Influence of Mexican and Central American Culture
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  • The biggest and most obvious influence to the culture of Mexico today was the Spanish who sailed over from Europe, conquered the land and ruled for many years. When the Spanish arrived, they brought their language, architecture and religion to Mexico. More recently, the United States has had an influence in Mexico giving more to the modern areas of technology, TV shows, movies, music and fashion.


  • 1. Influences of the Culture
  • 2. Aztec Culture…the start of it all
    • the Indians indigenous to the area of today’s Mexico
    • had no written language, but spoke Nahuatl, a language unique to the Aztecs
      • 2% of Mexico’s population still speaks this language today
    • the Aztec’s mainly influenced today’s religious culture of Mexico
      • the old Aztec pyramids and temples were the starting block of Catholic churches in Mexico today
      • the idols the Aztec’s created were changed to look like Catholic saints and given Christian names
  • 3. The influence of SPAIN
    • the Spanish had the greatest impact on Mexican culture today
    • they brought their language, Spanish, which is now the official and most commonly spoken language in Mexico
    • the Spanish conquerors also brought with them architecture
      • after the Spanish started to build you can see the difference between the old Aztec buildings and the newer, more European buildings
      • the only real Aztec architecture left is the temples the Spanish turned into churches
    • brought Roman Catholicism which is the most common religion today
  • 4. USA…neighbors up north
    • more recently America has had a more pop cultural influence on Mexico
    • introducing modern technology
    • popular TV shows and movies in the US usually get subtitled and aired or showed in Mexico
    • the fashion in America has influenced Mexico, a lot of the same styles seen here are popular there too
    • pop/rap music
  • 5. These three different cultures have created the colorful and festive culture of…