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Strategies Utilize Technology for Maximum Performance
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Strategies Utilize Technology for Maximum Performance


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Published in: Technology, Career

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  • 1. Strategies to Utilize Technology for Maximum Performance
    Emily Bennington
    Coauthor, Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job
  • 2. I wasn’t asked to speak to you today because I’m a tech-junkie.
    I’ve never camped out when Apple launched a new product.
  • 3. I’m here because I manage to do a lot of things at once.
  • 4. What’s impacting our ability to
    Get Things Done?
  • 5. Focus.
  • 7. We’re so busy with the demands of everyday life, that we don’t keep up with our big ideas very well.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10. Sill no traction
    Big idea!
    Opportunity lost
  • 11. You want to beat this economy?
    Find ways to turn IDEAS into ACTION!
  • 12. Starting with a systematic way to get organized so we can get productive!
  • 13. It All Starts with Time Management
    1.) Don’t just react to the incoming, e.g. emails, people, phone calls, etc.
    2. ) BEFORE YOU TURN ON YOUR COMPUTER, list your 5x5, i.e. the 5 things you want to get done by 5pm.
    3.) Find your “Alone Zone” and/or “Power Hour.” (Note: You MUST schedule this as a reoccurring appointment on your calendar everyday.)
  • 14. P.S. Turn off email notifications during your power hour!
    And keep in mind…
  • 15. Success is in the ACT, not the APP!
  • 16. That said, there are still killer apps to increase organization and productivity.
  • 17. Let’s start with the 800 pound gorilla, shall we?
  • 18. Sign in or create a Google Account.
    (Note: You don’t have to use a Gmail address for this.)
  • 19. Google has a TON of useful tools, but we’re going to dive into one…
  • 20. Google Reader
  • 21. What is Google Reader?
    • Allows you to read all of your favorite blogs and websites IN ONE PLACE.
    • 22. Lets you share items of interest with those in your network – and see what they’re reading too.
  • Benefits of Reader vs.
    “Hunting Around” Online
    - You don’t waste time because the news comes to you.
    • You are always “in the know” on matters that affect your business / industry.
    • 23. You can stay ahead of the competition by being the first to spot trends or receive important information.
    - You can send prospects articles of interest and use it as an excuse to contact them…again.
    • You can access Reader from your phone. (Makes waiting in line easier.)
    • 24. You can quickly update your team on what you’re reading.
  • Google Reader is like a daily newspaper – edited by YOU – with only the information you want to receive.
  • 25. You can even add notes to shared items.
  • 26. Explore tab gives you a list of feeds you may like based on your current subscriptions.
  • 27. To add feeds to your Reader, visit important sites (e.g. clients, prospects, professional development, news, etc.) and look for the RSS icon.
  • 28. (It will look like one of these.)
  • 29. When you click on the RSS icon, it will open up a page that looks like this. Choose the Google button.
  • 30. You will then have a choice between adding the feed to your Google homepage or Google Reader. Select Reader.
  • 31. The feed will appear directly in your Reader. Now, you no longer need to visit the site for the latest updates – they will come straight to you.
  • 32. (Google Homepage sample if you’re curious.)
  • 33. Alternatively, you can go straight to the site, grab the URL…
  • 34. …and paste it directly.
  • 35. Bold items are unread.
    Unbold items have been read or marked “read” by you.
  • 36. To customize your Reader, click on “Manage Subscriptions” in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • 37. You can delete, file, or rename your feeds from this page.
  • 38. Also, by clicking on the “Preferences” tab, you can set your Reader home (a.k.a Start) page to any feed you choose.
  • 39. You have complete control over what you choose to share in your Reader…and what you don’t.
  • 40. Your turn.
  • 41.
  • 42.
  • 43.
  • 44.
  • 45. Voilà
  • 46. That’s great, Emily.
    I’m now a Google Power User, but how do I organize projects?
  • 47. I wrote my first book the old-fashioned way.
  • 48. For my next book I’m using….
  • 49. Evernote
  • 50. What is Evernote?
    • Your “external brain.”
    • 51. Allows you to keep text, voice, photo, and web notes in one place and grouped by subject. (Hooray!)
  • The problem with thinking you can keep track of everything in your head…
  • 52. …is that it eventually gets fuzzy.
  • 53. Best case = you have a decrease in overall productivity.
    Worst case, you lose a great idea completely.
  • 54. Practical Ways to Use Evernote
    Project organization. (Notes, photos, and web clips all in one place.)
    Share notes with your team / family.
    Meeting preparation / follow-up.
    Manage your goals and to-do list.
    Keep track of your children’s projects and deadlines.
    Save favorite recipes.
    Take photos of wine bottles, restaurants, hotels, business cards, etc. you want to remember later.
  • 55. To get started, visit
  • 56. Create an account.
  • 57. Download the site to your computer.
  • 58. Pick up the app so you can use it on your phone.
  • 59. You also want to download the web clipper extension…
  • 60. …so you can have one of these cool elephants on your tool bar.
  • 61. Click on the elephant, and you can save web articles to Evernote.
  • 62. Voilà
  • 63. If you don’t need the whole article, you can highlight text and right-click…
  • 64. This will save only what you’ve highlighted into Evernote.
  • 65. You can even select the folder where you want the note to go.
  • 66. And add text if you like.
  • 67. Voilà
  • 68. This is how I used to keep track of my idea files.
  • 69. This is how I do it now.
    All online. No more folders.
  • 70. (Not that I could put this in a folder anyway…)
  • 71. Note from a recent meeting.
    I needed info from this page, but the binder wasn’t mine. Solution?
  • 72. You can even use Evernote to capture tweets.
  • 73. Just go to Settings > Twitter
  • 74. Next, follow @myen and you’ll receive a direct message. Click on the link and you’re all set!
  • 75. Example
  • 76.
  • 77. You can share entire folders with family, friends and colleagues.
  • 78.
  • 79.
  • 80.
  • 81.
  • 82. In other words… ACT!
  • 83. Email me for a link to this presentation!