Question 1 evaluation media


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Question 1 evaluation media

  2. 2. TRAILER - USES• In my trailer I have used the stereotypical music which is used in horror films. The music is creepy and eerie which sets the mood of horror. I have used the sound of a music box to relate to the young girls that I have used in my production. The idea for this came from ‘The Woman in Black’ trailer which does the same thing.• The camera shots and angles used in my trailer are used in real media products. A variety of establishing shots of the location where the trailer was filmed sets the scene for the film. Also close up shots use to establish the main protagonists in the trailer.• The pace of the trailer is also the same as in real media products of this genre. The music helps this happen. The editing of the film matches the speed of the music at the beginning, which means the shots are long and slow. The music then speeds up, and so the editing does too where the shots are now shorter and quicker. Again I got this from the trailers that I analysed, ‘The Woman in Black’, ‘The Lovely Bones’ and ‘Hide and Seek’.
  3. 3. DEVELOPS• In horror trailers, I found that a typical convention was to have an establishing shot at the beginning showing the audience where the trailer was filmed. I have also done this but have made the clips shorter and have used more than one to establish the location of my trailer.• It is quite unusual to have a positive beginning in a horror trailer. Here I have shown the young girls having fun at the park but then everything changes when the accident takes place. This is where the mood changes and it becomes more of a horror film.
  4. 4. CHALLENGES• After analysing three horror trailers I found that a stereotypical convention of them was that there was narration over them, either in first or third person. Originally I planned to have narration of the girl being haunted by her dead friend. I eventually decided against this because the sound that I got was not good enough to go into the trailer. Instead I added text into the trailer which was not used in the trailers I analysed, but I felt worked effectively as it still gave the audience an idea of what is going to happen in the trailer but not giving too much away, therefore making it more mysterious which is what I wanted to happen.
  5. 5. USES - POSTER• The colour scheme of black and white is a convention of the genre of horror. The use of the red in the eye in the shadow of the girl is also a stereotypical colour for horror.• The use of a tagline on film poster is effective because it gives the audience a small clue about the film but not giving too much away. In my case the tagline is ‘Do you believe in ghosts?’• The use of credits at the bottom is also a convention of film posters, and this is why I have put them on the bottom of mine.
  6. 6. DEVELOPS• The typography of my poster is the same as the film posters that I have analysed. The half the face not revealing much is a convention of the genre of film that I am doing. It creates the sense of the unknown and making the audience want to find out more about the film. It is simple by effective at the same time.
  7. 7. CHALLENGES• On my poster I have put a faint shadow of one of the young girl in the eye of the main image. From the posters that I have analysed this was not a convention. I chose to do this because it creates a sense of mystery as to why she is in the eye. The girl in the main image looks as though she is looking for the girl, but the audience would not know why this is.• Another convention that I challenged was that the overall poster was quite simple and did not have much on it. I chose to do this to create the eerie, mysterious mood around the film.• I also made my poster landscape rather than portrait, as I though this would be more effective for the layout of my poster.
  8. 8. USES – MAGAZINE COVER• I have used a bold title that stands out and catches the eye of the audience. Also the use of direct mode of address by the main image on the cover will make the magazine seem more appealing to the audience therefore making them want to buy it.• The use of the date of the issue and the barcode is a typical convention for all magazines.• A convention of magazine covers are using buzz words and puffs, which draw the attention to the target audience and give them an idea of what is included within the magazine.
  9. 9. DEVELOPS• From the magazines that I have analysed I found that the image of the main character was usually taken separately and not an image from the film. Here I have done the same by having a photo shoot with the characters after I had got my footage for my trailer. The blank expressions on the girls’ faces shows something bad is going to happen in the film and the use of the holding hands, shows that it is related to the anchorage text ‘Friends Forever’.• A convention of the film magazine ‘Empire’ is that the title has been altered in some way, usually with the main image covering the title or placed underneath. I have placed the image underneath to make sure that the title stands out to the audience rather than it being covered.
  10. 10. CHALLENGES• After looking at a variety of film magazines, a convention that was common across all of them was to have only one person on the front cover. I challenged this convention and placed both protagonists on the front of my magazine cover. I chose to do this because I thought that it was important to include this because otherwise the anchorage text would not really relate to the image. I feel that this was an effective choice in promoting my film.
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA• I found from other films that they used social media to promote their film. I decided to do the same and have created a twitter account where I will be able to tweet information about the film and post links for people to watch. The image includes a picture of the main protagonists and the bio (something about the account) contains the tagline of the film.