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  • 1. Who would be the audience for your media product?
  • 2.
    • The typical audience for my media product is quite varied. The age range is wide from 16 to 27, this is because my magazine’s audience is not just about age its about taste in music. There are too many magazines out there that are simply to specialised. My magazine’s audience are aspirers ( when looking via psychographics). They are also likely to be radicals who do not wish to conform to dominant ideology.
    • My audience would be hedonists who simply want to play and enjoy life now, to live for the moment- this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be responsible though. It is likely that my audience are also post-modernists - “to have, to be, to play”.
    • My target audience may be part of any of these life stage categories: Career commitment, my audience are reading my magazine in the hope of one day starring in it as a successful musician.
  • 3.
    • To be able to evaluate the success of my magazine I asked 12 media students to study my magazine cover, contents page and double page spread and write down comments anonymously so I could really check that the magazine had the desired effect, that people could instantly recognise genre, what the audience thought of the photography and if the pictures were suitable, what they thought of the layout and designs and the overall effectiveness of the media product.
    • “ Photography very good. Editor’s letter on contents page looks very professional. Variety of font styles is good.”
    • “ Really nice variation of pictures, different angles etc. Nice colour scheme, maybe used more interesting fonts”
    • “ Great use of colours on front cover and double page spread. Can tell the genre from the front cover straight away.”
    • “ Excellent images used. Good use of colour scheme throughout. Good, simple front cover.”
    • “ Excellent photography, especially the composition and colour.”
    • “ Attractive images of model. Poor pixilation on guitar on contents. Little too much white. Good article on double page spread.”
  • 4.
    • “ Attractive images, good fonts, good layouts, too retro, what’s the gold “o” for?”
    • “ All very good. The cover looks really professional and so do the article images.”
    • “ The colour used for the masthead looks good and the double page spread looks conventional.”
    • “ Good layout and colour scheme for target audience.”
    • “ More work on mag logo and strap lines.”
    • “ Good bright, colourful pictures. Appropriate to audience.”
    • “ All very good. The cover looks really professional and so do the article images.”
    • “ The colour used for the masthead looks good and the double page spread looks conventional.”
    • “ Good layout and colour scheme for target audience.”
    • “ More work on mag logo and strap lines.”
    • “ Good bright, colourful pictures. Appropriate to audience.”
  • 5.
    • How did I attract and address my audience?
  • 6.
    • This outside issues’ artist was very connected with nature and got her inspiration from when writing music therefore I decided the photo shot should take place outside in various different countryside locations to capture Anna Brown’s essence.
    I particularly love this photo, the red of the dress matches the WH on the farmyard boxes and her head looking away from the camera connotes that she is not “big headed” or caught up in all the fame. The wind made this picture what it is with the dress flowing in the same direction she was looking. This is my favourite picture of them all- the colours are beautiful and keep the pictures very eye catching and unusual. This is a very unassuming photo which sums up Anna well. I felt that this picture sumed up Anna’s cheeky side as it is the only photo where she is smiling. It shows her innocence and natural beauty with is so closely linked with the genre of music.
  • 7. This shot is genuine, it is typical of where Anna writes the music. Photographically it is also a great shot with a stunning shadow from the tree. Like the genre of music the shot is very natural and Anna isn’t wearing make-up. This connotes how pure and unassuming the music is. This photo was taken whilst Justin was recording, it features on my contents page. It is consistent with the style of the other photos included in the magazine and is not a “posed shot”. In this shot, which features on the contents page it makes it clear that the magazine is not just all about the artists but the instruments too! This was taken in PMT music shop. The colours are well blended. I am addressing my audience’s needs in this shot – as the magazine advertises and advices the best places to buy instruments. This shot really attracts the audience because it is from a live gig- this again shows how much variety is included within my magazine. It is half posed shot- as in I called Justin’s name and took one shot that turned out amazing!
  • 8. The front cover attracts the audience because it stands out from any other magazines on the shelf. The colours are so bold in this issue that is becomes immediately eye catching, and because it looks so unusual people’s curiosity will make them pick it up. The “freebie” sign makes it even more appealing and adds value to the magazine. People love free things! The fact that Anna is playing an acoustic guitar in the shot makes it clear what type of genre it is. People who are guitarists will be intrigued even if they do not usually play acoustic themselves. It is an inviting picture to those who do not even play an instrument but who simply appreciate music that is real, you can sing along to and isn’t over produced.
  • 9. Using quotations is a great way to arouse interest about the article therefore I tempted my readers to find out who “Tash” is! By using a “puff” line to advertise everything else that is in the magazine and tempt the reader. I used the colour gold throughout the magazine including the contents page to show a little sophistication- also with all the other bright colours going on in the photos gold was a great colour to use. I made sure it was used consistently to show professionalism. I think the gold attracts the older audience as it is not a harsh colour.