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Social media for law students & lawyers
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Social media for law students & lawyers






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Social media for law students & lawyers Social media for law students & lawyers Presentation Transcript

  • “FINDING at trial NOT GUILTY!!!” “I don't do molly. I rock Tom Ford” “MOTION TO SUPPRESS SUSTAAINED!!!”
  • LOTS OF NEGATIVE FEEDBACK 1. Don't talk about clients or their matters. 2. Don't talk to clients about their matters. 3. Don't run afoul of your firm’s Rules of Professional Conduct. 4. Don't engage in the unauthorized practice of law. 5. Don't engage in conflicts of interest. 6. Don't give legal advice online. 7. Don't jeopardize your identity. 8. Don’t live-tweet/post/instagram/tumbl cases. Good to keep in mind, but what about proactively using social to your benefit? IN PART FROM: HTTP://WWW.WISBAR.ORG/NEWSPUBLICATIONS/WISCONSI NLAWYER/PAGES/ARTICLE.ASPX?VOLUME=85&ISSUE=5&AR TICLEID=2416
  • WHY SOCIAL? “Lawyers ought to be empowered, encouraged, and educated on social.” -Kevin O’Keefe, Lawyer & Founder of LexBlog HTTP://KEVIN.LEXBLOG.COM/2014/01/11/73-OF-ADULTS-USESOCIAL-NETWORKS-ARE-YOUR-LAWYERS-ENGAGING-THEM/
  • RISE IN SOCIAL MEDIA USE AMONG LAWYERS • 14% of lawyers used Twitter in 2013 (compared to 11% in 2012 and more than double the 6% who used it in 2011.) • 27% of U.S. law firms now have blogs (up from 22% last year, 15 % in 2011, and 14% in 2010.) • Lawyers between 40-49 are the most likely to have professional blogs. • As of September 2013, 73% of all online adults use social networking sites. BOTTOM LINE: IT’S NOT GOING AWAY ANY TIME SOON! HTTP://WWW.PEWINTERNET.ORG/FACT-SHEETS/SOCIAL-NETWORKING-FACT-SHEET/ HTTP://WWW.LAWSITESBLOG.COM/2013/08/LAWYERS -SOCIAL-MEDIA-USECONTINUES-TO-GROW-ABA-ANNUAL-TECH-SURVEY-SHOWS.HTML
  • “A great example of this is Bob White, a partner-level attorney in Florida who uses Twitter to share the best tech articles he finds each week. After a few months of finding and sharing great tech articles, Bob was able to bring in tech companies as new clients,” Dayton notes. “They came to recognize, by the quality of his research and the articles he shared, that he really gets it.”
  • The power of social media is to create the message. “Just look at attorney Roy Ginsburg and his blog Quirky Employment Questions. After three years of blogging weekly, last month his blog hit over 10,000 unique visitors.” “Thanks to his blog he has landed a sixfigure client, and has won the Author of the Year award from Lexology. His blog is working for him, and the firm is benefiting. It may not be the firm's message, but it is a message that is resonating.”
  • BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME? • Put a face and voice to your legal expertise • Take control of your Google search results • Expand depth & breadth of professional network • Obtain legal, business, and industry news • Position yourself as a thought leader • Become a go-to person on a niche topic • Show that you are tuned in to the latest cases & trends = All invaluable things when you’re early in your career!
  • SIGN UP • Twitter: • Good for: link sharing, links, mobile-friendly, thought leadership • Bad for: long form posts, infrequent posts • Blogging: • Good for: long form analysis, thought leadership • Bad for: frequent posts • Platform examples: Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot • LinkedIn: • Good for: networking, professionalism • Bad for: thought leadership Remember: Use a combination of the above for the best results! • Platforms not as useful for legal professionals: • Facebook: hard to get a following, more for brands & personal use • Instagram: Not really about thought leadership or professionalism • SnapChat: don’t even make me go there
  • ALREADY ONLINE? • Consider your audiences • Set all personal accounts as private • Use Facebook lists as privacy filters • Make an alternate “public-facing” account • Change your user image • Be aware which emails connect • Google yourself
  • FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE “When engaging on the web, it is absolutely critical that lawyers demarcate the difference between sharable insights & actual legal advice — the two shouldn’t be confused. Put a disclaimer at the top of your blog & Twitter bio to say: ‘Thoughts shared here do not constitute legal advice.’” HTTP://UNBOUNCE.COM/SOCIAL-MEDIA/CREATE-CLICK-WORTHYSOCIAL-MEDIA-PROFILES/ HTTP://MASHABLE.COM/2010/06/01/LAWYERS-SOCIAL-MEDIA/
  • DIVE IN • The best way to learn anything is to get hands on experience. • Follow the influencers and thought leaders. There’s a good chance they’ll follow you back! • Find other Penn and Penn Law-related accounts on the Penn Law Social Networks page or on the Penn Web A-Z directory. • Use lists to organize the people you follow. They’re a good resource for people who follow you, and they allow you to sort through your stream as you follow more people. Remember: Use a combination of the above for the best results!
  • AUDIENCE AWARENESS • Who are your targeting? What is their day like? • TIMING: Consider the time of day when you post. • FREQUENCY: Twitter can handle a higher volume of content than other social media platforms so there’s room to repeat and rephrase your messages a bit. • RELEVANCE: If you’re posting something topical, do a search to see if any hashtags are trending, who else is talking about it, or jumping in to a conversation happening about it. • CONSISTENCY: Try to stick to a regular blogging/posting schedule so your readers return frequently.
  • LINKEDIN • LinkedIn drives more traffic to law firm websites than all other social media combined • Join LinkedIn Groups – especially if you’re a summer associate • Post regular and consistent updates • Add value, not spam • Consider making some contact info public HTTP://KEVIN.LEXBLOG.COM/2013/10/22/LINKEDIN DRIVES-MORE-TRAFFIC-TO-LAW-FIRM-WEBSITES-THAN-ALLOTHER-SOCIAL-MEDIA-COMBINED/
  • BLOGGING “One of the best ways to put a face and voice on your legal expertise is to blog. Building a credible discussion resource on topics in your practice area can serve as the foundation for your professional presence on the social web.” -Mashable HTTP://MASHABLE.COM/2010/06/01/LAWYERS-SOCIAL-MEDIA/
  • BLOGGING • Go niche • Read other blogs • Become a news source in your area of focus • Provide insight on stories in the news • Promote on social media • Don’t be a one-way street: engage in comments
  • JUST BE HUMAN “Engage, person to person, to build relationships, to build trust, and to build one’s reputation. It’s how good lawyers have gotten their work for 200 years.” -Kevin O’Keefe, Lawyer & Founder of LexBlog HTTP://KEVIN.LEXBLOG.COM/2014/01/10/THE-NEXTWAVE-OF-A-SOCIAL-LAW-FIRM-WILL-YOU-BE-LEFT-BEHIND/
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT • Buffer • HootSuite • Bit.ly • IFTTT
  • TRACK AND REFLECT • What’s popular? • What’s unpopular? • How are people engaging with you & your content? • What do you consider success? Social media success can be different your specific goals. things to different people based on
  • • Business Insider’s Best Legal Twitter Accounts: http://www.businessinsider.com/be st-legal-twitter-accounts-201210?op=1 • Legal Intelligencer’s top 20 laywers on Twitter: http://thelegalintelligencer.typepad. com/tli/2009/05/20-twittererslawyers-should-follow-on-twitter.html • Penn Law-related social media: http://bit.ly/PennLawSocialIndex
  • • Kevin O’Keefe: http://kevin.lexblog.com/socialmedia-networking/ • ABA Guide for Best Practices: http://www.americanbar.org/publica tions/law_practice_magazine/2012 /january_february/social-medianetworking-for-lawyers.html • ABA’s “Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier”: http://www.amazon.com/SocialMedia-Lawyers-NextFrontier/dp/1604429208
  • • Mashable: http://www.mashable.com • “6 Random Social Media Tips to Help You Improve Your Marketing Today” http://blog.bufferapp.com/6random-social-media-tips-to-helpyou-improve-your-marketing-today • “A Guide to High Quality Social Media Sharing: What, When and How to Share” http://blog.bufferapp.com/a-guideto-social-media-sharing-what-whenand-how