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Beschik je over first party online data? Heeft jouw data relevantie doordat het bijvoorbeeld de product interesse of intentie van jouw online bezoeker laat zien? En ben je benieuwd hoe je deze databronnen eenvoudig kunt verzamelen, segmenteren, distribueren en ten gelde kunt maken? Deze ronde tafel sessie verzorgd door, de expert in data oplossingen, biedt (online) uitgevers de mogelijkheid om meer te weten te komen hoe waardevolle first party data effectief gemanaged en verhandeld kan worden. Deze sessie is in het Engels.

Get the most out of your own valuable online data sources – by monetizing it.
Do you own first party online data? Your data offers relevant value such as product interest or intent of an online user? Are you curious how those data sources can be collected, segmented, distributed and monetized easily? This session hosted, the expert in Data Solutions, is dedicated to (online) publishers who want to have a better understanding of how valuable first party data can be managed and monetized effectively.

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Digital Marketing Live! 2014 - - Dirk Koppert - Round Table

  1. 1. Dirk Koppert „Get the most out of your own valuable online data sources – by monetizing it.“
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction: & participants Monetization of your data: How and why? Current market development Questions & Discussion
  3. 3. DATA MANAGEMENT – Introduction Company  overview   §  Founded in 2006 in Berlin §  Europe’s largest targeting platform for Display Advertising and branding technology experts § is a company of Deutsche Post DHL since 2010 §  Data Solutions development started in 2011 in Hamburg §  Offices in eg. Paris, London, Amsterdam and Berlin
  4. 4. DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions About  the  Data  Business     §  „Enabler“ for monetization of Big Data §  Technical platform and service provider §  Collection and segmentation of website usage data §  Distribution of relevant target group data for display advertising campaigns §  Cookie-based / Server to Server Data exchange §  Privacy, data security and sovereignty are guaranteed by our integrated rights management and through completely anonymised data Data Solutions
  5. 5. REACH REACH A9en:on   Interest   Desire   Ac:on   Direct Response KPIs High intent validity Branding KPIs DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions Content  classifica:on:  What  type  of  data  offer  the  usage  of  my  content?   §  Product Interest Data + Demografics, Geo, Weather Data - in high volumina, non-PII, privacy safe. §  Purchase Intent Data
  6. 6. DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions Data  Business  –  Data  value §  Unique & defined product interests / areas of interest §  Progress in the purchase decision process §  Product value §  Data timeless §  Available data volumes §  Demand on the advertising market How to define the data value? A set of rules of thumb
  7. 7. Website  Data Provider   User creates Data Points while using the content and is marked via cookies Same user creates an AI on another website DMP collects and makes the data points available               DMP     Data Consumer Media CPM Data CPM Agencies, Publisher, Programmatic platforms DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions Data  Business  –  Mone:za:on  process
  8. 8. DATA MANAGEMENT - Data Solutions Data  Business  –  Advantages  for  data  provider  and  consumer   Privacy secured use of website usage data in order to deliver targeted display advertising campaigns to specific target groups §  Additional revenues for data provider / publishers by transferring 1st and 3rd party data to data consumers §  Reaching specific target groups with defined product interests & clear purchase intentions with maximum coverage and minimum waste §  Cross-platform data marketing (to all relevant ad Server, SSP, DSP, ad exchanges and RTB systems) §  Data predictions enable further target group reach Data Solutions
  9. 9. DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions Data  providing  –  Implementa:on  of  the  privacy  rules  /     My Topic MonitorOpt-In & Opt-Out
  10. 10. DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions Data  providing  –  „Perceived“  privacy     •  Original data points and campaign contents are not identical •  Targeting only on product genres, not on direct product level •  No retargeting & no tracking feelings for users •  No conclusion on data source EDAA Trust Seal: Greater transparency, choice and control over Online Behavioural Advertising for users and „perceived“ privacy
  11. 11. DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions Data  providing  –  Protec:on  of  the  core  business     §  Avoid cannibalisation of the own media sales §  Always keep the sovereignty and control of your data §  Take care of your users‘ trust by creating transperency See the data business as a chance not as a risk! How to protect the core business from a harmful data business
  12. 12. DATA MANAGEMENT – Data Solutions Data  Business  –  Outlook       §  RTA is the future – but be patient §  Data points will be a part of nearly every Ad Impression §  Online Advertising & Marketing concepts need to be improved and should consider the insights gained by the use of technology §  Heavier competition and fragmentation of the Online Advertising Markets – followed by an even heavier wave of consolidation Market development – an outlook:
  13. 13. Thank you, Questions?