Mindfulness As a Career Strategy
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Mindfulness As a Career Strategy






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    Mindfulness As a Career Strategy Mindfulness As a Career Strategy Presentation Transcript

    • Emily Bennington Founder, Awake Exec™ Conscious Career Design Mindfulness as a Career Strategy How to Use Centuries-Old Techniques to Enhance Your Leadership Presence Today
    • The gift of the east is the ability to accept The gift of the west is the ability to chang e
    • Is your mind like a shaken snow globe?
    • Mindfulness is the practice of bringing clarity and concentration to your moment-by- moment experience.
    • It’s the ability to see what’s happening... Not as we hoped it would be. Not as we expected it to be. Not seeing more or less.
    • …but exactly what is here. Just as it is. @JaniceMarturano Executive Director, Institute for Mindful Leadership
    • You can’t make good decisions in a mental state of frenzy worry anger or
    • And since your choices create your reality... …you need to own them.
    • Accepting your experience as it is allows you to respond versus
    • Step One Know Your Mind 1
    • Why do we react emotionally in the first place?
    • Three words: fight or flight
    • Prefrontal cortex (the boss) Left Brain (logic) Right Brain (emotion)
    • Mindfulness calms your biological triggers(allowing you to make better decisions as a
    • Because when the **** hits the fan… …you need to be on your game THE
    • Once you become self-aware, you can help others do the same.
    • Step Two Train Your Mind 2
    • The events of your life do not change according to whether you are happy or unhappy about them.
    • Purposeful pauses allow you to center into the moment. Are you content? Are you emotional? Are you fearful? Are you future-tripping? Are you living in the past?
    • Mindfulness brings you back to the present where you can choose your response.
    • In the process, be on the lookout for emotion… …but don’t run from it.
    • “We aren’t meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole.” - Jane Fonda
    • Goals Intentions Virtues
    • Step Three Free 3
    • When you’re clear on what matters most in your life, you can feel emotion without being overwhelmed by what you feel.
    • Peace amid the chaos = freedom
    • Be still. And know.
    • EmilyBennington.com Facebook.com/EmilyBennington @EmilyBennington emily@emilybennington.com