think it’s aperfect example of how technology is taking over.Which kind of fits in with the theme of my magazine.
  8. 8. During this project I learned more about themusic industry and the media. I was able toresearch many existing magazines and learnmore about each one. I can now distinguishbetween the different genres with a lot moreease, and associate certain bands and nameswith each one. I have learned how to make amagazine look more professional. I also thinkmy photography skills have widened, which isgood as I’m very interested in photography andhad to look at it from a different point of viewwhich made me understand how to make apicture more aesthetically pleasing.