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Book club final project expectations
Book club final project expectations
Book club final project expectations
Book club final project expectations
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Book club final project expectations


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  • 1. Name:____________________________ Book Club: Final Assessment Due Monday, March 5Your Goal: ~ To encourage others to read The Giver.Your Objective: ~ Create a Book Trailer (commercial) conveying main plot lines and themesfrom the book.Your Expectations: ~ Work diligently in class to finish the assignment. ~ Plan and create a story board for your video. ~ Delegate responsibilities so that each group member has an equal hand in the work. ~ Express the main “theme” of the story. ~ Introduce us to the plot line without giving any secrets away. ~ Be creative! ~ Leave us with a final question, something that makes us think, something that makes us want to “read more”.Your Video Requirements: ~ At least ten images ~ At least ten “text” slides ~ At least three “Golden Lines” images (created with Keynote) ~ (These are in addition to the text slides.) ~ One slide that asks the audience a question (second to last slide...created with Keynote) ~ Final slide contains group members’ names, period number, and the title of the book(created with Keynote) ~ Music fits the “mood” of the book ~ Must be under three minutes.
  • 2. Name:____________________________ Time MapDay One: Begin brainstorming ideas by creating a story board using large paper and Post-It notes. (Provided in class)Day Two: Finish story board. ~ You may not begin working on your computers until the story board is complete. ~ After Ms. Ronning checks your story board and takes a picture of your group, you may begin working on your computers. Sign up, as a group, for Animoto. ~ (See the next page for instructions about how to sign up.) Begin collecting images from the Internet. ~ Choose images that match the mood of your Book Trailer. ~ Do not use watermarked images. ~ Try to be creative and thoughtful with your choices. Don’t pick the first thing that appears on Google Images. Create and export Keynote slides. ~ 3 Golden Lines (can appear anywhere in your Book Trailer) ~ 1 “final question” (second to last slide) ~ 1 group members (last slide) Choose a song that suits the theme/mood your Book Trailer. Write down what you want your “Text” slides to say. ~ (22 characters on top line and 30 on bottom line) ~ If you have a lot to say, you may put multiple text slides back to back.Day Three: Create your commercial.
  • 3. Name:____________________________ Ins and Outs of AnimotoSigning Up: ~ Go to ~ Fill in the boxes as so: ~ Click the arrow to expand the box, making sure to input the promo/referralcode. Use one person’s yissms yissms group members’ class period a4eronnf33aa1Getting Started: ~ Click “sign in” and then sign in using the e-mail address you entered and the password “yissms”. ~ Creating a video is very intuitive and self-explanatory.Hints and Tips: ~ You may save Google images to your desktop and use these. Just click “Add Pics and Vids” and then “Pictures and Video.” ~ Do not upload images from social networking sites. ~ You may select images from their collection, but there is not a wide variety. ~ When you write the text slides, make sure your spelling is correct. ~ Remember, the text slides are only allowed 22 characters on the top line and 30 characters on the bottom line. “Characters” include spaces, numbers, and punctuation marks. Choose your words wisely and make every word count. ~ You can easily re-order the images and text by dragging the boxes.
  • 4. Name:____________________________ ~ If you highlight a slide and click “Spotlight” this slide will receive more attention. You should do this with your most important slides. ~ In the “Change Music”” section, you can add music. You may not upload your own music, it is illegal. (Unless you want to create something in Garage Band.) Click on “Full Music Library” to see all the songs you can choose from. ~ Periodically save your video so your work is not lost. ~ When you are finished arranging your pictures and choosing your music, click the box that “Produce Video”.Keynote Slides/Images ~ I want three “Golden Lines” from your book in your commercial. You do not have to include the page number, but you must put the quotation inside quotation marks. I also want a “Question” slide and a “Group Members” slide. ~ To do this, you must create an “Image” using Keynote. ~ Open Keynote and create a slide. Type your Golden Line onto the slide. ~ You may/should do all of the Golden Lines AND the Question slide AND the Group Member slide in ONE Keynote presentation. Make separate slidesfor each quote. ~ When you are finished, go to File --> Export. ~ In the box that pops up, choose “Images”, “All”, and “PNG”. Then click “Next” ~ You should save these images to your desktop. Give them an easy to remember name...such as, “Golden Lines” ~ Now you can add these images into your Animoto video as image files! Project Rubric It is your responsibility to turn in this rubric on the day your project is due.