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  • 1. Information Where I got it from (URL) Search Is this Source Reliable? Source Term (What (what is it?) you typed into the Search Engine) Yes (give reasons) No (give reasons) http://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy- Bap/ Him Yes, because this websiteWebsite groups/b-a-p-best-absolute-perfect-profile/ Chan have been shown me about the profile. person that I want to searching for and information and when I searching for another website it’s also related to other website too.Website http://www.aismusicover.blogspot.com/2012/03/bap- B.A.P Yes, because this website biography.html Biography/ have shown me that this music video and website can be trusted. This contact. website shown me the up to date and the author who written this website/page http://www.oneasiaa.com/2012/01/25/b-a-p-profile BAP Yes, because it’s also relatedWebsite members to other website and up to date and each and author. person info. And profiles. http://www.mihyung.livejournal.com/16469.html Basic info Yes, this is the main websiteWebsite and when someone needs this members person or this group’s facts and information. This has been hobbies and shown me and others that this video. website is related to other website and the video have been are an example and some video that the groups are filming.Cousin I also I ask them for my information about the celebrities Facts about Yes, she is the biggest fan of No, Maybe my brother are notcalled her a the groups. the kPOP song and singers. the biggest fan of KPOP as mysister, brother She search for something news sister. Because my sister dad very often like everyday about from Korea so she knows the KPOP stars and stuff and everything about the KPOP stars. it’s also related to other people But I believe that my brother be that they know about the KPOP more specific to know about the star like AIS students. KPOP stars he’ve told me about KPOP stars but when I search on the internet im not reliable to him.