MCA12 - Eelcom Jan Boonstra - MicroStrategy


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  • Introductie:\n\nMicrostrategy actief in BI sinds 1989\n\n>20 Jaar focus op Large scale Data Analysis\nKleine 3000 mensen actief in 23 landen\nPartner focus zal zorgen voor verdere uitbreiding \n\nMobiel is voor ons geen nieuw gebied, het heeft nu juist nog meer Focus (transactional, appfactory, Polen)\n\nEven een korte introductie over het waarom we de focus zo op mobiel hebben gelegd..\n\n
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  • MCA12 - Eelcom Jan Boonstra - MicroStrategy

    1. 1. MOBILE INTELLIGENCE z Insight to ActionMicroStrategy Confidential. Distribution Prohibited without Prior Authorization
    2. 2. Mobile Apps v.s. Desktop Apps All The Time Everywhere Everyone Information Available 24 x 7 Every Location Becomes Your Office Everyone Who Has a Phone 1Billion PC users 12am y c tor or Fa Flo p 6pm 6am Sho Manager at Desk 3 hrs X 5 days = Information Access Is Limited 15 hrs/week 12pm to time in office at desk vs. vs. vs. 12am 5Billion cell phone users y c tor or Fa Flo p 6pm 6am S hoInformation Opportunities 24 hrs x 7 days = Information Opportunities Everywhere168 hrs/week 12pm
    3. 3. Mobile Computing Wraps People in SoftwareReplacing Everything They Write, Carry, and Touch Today Everything People Write or Remember • letters • invoices • balance • memos • sales reports sheets Softwar • newspaper • customer • P&L reports • magazines account data • expense • cards • financial reports • junk mail reports • bills Everything People Touch or Carry Replaced by • credit cards • tickets • family Software • security • loyalty cards photos cards • insurance • walkman • key cards cards • mp3 player • keys • maps • driving • camera • contacts license • radio book • data storage • receipts • diary • watch/alarm • notes • calculator
    4. 4. Companies Need to Create 100’s of New Mobile Appsand Mobile Front-ends to Existing Applications Every customer-facing process Every internal business process Human Resources General Mgmt Sales Force Hiring Carbon Emissions Lead tracking Bonuses Hot Desk Locator T&E Tracking Training Mgmt Employee Info Customer Info Time-off Request Product Sales Churn Rates Expense Approval Partner Sales Quotas T&E Tracking Corporate Events Pipeline Salary Review Facilities Services
    5. 5. “Changing how we work”Market Leadership Press Coverage MicroStrategy Mobile Bloomberg Howard Dresner, Ranked Mobile BI Report #1 MicroStrategy Ranked #1 out of 24 Vendors BI Survey 10: MicroStrategy Ranked #1 Gartner, Mobile BI Report: MicroStrategy Ranked #1 Mobile product usage Mobile Product Rating
    6. 6. Hundreds of Companies Have Developed AppsUsing MicroStrategy
    7. 7. Mobile Apps Combine Three Types of Content Business Intelligence Transactions Multimedia• Analytics, Grids, & Graphs • Mobile Front-end to ERP/CRM • Multimedia Content• Data Visualizations & Exploration • Sell Products and Schedule Services • Mobile Information/Education Channels Grids Graphs Data Analytics Data Mapping Alerting Approval Editable Data Browser Payments Desktop PDFs ePubs Video Exploration Visualizations mgmt. Grids entry Content Publishing
    8. 8. MicroStrategy MobileA Device-Independent Mobile App Platform iOS iOS iOS iOS Design One App, Deploy Across Multiple Platforms
    9. 9. Business Intelligence Transactions MultimediaEmbed Intelligence into Your Mobile Apps with MicroStrategy • Touch-optimized selectors and app controls • Advanced data visualizations • Grids, graphs, and analytics • Adaptive Mobile Caching • Offline analysis • Data-driven alerting • Sensor inputs (photo, gps, barcode, rotation) • User scale • Data scale • Performance
    10. 10. Business Intelligence Transactions MultimediaEmbed Transactions into Your Apps • Write to ERP systems • Write to CRM systems • Write to operational databases • Write to data warehouses • Submit new data • Update existing information • Wide Range of input form types • Image uploading Time Off requests Customer support interaction Direct mobile payment solutions Mobile coupons Purchase Order entry Employee reviews Customer loyalty apps Expense Management entry Location-specific offers Customer forums Appointment Scheduling Mobile tickets
    11. 11. Business Intelligence Transactions MultimediaMicroStrategy Mobile Transactional Apps Connect to YourExisting Operational Systems Custom Operational Systems Packaged ERP/CRM Finance/Accounting Human Resources Manufacturing Supply chain management Project management Customer relationship management Data Services Access controlTransact with any data source using either xQuery for Web Services and SQL for database Transactions
    12. 12. Business Intelligence Transactions MultimediaEmbed MultiMedia into Your Mobile Apps with MicroStrategy • Embed MultiMedia • Freedom of Design How To Sell • In-App PDF reader Why You Should • In-App Email • In-App Browser Instructional • HTML Containers Testimonials • ePub integration Brand Identity Product Manuals Product Brochures Education Courses Video Programs
    13. 13. A Single Platform Approach
    14. 14. The MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform is Part ofAn Enterprise Grade Intelligence Platform Desktop / Laptop Mobile email Windows Office Portals Browser BlackBerry iPhone iPad Android Full Spectrum of MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Full Spectrum of Developer Tools Web Mobile Admin Tools Web Enterprise Professional OLAP Distribution Report Transaction Manager Services Services Services Services Desktop Command Designer Manager MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Object Architect Manager Integrity SDK Manager Cube Transactional Website Databases Databases Applications Content
    15. 15. Three Programs to Help you. Today. Fast Software Fast Implementation Fast Education 25 Free Licenses Expert Assistance Free Hands-on Class Mobile QuickStrikeTM Intro2MobileTMSimply download, install and start A ten day focused engagement, An introduction to mobile BI usingbuilding great mobile BI apps delivered by mobile BI experts MicroStrategy MobileComponents: Deliverables: Content:• 25 named users – FREE 1. Production mobile BI app • Concepts and features• Training and support – FREE 2. App design storyboard • Hands-on exercises• Community access – FREE 3. Video of the new app • Build a mobile app
    16. 16. Guess Gmobile iPad App• A Buyer’s Workbench for Corporate & In-Store Use• “On the Go” or At Meetings• Brand Appropriate & Full Apple Experience• Visual Analytics Lead to More Insight
    17. 17. Sales and Product Analysis• Executives and Store Management analyze sales KPIs, including Sales Growth %, Sales per Labor Hour, Basket Size, and Regional Contribution %• Monitor sales performance vs. expectations, at the store, team/ department (e.g. seafood), and regional levels
    18. 18. Dealership Analysis• Executives analyze dealership performance• Thick paper binders replaced by a single light application• Lease analysis, budget attainment, matrix reporting
    19. 19. VHA PriceLYNX App • Helps hospitals cut costs and improve supply chain management • Enables purchasing performance benchmarking against peers About VHA: VHA is a national network of not-for-profit health care organizations that work together to drive maximum savings in the supply chain arena, and improve operational efficiency and clinical outcomes. VHA serves more than 1,400 hospitals and more than 28,000+ non-acute care! providers nationwide.
    20. 20. Web Metrics• A Buyer’s Workbench for Corporate & In-Store Use• “On the Go” or At Meetings• Brand Appropriate & Full Apple Experience• Visual Analytics Lead to More Insight• Available on the App Store