eDay2011 - Adrzej Ochoki - Deutsche Telekom
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eDay2011 - Adrzej Ochoki - Deutsche Telekom






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  • Author / Presentation title 08/29/2007

eDay2011 - Adrzej Ochoki - Deutsche Telekom Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Machine to Machine (M2M). Bringing the Internet of the things to life. Andrzej Ochocki – Deutsche Telekom A.G., M2M Competence Center, Head of Marketing & Proposition Dpt. eDay, Rotterdam, 15.09.2011.
  • 2.
  • 3. What is M2M? Bring the Internet of the things to life! Use cases and benefits
    • Machine-to-Machine communication stands for a technology that supports wired or wireless communication between devices anytime and anywhere.
    • “ Traditional” M2M enables innovative solutions for process optimization, machine monitoring and efficient resource deployment.
    • In comparison to traditional M2M industry verticals, M2M in consumer electronics promises much higher growth in the future.
    Networks Mobile Fixed-line M2M Enabler Machine 2 Devices Data Integration Point Machine 1 Machine 3
  • 4. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) ecosystem. Broad variety of market segments with heterogeneous needs and wants calling for individual market approaches. M2M Ecosystem Hardware (Box + Modem) E2E solution Vertical business opportunities Horizontal business opportunities
    • Transport & logistics
    • Vehicle telematics
    • Smart metering / Smart grid
    • Connected consumer electronics
    • Security
    • Retail & commerce
    • Industrial automation, monitoring & control
    • Health care
    • Public sector & infrastructure
    1 2 3 9 7 6 5 8 4 Transport & Access
  • 5. M2M business characteristics. Strong differences in general customer requirements. Typically large customers High number of SIM’s Typ. Data / SMS Mostly without voice Typ. 1 SIM Voice & Data Broadband data Most segment use cases typically low bandwidth/volumes Typically long contract durations 10k’s… 100k’s Decreasing Contract durations Complete customer offer Part of a complete solution / value chain Typ. Home country Var. Segments with intl. deployments Home network & Permanent Roaming Typ. machines/applications have control Typ. Human interface Traditional Mobile business M2M
  • 6. Market trends – Overview. STEEP analysis shows strong support for M2M business. Social-cultural / demographic Technological Environmental Economic Political Increasing mobility - Connectivity everywhere Ubiquity of smart devices - Huge Data Potentials Ageing population - Monitoring solutions Globalization - Servicing the world Cost Pressure - M2M efficiency potential Go green - ICT to reduce CO 2 Unification of Markets - New market potentials Scarcity of resources - M2M to drive efficiency Regulatory Mandates - New opportunities for M2M Miniaturization/Price Reduction - New M2M Use Cases
  • 7. Deutsche Telekom worldwide: mobile and fixed-line networks. Limited mobile footprint, strong fixed-line capabilities. *Selected international subsidiaries and affiliates. Mobile communications Fixed line & mobile communications Albania AMC (via Cosmote) Bulgaria Globul (via Cosmote) Germany Telekom Deutschland Greece OTE, Cosmote (via OTE) United Kingdom Everything Everywhere Croatia T-Hrvatski Telekom Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia Makedonski Telekom (via Magyar Telekom), T-Mobile Macedonia (via MakTel) Montenegro Crnogorski Telekom (via Magyar Telekom) Netherlands T-Mobile Netherlands Austria T-Mobile Austria Poland Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC) Romania Romtelecom (via OTE), Cosmote Romania (via Cosmote) Serbia Telekom Srbija (via OTE) Slovakia Slovak Telekom, T-Mobile Slovensko (via Slovak Telekom) Czech Republic T-Mobile Czech Republic Hungary Magyar Telekom, T-Mobile Hungary (via Magyar Telekom) USA T-Mobile USA
  • 8. Ambition. M2M – from connecting everybody to connecting everything - global SIM, open and scalable platform, global service alliance, global partner and developer network Global developer network – broad selection of comprehensive M2M toolkits, fast and easy application dev., brings all M2M developers together Open and scalable platform, global SIM – full customer control and management, secure across mobile, fixed and wireless sensors, SIM that works seamlessly around the globe, tariff valid in any country Global services – excellent service experience across borders, best in class delivery, value added quality management, global service alliance Solution bouquets – attractive and innovative M2M solutions for all 9 vertical segments, in-house and partnership based, global M2M market place making developers and verticals fortunes M2M Solutions M2M Services M2M Developer Platform M2M Access & Enabler Platform M2M 1-3 2 3 3
  • 9. M2M Product experience. M2M Solutions M2M Services M2M Developer Platform M2M Access & Enabler Platform M2M 1-3 2 3 3 M2M Platform M2M Toolkit M2M Service Alliance DT M2M International Website, www.telekom.com/m2m DT partner based M2M Solutions. Examples shown. Call a Bike Car Navigation Remote Socket M2M SIM Chip M2M Module DT M2M Partner Portal Fire detector SDK DT FT
  • 10. Deutsche Telekom. M2M Product Portfolio. Deutsche Telekom M2M Product Portfolio 1 . 1 – local differences in M2M portfolio between NatCos. M2M 10 MB
    • 1. Mobile seamless network access
      • Coverage, quality and security
      • Roaming
    • 2. M2M SIM Cards
      • Standard national SIM Cards
      • Dedicated national M2M SIM Cards (embedded SIM)
    • 4. M2M Tariffs
      • Dedicated standard M2M tariffs
      • Individual tariffs for big customers
    • 3. M2M Platform
      • Customer Web Self Care
      • APIs
      • (currently only in DE, international rollout ongoing)
    M2M SLA
    • M2M Partners Portfolio
      • International and local partners
      • Solution and strategic partners
    • 5. M2M SLAs
      • SLA Packages
    examples only
  • 11. Thank you for your attention. Contact Deutsche Telekom AG M2M Competence Center [email_address] +49 151 17495544