Nightly book club expectations


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Nightly book club expectations

  1. 1. Name:________________________ Nightly Book Club Expectations1) Read the assigned chapters. Don’t leave your group members “hanging”.2) Don’t read ahead. It’s not fair to the other group members…or yourself!3) In your reading journal, answer the Focus Topic. Respond to the best of your ability.4) In your reading journal, write five things you could talk about in class the next day. a. For questions and comments regarding a specific line of text or a specific word, WRITE THE PHRASE OR WORD and the PAGE you found it on. Also write WHERE on the page this was found. b. If it has to deal with the whole Chapter Chunk, just write “Whole Chapter Chunk”. c. Write good ideas and use complete sentences. d. Write in a neat and organized manner. The example on the back of this sheet is exactly what your journal entry should look like.5) Be prepared to share! Daily Book Club Expectations1) You need to be in your group 100% prepared to go one minute after the bell rings. a. Remember who the captain is and let him or her keep the group on track and be responsible for keeping the other students on topic. b. Each person has book and journal. c. You are seated in a circle d. If you didn’t do the homework, be honest. You can’t participate. Sit out today and use the class period to read last night’s homework and fill out your journal. You will receive a 0% for a classwork grade that day.2) Talk about the Focus Topic.3) Talk about some of the interesting things you prepared last night.4) As you’re discussing, remember the expectations, topic options, and etiquette guidelines.5) When you’re finished, get a new Focus Topic bookmark.6) Write on the bookmark what the next Chapter Chunk is.7) Write on the bookmark who’s the next Captain. (Make sure you’re taking turns)8) Read silently.9) I will come around and check your journals.10) You will receive a classwork grade for your work during group discussion. Make sure you are following expectations. Journal Example
  2. 2. Name:________________________ When I check your journals, everything should be just like this. Remember to write neatly and organize your ideas.Date: February 14 , 2012Chapters: 1 Focus Topic: Setting and Characters This story took place in a land far away, sometime a couple of hundred years ago. It takesplace in a castle but also in a forest. Maybe in Germany or somewhere around there. There is aspoiled princess who it truly a brat, an annoying frog who is actually a prince and there is abenevolent king who makes the princess keep her promise. Discussion Ideas:1) “…Then she really flew into a passion, took him up, and flung him with all her might againstthe wall.” Page 12, bottom of the page. I can really visualize this! It must have been so gross! He probably exploded and therewere frog guts everywhere. SICK!2)”…You must not break your promise, so go and let him in.” Page 12, top of page. I think this is the point the author is trying to make. If you make a promise, you mustkeep it, even if you don’t want to. I mean, look what happened to the princess! She kept herpromise and she got to live happily ever after with a prince!3)”…the frog ate with relish” Page, 12 middle of page. Umm…I’m pretty sure this doesn’t mean that he ate his dinner with relish--the condiment—so what can it mean? I’ve never heard this word used like this before.4) Whole Story It’s so annoying when bratty people always get their way! It’s like…first they do the wrongthing…then they STILL get what they want! What’s up with that!5) Whole Story I actually liked the story! Even though it’s a story for “kids” I thought it was funny,especially the end. I have never heard it that way! I’m glad we have a cool teacher who tells usCOOL STORIES! 