SMC Panel: Integrating Social Media Marketing & SEO


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The "SEO & Social Media Integration" shows a series of mini case studies on 1) how SEO can help assist Social Media campaigns; and 2) how Social Media campaigns are a powerful component of doing successful SEO.

Examples are taken from GE, Lenovo, SlideShare, Farecast and many others

Was presented by Daniel Riveong of e-Storm for the Social Media Club San Francisco/Silicon Valley, 01/21/2009.

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  • It's so true. I was putting stuff about wedding programs on my facebook and it totally showed up in the search rankings.
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SMC Panel: Integrating Social Media Marketing & SEO

  1. 1. PRESENTATION ON Integrating SEO & Social Media Blurring Lines Between SEO &Social Media January 21, 2009
  3. 3. Social Media on the Search page 1. 1 Video on YouTube et al 2. Wikipedia 3. Blogs 4. Social Media Sharing Sites 1. Reddit 2. Digg 3 Slid h 3. Slideshare 3
  4. 4. SEO & Social Media: Each Other’s Half Other s • Successful • Successful Social Media SEO means Buzz Social Means SEO “Relevancy” 1. Links People Media 1. Content Linking To Having What You People Are 2. Content Looking For People Writing 2. Links: About You People Talking About T lki Ab t You 4
  5. 5. How Social Media fits with SEO Word of Social Link SEO Mouth Media Building Word of Mouth via Social Media helps build massive buzz and li k f b d links from bl bloggers other social websites. th i l b it Since buzz spreads virally, it is generally more scalable and cost-effective than traditional link building, which cost effecti e b ilding hich requires a one-on-one pitch to each website publisher. 5
  7. 7. Search Results can overflow ith o erflo with Social Media Content Beyond Regular Websites B dR l W b it • Search Engines look for online content – not just traditional websites “MC Hammer” search returned: • Videos from YouTube & DailyMotion • • VentureBeat Blog • Engaget Blog 7
  8. 8. You can use Social Media Websites to Rank for Tough Terms Situation • My blog was not strong enough to rank for “Facebook Demographics”… • …But my Powerpoint on “Facebook Demographics” is #1 on Google because of Take Away: • If your website is not strong enough to rank well consider placing content on places where it will • You still achieve the goal of getting in front of your audience 8
  9. 9. Placing Content on Kaboodle Background • Kaboodle is a social shopping community • Behr is one of the largest paint companies in the US Opportunity • Short Term: Short-Term: Optimize title, description of Behr’s “Explore Color” on Kaboodle • L Long-Term: T Participate as a member of the Kaboodle shopping community 9
  10. 10. Wedding Paper Diva’s “Linkbait” Situation • Wedding invitation maker website • Created webpage called “Geeky Wedding Photos” y g • Collection of “Geek” themed weddings SEO Results R lt • ranks #3 for “wedding invitations • Over 1,440 links pointed to the webpage 10
  11. 11. Blog Outreach for Launch Traffic Activities Number of Links Blogging Outcome – 195,844 visits after only 2 months (estimated from Hitwise, various) – 50% of “Launch” Traffic from Blogs – 200 Blog Posts in 3 Weeks SEO Outcome – Top two pages for competitive phrase • “cheap airline tickets” • “cheap airline ticket” 11
  12. 12. Where can I share my content? How do I optimize to make it searchable? 12
  14. 14. Missed Opportunity: GE s GE’s Imagination Cubed Situation • GE launched an webapp called “Imagination Cubed” for Branding Purposes • g Has enough links that the *All Flash* website ranked within the top 5 for “imagination” • Missed opportunity to direct links to GE’s website for SEO - build th it b ild authority Take Away • Work with the SEO team to see how new initiatives can benefit SEO 14
  15. 15. Missed Opportunity: Voices of the Olympic Games Background • Lenovo partnered with +100 Olympic Athletes to blog about the 2008 Games Issues • AJAX-based website was not crawlable or easily linked to Missed Opportunity • Have website visible by search engines g • Bring more links pointing to website 15
  16. 16. Sharing SEO Analytics with Social Media What SEO/Analytics can share with Social Media: 1. How People Search/Describe Things? • Understand how people describe and *not* describe what your website offers – and the link to that and the conversion cycle 2. Where did they come from? • Referral information can reveal what social media websites your audience is already using and should leverage 3. What type of content they reading most on your website? • Viewing the top content category can help identify the type of content y p y yp your social media campaigns should focus on 4. Where they live? • Ability to understand the background of your visitors and how to engagement them. 16
  17. 17. SUMMARY
  18. 18. The Three Take Aways 1. Optimize Your Content (not just website) Place content on social media websites to get your content ranked well on their website. (Check out ( Brian Solis’ “Social Media Prism” for ideas) 2. Think beyond Google Be searchable wherever people search e g e.g. Kaboodle 3. Share Analytics SEO Team usually have great experience analyzing analytics – use it for Social Media 4. Buzz & Blog Outreach (PR Integration) Work with the PR team to participate online and create buzz for more links 18
  19. 19. THE END. THANK YOU!
  20. 20. Thank You! Daniel Riveong Credits – Photos & Case Studies “Integrating SEO & Social Media” • mindluge, “holding hands” Social Media Club SF/SV, Jan 21, 2009 679/ • Jemsweb, “Shocked”, link: Who? 59606/ SEO, Social Media Guy (Bourbon Drinker) • Briansolis, “The Conversation Prism”, Head of SEO, e-Storm International SF http://www flickr com/photos/briansolis/27354 01175/ • Quinn.anya, “Collaboration”, Where? San Francisco, California Francisco 01180/ • Jennifer Laycock, “Why the Social Media World Needs to Understand SEO”, Contact for Questions? laycock/why-the-social-media-world-needs- S S e t SMS: Text “Riveong” to 50500 eo g to unde.php to-unde.php Blog: LinkedIn: Twitter: p g Email: 20