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eDay2010 Philips
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eDay2010 Philips


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Published in: Technology

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  • Most important aspects of the process Customer co-creation & early prototyping
  • We start with mapping all of the needs and motivations of the customer.. We visualize a customer journey where all these insights come to live … than we start to identify value opportunities and create concets
  • We develop the product service eco proposition and define the eco-system where this proposition lives
  • In parralell we develop together with the client innovative new business model which are based on customer value
  • We design the 360 touchpoints, from online, mobile, product to service. Philips Design does this in house with all of their specialized competences
  • We create customer centric solutions, no technology push.. Innovations that people will embrace because of it’s relevance
  • We introduce new business models to differentiate ourselves and to build new revenue streams
  • We integrally involve customers at an early stage to co-create the proposition with them.. To build product and services that have relevance and are co-owned
  • Transcript

    • 1. Service Design at PhilipsTowards providing experiences
      Mark Hartevelt, Hugo Raaijmakers
      Philips Design
      16 September 2010
    • 2. 2
      Introduction Philips
    • 3. 6
      Philips focuses at four key priorities
      Aging population
      Rise of emerging markets
      Climate change, need for sustainable development
      Increased consumer empowerment
    • 4. Philips' focus on Health and Well-being
    • 5. 5
      Introduction Philips Design
    • 6. 6
      Create valueProduct, interaction
    • 7. Communicate valueOnline, packaging, print, point of sale
    • 8. Integrate valueService Design
      Service design
      human factors specialists
      interaction designers
      project managers
      innovation consultants
      visual trend analysts
      brand consultants
      online designers
      visual communication designers
      product designers
    • 9. Partners in innovation
    • 10. 10
      What’s Happening?
    • 11. Product manufacturing industries start including services
    • 12. 12
      Initial business
      Service Design businessopportunities
      Link to Petroleum brands
      Fuel prices
      Speed cameras
      HD traffic
      Map sharing
      Points of interest
      Hotel bookings
      Link to Hotel brands
      Link to Apple
    • 13. 13
      Nike +
      Initial business
      New businessopportunities
    • 14. 14
      Initial business
      New businessopportunities
    • 15. 15
      Initial business
      New businessopportunities
    • 16. Customers expect their products to be . . .
      • connected (products,content,communities)
      • 17. upgradable
      • 18. payable through usage
    • 17
      Where's Philips
      with services?
    • 19. Lighting
      Lumileds, Lighting controls, Street sensors
      Philips' product services today
      Consumer Lifestyle
      Net TV, GoGear, PhotoframeStreamium,
      Maintenance, Raytel, Lifeline,
    • 20. Still less than
      of Philips revenues
      comes from services,of which the majority care services.
    • 21. 20
      Service Design
      at Philips
    • 22. Human centered approach
      Focus on the overall customer experience
    • 23. 22
      Our focus..
      • Consumer centric
      • 24. Part of core proposition
      • 25. Based on product data
      • 26. Revenue generating
      • 27. Connected
    • 23
      Slide not available
    • 28. Slide not available
      Mapping and visualizing the Customer Journey
    • 29. Defining the Eco-system
    • 30. Mapping and visualizing the Business Model
    • 31. Designing product & service combinations
    • 32. 28
      And how can Service Design help Philips…
    • 33. Slide not available
      By building propositions
      that are really customer centric
    • 34. By introducing new innovative business models
    • 35. By introducing rapid prototyping with customers
    • 36. 32
      Key Learning's sofar
    • 37. 33
      Key Learning’s
      • Intrapreneurial attitude
      • 38. Innovate in standing organization
      • 39. Top management sponsorship
      • 40. Involve the right competencies
      • 41. Early business involvement
      • 42. Service implementation
    • 43. 35
      Situation at Philips
      Philips is product manufacturer
      120 years of experience with product development
      95% of all Philips output is products
      Services is a fairly new area for Philips
      No services culture yet within Philips
      Little to none service competencies available
      Rapid change of customer expectations in the market
      Rapid creation of large and powerful digital eco-systems
      Product centric mindset, technology push
    • 44. 36
      How should
      Service Design
    • 45. 37
      Change management program
      Creating awareness of the potential of Service Design & Services
      Building internal partnerships with marketing, IT and RD&I
      Running cross sector pilots
      Attracting new talent: multidisciplinary T-Shaped staff
      Training of current staff
      Developing new competences
    • 46. 38
      Customer trends, mega trends
    • 47. New competitors are entering our Business domains with Product Service propositions
    • 48. 40
      Eco systems provide value for customer and business
      product service combination
      Business Value
      • Barrier to competition
      • 49. Two-way communication
      • 50. High retention ratio
      • 51. Recurring revenue’s
      • 52. Higher Brand Engagement
      • 53. Real-time insight generation
      • 54. Unique differentiation
      • 55. Open innovation with partners
      Customer value
      • Personalized value
      • 56. Unique experience
      • 57. Convenience
      • 58. Enhanced product functionality
      • 59. Seamless user experience
      • 60. Pay per value
    • 41
      Aging population
      The number of people aged over 60 will double from 500 million today to 1 billion by 2015
      Emerging markets
      99% of future population growth will be in emerging markets;Emerging economies are expected to account for 2/3rd of global GDP by 2016
      Empowered consumers
      Consumers are increasingly focused on their Health and Well-being and look for products that fit their lifestyle
      Climate change and sustainable development
      19% of global electricity consumption is used for lighting; Energy efficient lighting can save 40%...or 600 power stations worth of energy