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This is a campaign created for Chobani for class credits.

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  • Chobani Yogurt currently has an ad out with the tag line “Chobani Simply 100.” It uses the hash tag #howmatters and they “believe 100% all natural ingredients is all you need.” Their ad uses humor alongside tapping into the consumer’s emotional empathy for animals. In my big idea for Chobani I want to play off of this ad and continue the campaign farther.
  • The campaign’s big idea I came up with is to have consumers engage in living a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle through the “give to a friend, receive from Chobani” campaign. Through this campaign consumers would purchase Chobani Yogurt and give a friend the coupon that came on the packaging so their friends could purchase Chobani at a discount. The person who received the coupon from a friend would then use their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to show they received the coupon. They would tag their friend (the friend who gave them the coupon) and upload a picture of them and their coupon with the hash tag #ChobaniandFriends. Chobani would give the consumer who gave out the coupon a “free Chobani Yogurt pack” that they could use at any local grocery store (one time use).
  • The target audience for this campaign is college students, both men and women. It will reach ages 18-25 and halo off into older age ranges as well. The main focus on college students stems from the fact that they are just starting to purchase their own food from local grocery stores and are technologically advanced, being they are the millennial generation. Having a college group partake in the competitive nature of giving back to friends and in return receiving a free pack of yogurt will contribute to community relations and enable students to engage in a positive manner with one another. It reinforces the idea of team building and creating relationships with friends and the brand Chobani.
  • The tools and tactics that will be used through this campaign will be marketing on the packaging so consumers can begin to take note of the campaign. We will have food blogs cover this as well as fashion bloggers who young females might follow for trendy advice. Having blogs cover this campaign will allow college students to relate to a reliable resource and gain trust in the legitimacy of the campaign. We will promote our campaign on all social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  The most important digital marketing outlet to use is a blog and Instagram.
  • This is the hashtag that individuals would use to share with us the picture of them and their yogurt while simultaneously tagging their friend in the post so we know how to find their friend so we can send them free Chobani.
  • Key performance indicators showing this campaign will be success is how engaged the consumer is through social media posts and how many free packs of yogurt are given away. Through this campaign the hope for Chobani is that they create a positive brand image while engaging with a younger demographic (the college students) and create brand loyalty while also creating buzz and excitement around the product. The main goal is that the campaign becomes prevalent in consumer’s minds and is well known while students and consumers are at the grocery store as well as while they are going about their day to day business.  
  • As far as budget goes, this campaign will cost them. This campaign will use Google Adword to increase their impressions and will take hours and hours of time building a strategy, planning and implementing their campaign.  If an agency bill $250 per hour to create and implement this campaign and it will take them around 100 hours to do so then this campaign will cost them approximately $10,000 (including the price they pay for Adwords).
  • We want to work in a noninvasive manner to promote the consumer engagement surrounding this campaign and to create happiness and excitement in the customers lives.
  • Chobani Campain

    1. 1. Chobani Campaign “Give to a Friend, Receive from Chobani” By: Emily Jaslove
    2. 2. CURRENT CAMPAIGN “Chobani Simply 100” #howmatters They “Believe 100% all natural ingredients”
    3. 3. BIG IDEA “Give to a friend, receive from Chobani” 1.Purchase Chobani 2. Give a friend a coupon 3. Your friend uploads a picture and tags you in it on social media #ChobaniandFriends 4. You get a free Chobani yogurt pack!
    4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE • College students • 18-25 • men & women
    5. 5. OBJECTIVES Increase brand awareness by 50% Gain customer loyalty Become #1 brand of yogurt for college students
    6. 6. TOOLS & TACTICS Packaging Food blogging Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest
    7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA #ChobaniandFriends
    8. 8. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS • Create positive brand image • Create brand loyalty • Create buzz & excitement
    9. 9. BUDGET $10,000
    10. 10. OVERALL Happy customers & fun engagement!
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