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eHome & Deco 2013 - Gabriela Aguirrezabal - Decolabs
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eHome & Deco 2013 - Gabriela Aguirrezabal - Decolabs



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  • 1. More than a Gimmick: Augmented Reality for Interior Design is Here to Stay 3 Oct 13 - AMSTERDAM Gabriela Aguirrezabal
  • 2. The Retailers’ Challenge The Consumers Perspective Ikea’s Case Decolabs App Future Developments inTechnology INTHIS PRESENTATION
  • 3. RETAILERS CHALLENGE Consumers no longer go shopping... they are always shopping.
  • 5. “40% of consumers navigate social networking sites in search of user commentary and product reviews” - according toTNS The online and offline retail environments are merging. THE ROPO* EFFECT * Research Online Purchase Offline
  • 7. SHOWROOMS ARE BIG Cassina in London www.domusweb.it often bigger than the average house
  • 8. Felicity Nove, Measurements of Space in a Fractal Structured Vacuum, installation http://www.ves.fas.harvard.edu/measure.html CONSUMERS MAIN CONCERNS Is the size ok? Will the style match?
  • 9. http://www.marksandspencer.com/Will-it-Fit-Buying-Guides-Interior-Ideas-Home-Furniture/b/213819031 WILL IT FIT? Luckily some retailers have good tips...
  • 10. http://www.marksandspencer.com/Will-it-Fit-Buying-Guides-Interior-Ideas-Home-Furniture/b/213819031 WILL IT FIT? ... if you are willing to read...
  • 11. OOPS! 14% have bought a wrong-sized piece of furniture - IKEA
  • 12. THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ Evan & Katelyn’s buying experience
  • 13. http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ Old Couch in Old Apartment: Looking cozy! THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE
  • 14. http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ Old Couch in New House: Looking... different. THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE
  • 15. http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ Looking for a new couch in the showroom. THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE
  • 16. http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ But... how will it fit? ? THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE
  • 17. http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ Solution: Measure ... and mark with masking tape! THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE
  • 18. http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ She knows it fits, but she can’t visualize it. THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE
  • 19. http://evanandkatelyn.com/tag/couch/ Tips & tricks anyone? “Anyone else have any tips or tricks for furniture buying? We are still kinda winging it so, if you’ve got any tricks up your sleeve, spill!” - Katelyn THE CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE
  • 20. CASE: IKEA Ikea researched their customers’ habits and found that: 14% have bought a wrong-sized piece of furniture 70% don’t know how big their homes really are
  • 21. IKEA SOLVINGTHE PROBLEM with augmented reality.
  • 22. VISUALIZING one item at a time.
  • 23. EXPLORE Browse through the catalog. Add to favorite Rich catalog information
  • 24. SIMULATE Take a photo, or walk around.
  • 25. PHOTOVIEW Take a picture, define the scale and insert furniture.
  • 26. 1. 2. Move the pin points to your reference points 3. 4. PHOTOVIEW Adjust the scale
  • 27. PHOTOVIEW The perspective follows the angle of the camera. Print your floor plan and take a photo holding the iPad parallel to the ground.
  • 28. REAL-TIMEVIEW Place the markers, insert furniture and walk around it.
  • 29. 2.1. REAL-TIMEVIEW 3. 4.
  • 30. REVIEW Share with your community.
  • 31. 4. 1. 2. REVIEW 3. Saved to “My Rooms” to work on it later.
  • 32. YOUR IPAD BECOMESTHE CATALOG ...and every home becomes a showroom.
  • 33. WHAT DOESTHIS MEAN FOR BRANDS? (and retailers)
  • 34. WHITE LABEL APP Your brand, your catalog... ...your customers, your analytics dashboard.
  • 35. CONSUMERS RETAILERS ANALYTICS DASHBOARD Marketing insights from a valuable audience with high buying intention. THEY LOVETO USE IT & you get their data.
  • 36. Upload a 3D model of a design that is not in production yet! TEST BEFOREYOU LAUNCH Market research tool for pre-launching new products and test how the market reacts.
  • 37. Social reviews are preferred by a 4:1 margin over advice from store employees.* 71% want to access digital content in the store.* 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends.** BUILD A COMMUNITY for online ratings and reviews. Sources: *Cisco http://blogs.cisco.com/retail/retailers-must-catch-and-keep-todays-demanding-digital-shoppers/ ** Forrester Research http://mashable.com/2013/03/21/70-percent-brand-recommendations-friends/
  • 38. AUGMENTED REALITY Allows brands to merge the online & offline retail environments to offer a more holistic and immersive customer experience. Image by David Scudder
  • 39. AND IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER Image based lighting: virtual objects reflecting light. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxxCjV-2y_E
  • 40. AND IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER Object occlusion: making it possible to put a virtual object behind a real one. http://vimeo.com/72261805
  • 41. FEATURED IN: AUGMENTED REALITY for interior design, is already passed the gimmick phase. It is a tool to help brands, retailers and consumers alike.
  • 42. info@decolabs.com Thank you