Mobile Convention 2014 - Microsoft - Maarten Sonneveld


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Mobile Convention 2014 - Microsoft - Maarten Sonneveld

  1. 1. Emerce – Mobile Convention A New Microsoft in Mobile first, Cloud first Maarten Sonneveld, Windows & Devices Lead 22-5-2014
  2. 2. What is your strategy?
  3. 3. Microsoft strategy - transformation Mobile-first Cloud-first
  4. 4. A new Microsoft
  5. 5. Mission: Empowering people and businesses through a family of devices and services One consistent experience
  6. 6. The time to address Enterprise Mobility is now Data leakage resulting from device loss or theft is a top smartphone security risk – European Union Agency for Network and Information Security 29% of today’s global workforce use 3+ devices, work from multiple locations and use many apps. 67% of people who use a smartphone for work and 70% of people who use a tablet for work choose the devices themselves 80%+ employees admit to using non- approved applications in their jobs
  7. 7. The explosion of devices is eroding the standards-based approach to corporate IT. Devices Deploying and managing applications across platforms is difficult. Apps Today’s challenges Data Users need to be productive while maintaining compliance and reducing risk. Users expect to be able to work in any location and have access to all their work resources. Users
  8. 8. People-centric IT Microsoft’s vision is different
  9. 9. Devices AppsUsers Empowering People-centric IT Enable users Allow users to work on the devices of their choice and provide consistent access to corporate resources. Unify your environment Deliver a unified application and device management on- premises and in the cloud. Protect your data Help protect corporate information and manage risk. Management. Access. Protection. Data
  10. 10. Enterprise Agreement (EA) prices starting at $4 per user per month Limited time EA Level A promotion pricing. Requires 250 seat minimum purchase and underlying CAL Suite license (Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite) Windows Intune Mobile device settings management Mobile application management Selective wipe Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium Group management, security reports, and audit reports Self-service password reset and multi-factor authentication Connection between Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Introducing the Enterprise Mobility Suite Microsoft Azure Rights Management service Information protection Connection to on- premises assets Bring your own key
  11. 11. Cloud and hybrid identity management Simplified procurement Mobile device management Information protection Other options in the market Azure Active Directory Premium Windows Intune Azure Rights Management service Ping Identity Okta Centrify Salesforce Identity Google Amazon Web Services AirWatch MobileIron Good KaseyaSymantec Seclore FasooAdobe LiveCycle EMS: One Vendor, One Contract, One SKU Why Microsoft?
  12. 12. Enterprise Mobility Market Reaction “Microsoft is making enterprise solutions that more easily, efficiently and effectively integrate Apple's iOS devices, as well as Android devices, including those sporting Samsung's KNOX security platform. That's a winning combination of efforts for businesses smart enough to take advantage of both.” “Microsoft has done a good job of understanding the problem set, and delivering a solution that covers the breadth of those different use cases. The all-in pricing, a fullness of the offering make EMS a positive development in the identity and mobile management space.”
  13. 13. productivity development Security and management Embracing Consumerization of IT There are four components to our strategy Windows
  14. 14. Primary PC Companion Executive Specialized Windows Devices - Answers to every work style and use cases
  15. 15. For us Enterprise Mobility is about: - Helping people being more productive on the device they choose - Supporting IT to centrally secure and manage the chaos - Providing developers with a platform & tools to easily develop apps So we can all do more…
  16. 16. What’s next for your business?
  17. 17. Devices Solutions Windows Client / Workplace Technical Solutions (PC IT) Enterprise Mobility (EMS) Let’s talk! Irena Parunakian SSP (MACH) Pieter Wigleven TSP (WE) Chantal Smelik SSP (WE) David Stoeckel Client TSP Michel Ehlert SSP Bart-Jan Bosch SSP Dominique Bastemeijer SSP (WE) Davide Cattaneo SSP (WE) Maurice van den Berg SSP Lisanne Brons Devices TSP
  18. 18. Thank you!