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  • Put me on to wake you up: Talk about Sex in the Office as part of business Evolution has always been a passion. I was raised by scientists my mother was a genetist who met my father on top of his Nuclear reactor.Degree in Evolutionary Biology, swapped to Computing Science & economics when realised business’s would have to evolve faster than people. Spent the last 16 years applying basic Genetics management to digital business’s
  • What do we do that disrupts the world “well we help people take ideas on merchandizing to market”- Old model, have idea, pay agency 10k – 50k build site, Buy 10k – 100k stock in, 10k to set up fulfillment, 10ks in fulfillmennt, CS, etc- then find no one likes the idea and ship waste shirts to Africa to be given away.
  • New and disruptive model– zero set up cost or commitmentUse POD to give customers exactly what they want. No more XL Men whiteSuper easy for Idea owner, we do the work- 45k selling shops35k extra sellers via our shops
  • We actually offer 5 different business models to sell their ideas on our service The thing about having multiple models you have to be best at all of them. In every one of these ideas we have competitors trying to kill us
  • ButImmensely complex –pay commission to over 90k people, and integrate with sales tax and income taxes in 17 countriesTeams in in 5 countries1000s copy cat small local competitorsTendency to towards complexity, beuarocracy and slowness, almost killed us 2009 when I joined the company.Speed of development becomes everything
  • None Digitialvs DigitalIn 1950’s being the first person to launch 10 shops a year got my Grandfather promoted to COO of WHSmithNow on average we launch 10 every 3 hoursNow 2012 Spreadshirt has 45,000 selling shopsSome last a years, some a day.Steve Jobs commemoration shop sold 3k in 3 days and was gone. Rapid but good.If you do not adapt to that level of Product Development = Not Fit = DieSimilar example: I worked for Telegraph Newspaper in 1996/7 setting 1st online advertising for 1st time in UK. Not allowed to touch recruitment advertising. Management believed it should always be in paper. Within 5 years it had all moved online to jobs portals. That is what customer wanted. 20 pages of high yield advertising became 2-3 low yieldCannot stop evolution. Run, adapt, survive or die!!!!
  • Relieved to say it now no longer a problem. More than trippled the company in 4 years and will do the same again over the next 4I have a growth curve like this for every company I have worked on the last 20 years.Did it by rapid evolution, today going philosphy behind this.Done it in big companies and small
  • The Business AnimalShould live a long timeFeeds off CustomersLike Animal has DNADigital Business EnvironmentSpeed of change drives evolutionDrosopola fly in Biology with 1 day life cycleDigital Business low cost of set up and good or bad ideas, some with life cycles in day
  • Biologically you exist for 1 reason to ensure the survival of DNA, Your lunch has 1 purpose to make you live long enough to have sex and pass on DNA, or get home and protect you children carrying your DNAIn Business Animal it is the same but the other way around. In theory a business animal can live for ever, or at least a very long time. And a business lives to eat. What does it eat well that is money provided by customers. DNA exists to drive food aquasition. The DNA is actually your team, their thoughts and skills, This is absolutiy key understanding that allows me to create fast evolution, growth and customer fed companies..
  • Office is just an empty cell. Like a animal it creates and uses energy, creates waste and each one has a slightly different purpose.Knowledge is held in the team, replicated, grown, used. This is the same role DNA carries out in the cell
  • Enigneering developer team: Knowledge how to build Spreadshirt. Skills to do it. Could be motivated by big wage increase. But stealing them would only build you yesterdays Spreadshirt. And it would take a year and by then Spreadshirt would be 1 year ahead. DNA Knowledge is not enough. Evolution of DNA needs to be managed.
  • Into Tesco from Media world. Thought and behaved differentlyiVillage & Tesco aquasition. Bringing in iVillage to think and behave differently- Encourage exchanges with other companies
  • - Not part of daily DNA culture. Big list of bad ideas. Like irradiating mice- Tesco downloadable divorce exampleIT Operations team next to Sales. Site speed problem solved.
  • Animals change DNA by Death. One generation is replaced by another. In the Business Animal where you are aiming to make a beast that will live for a very long time. Now need to think in terms of team changesActively manage death & turnover. Death is the DNA GardenerOr shake things up. We restructure some teams every 6 to 12 months
  • At the beginning “meaning of life is food & DNA”. Have to bring customers to you. Attracting customers has to be a key DNA driver. TOTAL Customer focus- Digital customers have rapid choicePlenty of examples of clever .com business that fail as idea clever but not what customers wantSurvival = Eating & Sex. Purpose of DNA is to drive eating. Best way to make DNA work is expose to customers -
  • BMWvs Mini FanBan MiniBan Mini skirtsEmploy Interns to make stupid community
  • Your DNA is self serving – Selfish gene will sacrifice the beast.Couple of examplesNon-Merchandising – BA Survey – BA Lounge exampleMnerchandizing industry – Swedish House Mafia – 26 venues, 3 months, Local House Mafia, Only tried to do one, male black tshirt, Approved by Brand, legal, Label, Merchandiszing company, Management, 2 days left on tourFilm, Celebrity, Games, Music merchandizing is rotten DNA to core
  • All that Darwinistic energy has to be applied to both ends of the equation. Sellers and Buyers across all 5 of our models to provide the best service on the marketIts not easy but we are winning, I the last year we have invested over 1.5m in extra team effort into the platform. Over next 12 months going to see rapid developments in the platform performance
  • This much is obvious and talked about Need to picture your business as animal. Purpose = Food and SexManage your DNA, total orientated on customers to get foodI have turned around companies and made great success’s by this method. I hope it works for you
  • eRetail Europe - Philip Rooke - Spreadshirt

    1. 1. Move at a Digital Speed Business DNA & Rapid Evolution Evolution = Sex, Mutation & Death 1
    2. 2. Enabling People with Ideas to Market “Find, create and share your interests” “Come spread your ideas on clothing & accessories Spreadshirt’s e-commerce platform lets anyone create, sell, and buy ideas on products consumers love to wear, use, and carry. 2
    3. 3. What does the Platform do? 1) Idea owners can place ideas on 140 apparel and accessory base products in a virtual way. No charges & nothing is printed until sold. 5) Spreadshirt pays a profit to the ideas owner 4) Spreadshirt handles the transaction, print, delivery and the Customer Service 3 2) Articles are sold via multiple points of sales: Spreadshirt own Shops White Label Shops Social Media Shops Amazon Tool Integrations 3) Partners own customers or Spreadshirt/Amazon’s customers buy the ideas. No Minimum Order
    4. 4. Actually 5 different models “Create Your Own” designer with 300k Crowdsource designed Sell to own audience via a white label shop Sell on a Spreadshirt Marketplace with 600k Crowdsourced ideas Sell on marketplaces like Amazon 4 Sell however the partner likes but integrate directly with the platform & factories API
    5. 5. Spreadshirt is a Global Platform The platform enables both local and international ideas to market North America(1) Population: 347m Internet Users: 273m • • • • • • Legnica 90,000 selling ideas owners per quarter Production Marketed to 17 countries worldwide 9 languages & 7 currencies Berlin International Sales and 3.2 million items sold in 2012 Marketing, QA, laFraise 36% in North America and 58% in EU Amsterdam Delivered to 45 countries worldwide Sales London Sales Boston US HQ, Sales & Marketing Leipzig Global HQ & Production) Las Vegas Production Greensburg Production & US Operations Paris Sales 4 identical factories ensure high speed delivery, high quality and scalable service Source: Internet World Stats. (1) Includes: Canada, Mexico and US. (2) Includes: Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe. 5 Europe(2) Population: 816m Internet Users: 501m
    6. 6. Examples of Speed & Evolution 6
    7. 7. A Platform With a Winning Revenue Formula Launching Spreadshirt   Positioning as a platform Accelerated profitable growth €75.0m Spreadshirt starts operations 100 Shop Partners registered     Expansion of business model to D2C Internationalization, l aunch of US business Start of own production/fulfillment  Opening of Berlin & Boston offices 2nd factory in North American to open in Las Vegas €62.1m   First financing round from Accel  Second financing round with Kennet & Accel New executive team appointed  API enables partners to create their own applications €45.8m 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 €27.8m 2010 2011 2012 2011 2012 200m In 2016 €31.8m €26.3m €20.1m €16.0m €8.2m €0.1m €0.5m 2002 2003 €2.3m 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 7 2009 2010 2013
    8. 8. If Your Business was an Animal 8
    9. 9. Meaning of Life? • Food – Animal: Acquisition of energy – Business: Acquisition of revenue • Absolute customer focus • Attract customers to you • Other sexier animals will steal them • DNA Growth – Animal: Evolution is exchange & recombination of DNA – Business: Building team skills, knowledge & action • Fast thinking and acting teams drive product development • Product development is the sexiness that attracts customers • Absolute customer focus should be part of DNA 9
    10. 10. Your Team is DNA 10
    11. 11. Making Effective Team DNA • Ego led single visionary is not sustainable – My DNA will die, retire or get poached for big money – My team DNA already has over 500 years of knowledge & skills • Grooming and Intelligent Design of Team DNA – Sex: Bringing in new knowledge & skills – Mutation: Creating new ideas – Death: Killing old DNA and making room for new 11
    12. 12. Sex in the Office: Ideas & Knowledge Sex • Aim to create a new beast • New people = new DNA – Do: Acquire different people that do not fit current team – Do not: Turn them into you • Acquisition other companies – Do: Buy challenges – Do not: Bring in same • Training may not be right – Training slow and recycles – New experiences 12
    13. 13. Mutation of Ideas • Do Not Brainstorm – Mass mutation = bad – 1 off events – Often not positive ideas • Team interaction – Coffee Points – Feel good manager • Encourage Conflicts – Creative differences – Restructure – Move people around 13
    14. 14. Death in the Office: Opportunity • Changing DNA – Old DNA has to go – Phases are different • Need staff turnover – Pay to leave – Restructure out – Self poach • Radical Moves of People – Move to new departments – Mix people together 14
    15. 15. Customer Focus Focus of DNA • Healthiest DNA can Starve to Death. Reverse Process – Animals eat to replicate DNA – Business replicates DNA to eat – DNA needs purpose • Customer centric – Understand attracting customer – Customer choice is one click away • Total Customer Focus – Meet the customer – Understand the customer – Adapt to the customer 15
    16. 16. Example of Bad DNA? 16
    17. 17. Beware the Selfish Gene 17
    18. 18. Enabling People with Ideas to Market “Find, create and share your interests” “Come spread your ideas on clothing & accessories Spreadshirt’s e-commerce platform lets anyone create, sell, and buy ideas on products consumers love to wear, use, and carry. 18
    19. 19. Summary – Find the Beast in Your Business • Survival of the fittest = SPEED = best DNA • Business Beast – Speed is everything – Driven by team DNA • Manage your DNA – Sex – Mutation – Death • Customers are food – Make DNA Customer Focus – Total customer focus 19
    20. 20. Thank you for your attention Philip Rooke CEO Spreadshirt 20