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The Facebook Conference - Dorianne Richelle - Facebook
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The Facebook Conference - Dorianne Richelle - Facebook


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Dorianne Richelle Client Partner
  • 2. The big picture
  • 3. The Internet is shifting to mobile 45%   Worldwide smart connected device shipments (M)* 2,000 Smartphones PCs of the world population will have a smartphone in 2016** Tablets 1,500 75% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone 1,000 More mobile subscriptions than people in next 2 years 500 More than 60%of NL phone subscribers are smartphone - users 2010 2011 2012 2013 Source: *IDC, **IC4D 2012 Maximizing Mobile, World Bank, July 2012 & Comscore Mobilens Dec 2012 2014 2015 2016
  • 4. Facebook is accessed every day by 2500 different mobile devices
  • 5. 1 in 5 mobile minutes
  • 6. Every day, more time is spent on Facebook than anywhere else on mobile Mobile Time Spent 30 Average Daily Minutes 25 20 15 10 5 0 Source: comScore Mobile Metrix, US March 2013 Facebook & Instagram are 27%   of all mobile time spent daily
  • 7. Progressing Facebook’s marketing role and business impact Functional Leadership Stage 4 Business Impact Facebook as an eCommerce & CRM Platform Stage 3 Facebook as a Brand Building Platform Stage 2 Social Advocacy / Influence • eCommerce /Sales • CRM/Base • Brand managers • Social champions Stage 1 Social Listening / Reputation Management • PR/Comms KPIs • Incremental sales •  CPO •  ROI • Brand health •  Active consideration •  Incremental sales •  Fans •  Engagement •  Response rates •  Sentiment/NPS
  • 8. How can Facebook help Telecom and Tech?
  • 9. The “secret” to doing Facebook really really well… 1.  Define real business objectives 2.  Create amazing content for News Feed 3.  Then make sure a ton of people see it
  • 10. 1. Social is not an objective Start with your marketing objective and then build your Facebook strategy •  Brand health •  Purchase intent •  Media efficieny (Branded search vs SEA cost, or TV cost) Advertising Targeting Measurement •  Acquisition •  ARPU increase •  X-sell •  Churn reduction •  NPS
  • 11. 2. Focus on getting your brand message in the News Feed!
  • 12. Every day you can reach 2,5x the amount of people that you can reach with all Dutch newspapers together, incl the Metro and Spits
  • 13. Every day you can reach 2,5x the amount of people that you can reach with all Dutch newspapers together, incl the Metro and Spits
  • 14. Every day you can reach 2,5x the amount ofHolland you Every day 2x The Voice of people that can reach with all Dutch newspapers together, incl the Metro and Spits
  • 15. Big & targeted reach: Find target the right audience
  • 16. Find the right customers more efficiently – with custom targeting clusters Demographic Standard e.g., AdMob • Age • Gender • City • Device • Operating System Personal • City/State/Zip • Birthday • Education • Workplace • Relationship status Social • Likes & interests • Friend connections • Activity (e.g., check-ins) • Intent Custom targeting • Customers of specific OEMs and/ or operators • Mobile user with device >3 years old • Active web users w/o smartphone
  • 17. 2.600.000   People with feature phones 900.000   People with old computers 380.000   People with a new smartphone 2.800.000   People with a Samsung Mobile device 320.000   Small Business owners FB Advertising tool, 2013 640.000   People with an iPad 1 or 2 1.640.000   People with are interested in (European) soccer
  • 18. Real identity means little waste Broad Audience like Women25-54 FACEBOOK ONLINE AVERAGE BROADCAST TV 6% WASTE 23% WASTE 78% WASTE Source: Nielsen OCR Oct 12 and Nielsen Television Ratings Dec 12
  • 19. Even more with narrow targeting Narrow Audience like Women18-34 FACEBOOK ONLINE AVERAGE BROADCAST TV 9% WASTE 73% WASTE 93% WASTE Source: Nielsen OCR Oct 12 and Nielsen Television Ratings Dec 12
  • 20. Use your email database data to find customers with Custom Audiences People on Facebook Your email database gram Retention Pro X-sell for Digital TV TV-package upsell Family o ffer
  • 21. Everywhere
  • 22. What you should measure
  • 23. Measure against your business objectives Reach Brand Resonance Reaction Did I reach the right number of people and the right type of people? Did I improve my brand’s image and change the attitudes of customers? Did I cause a customer to act – to buy a product, sign up for a service or make a referral?
  • 24. Samsung Mobile USA Leveraging scale and engagement to drive sales of Galaxy S III $ 129M in sales attributable to Facebook for a return on adverting spend of nearly 13X Method used = Outcome Matching. 10% control group. The difference of mobile device used in the 3 months following the campaign between the exposed and control group was measured.
  • 25. Outcome Measurement Devices FB servers Mobile usage data is logged whenever a user accesses Facebook via mobile device
  • 26. Performance marketing on Facebook
  • 27. Optimization Placement •  Bidding optimization •  •  •  •  o  Bidded CPC o  Bidded CPM o  Optimized CPM •  Creative optimization News feed desktop News feed mobile Log-out experience Right-hand side Targeting Ad Format •  Native targeting •  Custom Audiences •  Facebook Exchange •  •  •  •  •  Measurement •  •  •  •  Click tags View tags Conversion tags Multi-touch attribution Photo Page post ad Link Page post ad Offers Mobile app install ad Domain ad
  • 28. Meet your target CPA and scale incrementally CPA Start CPA Target CPA Scale to an “Always on” strategy 4-6 weeks CPA Optimization Increase investment level Time
  • 29. Client success stories TBG & Vodafone Carphone Warehouse Fab Customer acquisition Targeting Customer acquisition Drove high volumes of new contracts using Facebook Adverts API Drove online orders of its “pay monthly” smartphone with targeted adverts in high-impact placements Drove new growth by building a social business and getting friends to invite friends 56% 70% of “pay monthly” contract applications come from Facebook lower CPA than any other media 33% of new site visits come from Facebook
  • 30. What happened with the fans? Fans are still valuable as a foundation of activities: -  To listen to, talk with and learn from -  To reach them and their friends in the target audience with relevant messages, partly organically, mostly in ads: ads with a social context have a 4x uplift in impact
  • 31. Take aways 1.  Build plans for business objectives, not social ones 2.  Use FB to reach everyone you care about 3.  True identity creates the best targeting options and little waste 4.  Engagement and fans are a key foundation, reach & impressions drive the brand equity and sales 5.  Set up an always-on performance marketing stream. Impressions matter Reach matters Fans matter Placement matters 99%   +70%   4X   8x   The average contribution of impression to offline sales vs clickers ROI improvement when maximizing reach ROI improvement when ads have a social context Improvement in driving revenue of Newsfeed compared to righthand side