Internet of Things (IOT) - Demo - Part I


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IOT is all about connecting anytime, anything, anywhere. In this bigger concept, embedded devices interfacing with heterogeneous equipment with help of sensor interface plays a key role. This is a demo talks about two interesting use cases built using Emertxe's PIC platform.

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Internet of Things (IOT) - Demo - Part I

  1. 1. IOT unPlugged@Lounge47 Team Emertxe: Jayakumar Balasubramanian Syed Adil Ipsit Kumar
  2. 2. IOT
  3. 3. Internet of Things Any TIME, Any THING, Any PLACE connection
  4. 4. Convergence Smaller & Cheaper HW (MC, Sensors etc..) Open Source Software (GNU, Linux etc..) Seamless Connectivity (WiFi etc..) Open Protocols (HTTP, REST etc..) Cloud (Massive & Cheap computing, storage)
  5. 5. IOT & Embedded
  6. 6. Embedded view  Interfacing  Embedded firmware  Protocols  Application
  7. 7. Emx–PIC platform  Microchip PIC micro- controller  Multiple peripheral support  Explore all possible I/O ports  Beginner’s view for Embedded  Students, Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs  Project ecosystem
  8. 8. Tech Spec Category Details Display 8 LEDs 4 Seven Segment Displays 2×16 Character LCD 128×64 Graphics LCD (optional) I/O 3×3 Matrix Keypad 6 User Inputs 4 Key Analog Keypad I/O ports RS232 & RS485 LIN SPI Based on External EEPROM I2C Based DS1338 RTC with Battery Backup Sensors/interfaces LM35 Based Temperature Sensor Two Dedicated Headers for Pot connectivity Dedicated Header for PWM interfacing Debugging Option of exploring Internal Oscillator Feature
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. Use case - Industry  This application to demonstrate automating industrial workflows in the area of machine management especially in growing demography like India.  The application is interfaced with a stepper motor and IR sensor. It show how a stepper motor can be driven and control conveyor system, which is a typical use in beverage industry.  The user can count the objects moving on the conveyor belt using the IR sensor and keep track of total production, thereby automating industry workflows
  11. 11. Use case - Home  In our daily life we do certain regular thing like switching on the water heater early morning to take a bath or say switching on the gate lights every day at dusk and switch off at dawn.  Our application will a simple demo on how we can achieve this with Emx PIC platform by interfacing with a lamp and PC fan.  This will demonstrate simple and effective home automation.
  12. 12. Stay connected About us: Emertxe is India’s one of the top IT finishing schools & self learning kits provider. Our primary focus is on Embedded with diversification focus on Java, Oracle and Android areas. Emertxe Information Technologies, No-1, 9th Cross, 5th Main, Jayamahal Extension, Bangalore, Karnataka 560046 T: +91 80 6562 9666 E:
  13. 13. THANK YOU